How To Create A Free Blog

On my last post i have written a very detailed guide on why would anyone start blogging and I have also written a detailed guide on how to create a free blog.

First if you want to create a blog mainly a free blog, you should start by having an email account from Google ( Gmail i recommend). If you have one is okay but if you don’t you should consider signing up from here.

After getting an email account then you should be ready to create a free blog now

Kindly visit or

These two platforms are well known for their good performance when it comes to creating a free blog i recommend them.

First Is How To Create A Free Blog With Blogger.

Goto (I recommend) ( also recommended)

Now if you are asking me which platform you should create your free blog with i will recommend if you are new into Blogging stuff you should consider starting with why because it is easy to navigate and mainly you can get approve on Google Adsense and other more.

Now these two platforms Blogger and both comes with a sub-domain names after creating a new blog.

What is a sub-domain name?

This is a domain that comes with the free blogging platform that you created your blog from which also indicates where you created your blog from. 

Example of a free domain name is shown as: or is an example of a sub-domain names

So once you create a free blog it comes with a sub-domain name as a new blog but i would advise you get a custom domain for your blog eg: removing the blogspot so as to  make your blog url very easy to input and remember for your visitors.

After all navigate to your settings and set up your blog title and meta tags after setting up a good description for your blog then what remains is a good and responsive template for your blog.

You can get a good template from this directories

* Soratemplates
* Blogger template etc

After installing a good seo optimize template, then you will have to customize it to your taste by going to the layout section in your dashboard.

In a free blogging platform like those that I have mentioned, no expenses will be done except when you are trying to buy a domain, all the hosting are free.

Note: This method is applicable for creating a free blog

Why Would Anyone Want To Start Blogging

Why would anyone want to start blogging?

There are plenty of reasons. And it’s still a great time to get started. Check out this list and see some of the reasons why.

1. It is fun and rewarding

Blogging is fun. I get to write about things I enjoy and I meet people online who share similar interests.

When I decided in 2015 I was going to flip my life on its head and do exactly the opposite of everything I’ve ever done:

help people with their problems
go to conferences and meet people
talk to people

my entire outlook on life changed. I get to help people with their finances. I’m making a difference.

2. You will make new friends

I have made so many new friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s amazing! Relationships might start out as

*comments on a post,
*replying to a Tweet, or an email.

My virtual friends end up becoming people I hang out with who live close by, or people I see at conferences. I have a whole bunch of new people I’ve met that I consider friends.

Often you might feel alone –

Am I the only person out there that likes Tonkinese cats?

But if you start blogging about Tonkinese cats, suddenly other Tonkinese cat lovers will find you. And because of your common interest, you quickly form a common bond.

Blogging is a great way to meet like-minded people that share your hobbies, beliefs, values, and goals.

3. You will learn new things

I am a life-long learner. I would visit the library once a week, check out the new releases, and pick up any book that looked interesting.

No matter what subject you pick to write about – even if it’s you – there are new things to discover. Writing is just putting your thoughts to paper. You can have an opinion, observation, or just ask questions.

There is no need to become a research specialist when it comes to learning. Everything you could want to know is available online.

4. You will challenge yourself

I am an introvert. What was surprising to me at the last conference I attended were how many people stood up in front of a room full of people and said:

I am an introvert.
I am shy.

Blogging is a way to break through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing your best life.

If you want to remain behind the scenes and write for the pure joy of it – that’s ok too!

Nothing says you have to do a road tour and meet all of your readers.

But everyone I’ve heard from and talk to say the same thing:
Getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there was the best decision I ever made.

5. You can grow a business

In just months of blogging, I have had a list of the amazing opportunities :

Speaking at a big financial conference

All of these help build my brand and grow my business.

6. You can save on taxes

You won’t find this reason mentioned except on a personal finance blog.

Blogging is a business. When you make money from it, you become a business owner.

If you start a blog, and your blog starts making money – you have a business.
Seek out a tax expert so you can take advantage of the tax benefits of being a small business owner.

7. You have something to say

That’s right – you have something to say! Everyone does.

Right now you might be wondering – what should I blog about?

Tomorrow I’ll give you a sure-fire way to find the one thing you’ll love to write about.

8. To have financial freedom

While this guide is about how to make money blogging,

money is just a tool to achieve your goals in life.

People can tell in your writing if you are passionate about something. You could make a lot of money blogging about fashion.

For example. But if you aren’t fashionable or don’t care much for fashion, you’re much less likely to succeed. And you want to succeed, right?

There are dozens of things I could have blogged about and made a lot of more money, but I like helping people with their money.

One guy put it appropriately –you’re going to start a business that helps broke people who don’t have any money to pay you?

Yes. Because for me, the opportunities to build a profitable business extend beyond helping those who may be broke.

Blogging is a path to financial freedom. Like any other job, it will take time and effort. However being a blogger, you’re in the driver’s seat. You’re the boss. You work as much or as little as you want.

Action Items

Every part in this series includes one small, manageable step. So are you ready to get started?

All I want you to do is write down the reasons you want to blog. You can certainly pick more than one!

Writing for writing’s sake (journaling) is great to record your life and events. But if you want to be a successful blogger and achieve some of those things in the list I mentioned, you need to know your Big Why.

Knowing your Big Why is what’s going to motivate you to follow through and take each daily action