Is, an online community program that pays it’s registered users for reading news and performing some simple task online, Legit Or Scam?

There are many ways to make money online online in Nigeria such as:

But in this article, review for Newbies, am going to talk about this following issues:
  • Explain what is all about
  • Wini Affiliate Program
  • How To make money on Wini
  • Is Legit Or Scam
  • How To Sign Up
  • How To get paid
  • Special announcement from Wini
  • Wini’s rules and regulations
  • Conclusion, who are they? is a social network Ltd community registered under CAC as Wini/NDS Social Network Ltd with RC number 1608648. It is doesn’t require any selling of products but rather it pays it’s registered users daily for performing simply task online such as reading news, daily login, commenting on post, sharing of sponsorship post on Facebook and Instagram, reacting to post, inviting a friend via your link, posting relevant articles like news updates, gossip, sports to maximize your earnings all can be done with the use of your mobile device with an internet connection.

Similar to the Newsnaira income program, Wini was created to eradicate poverty and hunger in the society by giving their registered members activities to carry out at all times and pays them for doing that. they also pay it’s users a commission for inviting a friend through their Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

Wini affiliate program allows it’s registered members to gain a 75% commission rates immediately you refer a friend to through your affiliate link that will be given to you upon registration. that is you earn N2,250 upon each friend you refer to this social network community platform who then upgraded to Pro plan.

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria Reading News On

Immediately you completed creating an account, please is advisable to upgrade to the Pro plan in other to enjoy its full benefits. And once done, start adding/following other users so that you can start seeing more activities to engage in on your news feed.

To start generating income, upload your profile picture so that people can see you or if you request for payment you won’t get paid if you don’t follow common terms. Please note that 100 points = N1. So here is the breakdown of how you can start making money daily through

Daily Login

Login in daily at is 5,000 points and 30 days make 1 month. so your monthly earning by login in daily should be 5,000 points × 30 days = 150,000 points.

Reading News

You earn 200 points when you open article post on the blog. There are more than 300 blog article being displayed daily on so let’s assume that you are reading 200 blog article daily, so your monthly earning will be: 200 blog article × 30 days = 6,000 so that means 200 points × 6,000 monthly blog article = 1,200,000 points.

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Commenting On Post

You earn 80 points for each post you commented on. So let’s assume that you usually comments on 200 post daily, so 200 daily commenting × 30 days = 6,000 comments, so your monthly earning is 80 point × 6,000 = 480,000 points.

Posting Relevant Article

You earn 1,000 to 2,000 points for each relevant article posted by you. So let’s assume that you posted 1 daily blog article, so 1 post × 30 days = 30 post, so your monthly earning is 2000 × 30 blog post = 60,000 points.

Note: follow the terms for writing articles or you won’t get paid.

Reacting to Post

Start reacting to post from other users for each post you react to you earn 50 point. So let’s assume that you normally react to 100 news daily, so in 30 days, you react to 3,000 news. That is 100 × 30 days = 3,000 news reacting. So your monthly earning is 3,000 news reacting × 50 point = 150,000 point.

Sponsored Post

You earn 10,000 points for each Sponsorship post you posted on your Facebook or Instagram account. So your monthly earning is 10,000 points × 30 days = 300,000 points.

Note: For you to be paid of your points monthly you will have to share sponsored post daily as is available on a daily or periodically. Each sponsored post have a direction on how to share it including video guide. Click here to see posts to share and earn.

Affiliate Program

You earn N2,250 for each friend you refer through your referral link. So let’s assume that the minimum friend you refer in a month is 10, so your monthly earning is N2,250 × 10 = N22,500.

So let’s summarize what you stand to gain in a month based on the practical we analyze.

Your monthly full earnings on is 150,000 points +1,200,000 points + 480,000 points + 60,000 points + 150,000 points + 300,000 = 1,740,000 monthly points. Since 100 points is equivalent to N1, so 2,340,000 points is equivalent to N23,400 + N22,500 affiliate earnings = N45,900.

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Is Income Program Legit Or Scam?

As of the time of writing this article, is a legitimate online business one can do, no matter your qualifications and what is required is only your mobile phone or laptop with an internet connectivity.

You can visit their website and take a look at each one of its members testimonials and date in other to verify. However, you can join me on Newsnaira and earn extra cash on the line.

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I don’t have an account with and am not directly recommending it to you, but since it’s a nice way to earn money online I thought it’s a good thing to share it to my website visitors.

How To Sign Up/Create An Account On Income Program

To create an account and start generating income, click here to easily take you to website registration page. Where you will be ask to fill a form such as your name, email address, password etc.

How To Get Paid On Wini

According to Wini web portal it says ” we pay points months end and people will start to receive their alert, but you will need to request before 14th of that month or it will consider next month withdrawal if after 14th. Example: if you want to be paid ending of a particular month of November, you will need to cash out maybe 13th or 14th then your name will be among people that will be paid on that same month ending but, if you withdraw on 15th of that month of November for instance, then your withdrawal will be considered on the list of December which will be the next month”.

Note: Wini will pay you even if you don’t refer anybody. The minimum amount you can withdraw is N5,000 and their is no maximum.

Special Warning From Wini Web Portal In Nigeria

  • If you received payment from the previous month and refused to upload the screenshot of the alert on your timeline then bear in mind that your next withdrawal request will be declined.
  • When posting your earnings alert, please use their official hashtag like #winipay so that it will get in one single hashtag. Rules And Regulations

  1. If 5 of your posts goes against our community standard then, we shall proceed by deleting all your posts of which the points you earned on them will get removed automatically plus penalty of 20,000 points will be charged.
  2. Commenting on each post two times is prohibited
  3. Do not repeat same post in other to earn more points
  4. Do not post short comment in other to earn points example; wow, nice, OK, good
  5. Do not copy and paste other users comment
  6. Do not share link from other websites or it will be deleted or do not post any other than article news
  7. To avoid copyright infringement, do not upload pictures or contents you don’t have right to or else try to give credit to the author or source of the contents.

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Conclusion, community Program is not a MLM platform, nor a Ponzi scheme, HYIP Or pyramid scheme, but a legitimate online business one can do to earn money online by reading news and performing some simple tasks online no matter your qualifications.

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