Safe Clicks | Increase Your Adsense Ads Earning Without Ban

Safe clicks is what we, website owners aim for in other to increase our Adsense ads earnings and at the same time, try not to get our account from being ban.

Safe Clicks - Tips On How To Increase Adsense Safe Clicks Without Ban

Running Adsense on a blog is one of the first, if not the best ways many blogger’s use to monetize their sites. Although some claim that it is true affiliate marketing’s. Click here to check out the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria in other to monetize your site.

Based on research conducted by me, to make $50 or more daily from Google Adsense, you need to be generating at least 50,000 daily page views on your blog with a CPC rate of $0.10 or more. To earn $10 or more per day, you need at least 10,000 page viewers.

Blogger’s precisely Newbies looks at their Google analytics report and concludes that the sole reason they ain’t making money from Adsense is solely down to lack of traffic and clicks, so the decides to go and buy clicks to improve on their earnings.

I have spent some time studying Google Adsense terms and conditions but have never found a place where Google advice us to buy traffic for our website. However, i found some interesting Here where Google gives us general information on how to buy traffic that is safe for our Adsense accounts.

So does that mean, we are free to buy safe clicks to increase Adsense ads earning?

I advised not to, work on your SEO and learn how to rank higher on Google SERP. But if you want to take the easy cult by buying traffic from some reputable companies depending on your daily website traffic, you are free to go and buy clicks, but, it is very advisable to regularly check your Google analytics report and keep track of where that traffic is generating from, what kind of traffic it is and how this traffic is impacting the ads you have placed on your site, in other not to be ban by Adsense.

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Sites like GrowtrafficUpseo are Claiming that they are aware of Adsense policy and will work in accordance with Adsense policies but yet their is no guarantee being issued by them that it’s users are 100% safe from Adsense penalty.

So it’s advisable to monitor where your traffic is coming from when using those aforemention site or any of your choice. Monitor its click through rate(CTR). Take for instance you will notice that there are too many clicks on your website, so you happily and quickly check your earnings and to your greatest surprise, only to notice that your earnings for that day is $0.00-$0.16. my friend, when this happens, quickly run for your life because Adsense is about to inflict a ban on your site.

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How To Increase Adsense Ads Earnings By Getting Safe Clicks Without Being Ban

Safe Clicks - Tips On How To Increase Adsense Safe Clicks Without Ban

Getting Adsense safe clicks is the dream of every blogger in other to improves your earnings  So apply this methods in other to increase your Adsense click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC).

1: Increase Adsense Ads Earnings Without Ban By Getting Safe Clicks Through Writing Of SEO Friendly Content

Writing an SEO friendly article should be one of the most important ways, if not the best ways to increase your Adsense click through rate and cost per click. Writing an SEO friendly article will make your blog to rank higher on Google search engine, thereby increasing your chance of getting clicks to your website.

The more your blog post ranks on the first page of Google search engine, the more people get exposed to your Adsense ads which in turn increases your chances of getting safe clicks.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Contents In Other To Get More Adsense Clicks.

Writing an SEO content for Google search engine should start with writing quality content for human. Your content should be based on solving people problem by providing a perfect solution for them. Place your target keywords properly and don’t overdue it, submit your URL And get index by Google, then, search engine like Google will be happy to rank your seo friendly article on its search engine results page (SERPs).

Once your blog post start ranking on Google search engine, the more your Adsense ads get exposure to people (website visitors) and the more chances that your ads will be click by people.

In other to write an SEO friendly article, first make use of the following methods:

  • Keyword Research.
  • Check your probability of ranking on Google first page.
  • Make your site mobile friendly.
  • Place your most focus keywords on your blog post.
  • Add 1 or 2 of any related search of your keywords on your post.
  • Make a total summary of your blog post.

2: Increase Adsense Ads Earnings Without Ban By Getting Safe Clicks Through Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Over the recent years, it has become obvious that Google is deeply invested in motivating webmasters to make websites mobile friendly. If your website is unprepared for mobile first indexing, it will have some serious SEO problems.

To get unlimited safe clicks to increase your Adsense ads earning, you need to configure your site to be mobile friendly and according to Alexa ranking, 80% of the top websites were optimized for mobile users and 80% of all internet users have Android or iOS devices thereby making it easy for people to browse the Internet from their mobile phones instead of laptops.

Seo tools like, SemrushPingdomGtmetrix or any other seo analyzers will show you how SEO friendly your site is based on percentage.

3. Increase Your Adsense Ads Earning Without Ban By Getting Safe Clicks Through Speeding Up Your Website Load Time

Nothing is more frustrating than having a website with slow load time. Site with low response time can increase bounce rate thereby making people to leave your site which in turn decreases your chances of getting Adsense safe clicks on your website.

According to statistics, 53% of mobile Internet users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3-4 seconds to fully load. Even though 70% of mobile websites take longer than 5 seconds for above the fold content to completely load, expectations and large demands from users remain absolutely strong and failure to meet the 3-4 second load time will result in higher bounce rate.

In other to improve your website load speed try to follow some or all of this methods:

  • Clean up the HTML file.
  • Reduce external HTTP request.
  • Increase speed with CDN and Caching.
  • Optimized your images.
  • Optimized CSS performance.
Site such as PingdomGtmetrix are use to check your website speed.

4. Increase your Adsense Ads Earning Without Ban By Getting Safe Clicks Through Choosing The Right Ad Placement

The way you place ads on your site has a very important role to play when it comes to generating more clicks. Wrong placement of ads will lead to people leaving your site because the ain’t seeing what they are looking for when the visit your site instead they will be seeing different types of ads, it’s annoying or you will be generating enough Adsense clicks mistakenly from your website visitors and they will quickly bounce back and leave your site without the click reaching its advert page.

In situations like that, you will find out that your earnings ain’t increasing even though you are getting enough click. When this happens, my friend get ready to face Adsense ban.

  • Place your ads within the contents, normally at the top and at the middle of your content
  • Place your ads banners or text at converting places so that it wouldn’t distract your visitors. Usually below the header tag or at the floating bar.


Getting a safe clicks for your Adsense ads is a thing of joy, please avoid bad clicks. Don’t click on your own Ads to avoid being ban but try to concentrate on writing a good SEO quality content on your website.

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