Specta loan – tips on how to borrow up to N5 million, no collateral

With specta loan, you can take care of urgent personal and business needs anytime. Specta is a collateral free loan scheme which is offered by the Sterling bank of Nigeria in collaboration with the federal government.

Specta, is sponsored by the sterling bank of Nigeria and  is one of the, if not the best money lending platforms in Nigeria where you get an instant loan. So in this article, am going to show you how you can borrow a loan of N5 million in one transaction within 5 minutes, directly to your bank account with no collateral or paperwork.

Specta by sterling, as it is also called, comes with two offers namely My specta and Prime business. So now, let’s look at how Specta work.

Hoow To Get A Loan on Specta Nigeria

Specta by sterling works in the following ways:

  1. Visit the Specta official website
  2. Scroll down and click on “start your journey”
  3. Select any amount of money you choose to borrow(minimum N2,000 and maximum N5 million)
  4. Click on “start application” below the loan and fill out a form such as your name, bank details, bvn and date of birth
  5. Receive the funds within 5 minutes if being accepted directly to your bank account that you submitted during registration.

Specta Loan Requirements Form

Before you access a loan on the Specta loan official website, you need to have these following requirements:

  • An Android phone with an internet connection
  • A sterling bank account or any other account of your choice
  • BVN number
  • Email address
  • Phone number.

Types Of Loan Services On Specta Nigeria

There are 5 loan options being offered on the specta platform, namely:

  • Specta Xtreme: this platform is for every individuals, both business owners, salary workers and more with no profiling necessary. (Profiling is the act of collecting information about someone, in order to give a description of them). Specta Xtreme, allows you to borrow up to N2 million on a one year maximum tenor, with an interest rate of 26 to 30% per year, irrespective of your bank. Click Here to register.
  • Specta Basics: this platform is only for salaried workers, irrespective of your bank account and also for business owners who has and operate a sterling bank account. It allows you to borrow up to N5 million within 5 minutes if being accepted. With a maximum of 4 year tenor with a good interest rate and repayment date. Click Here to register for this offer.
  • Specta Allawee: this platform is solely build for corpers. It enables them to get a quick access to funds to develop and expand their entrepreneurial dreams. To know more about this wonderful Offer, click Here.
  • Specta Quick Cash: this platform is for all individuals irrespective of your bank account, it enables them to earn up to N20,000 quick cash based on their social media reputation and transaction history. To learn more about this offer, click Here.
  • Specta Prime: this is the fastest cash backed lending for individuals and corporates. It allows you to earn money on your investment while you lend for urgent needs. You can lend in Naira, dollar, pounds and euro. Click Here to learn more about this offer.

Specta Loan Repayment Channel

Are you approaching the end of your loan tenor? Or if yes then you have nothing to worry about because, on your payment due date, Specta Nigeria will automatically deducts your payment from the bank account you submitted during registration. You see, it’s very easy and simple. So you can nothing to worry about.

Specta Loan Alternatives

There are other money lending platforms that are similar to Specta, please check them out Here.

Specta Loan Customer Support Team

Would you like to get in touch with Specta, if yes then, click here to take you to Specta contact page, where you can send them a message directly to Specta.

Do you have any other queries and you feel like you needed to speak to Specta loan customer services, worry not because, you can reach them by dialing +2348170852820 or +2348170852815.


With specta loan, you have nothing to worry about. You can borrow up to N5 million to finance your business, education, wedding and many others. No collateral or paperwork is needed from you. Specta makes life much easier for you. Thanks and good luck.

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