Page financials loan | How to Apply | up to N5 million

Need a Page financial loan? Learn how to apply now and get up to N5 million with low interest rate, no collateral needed, directly to your bank account in Nigeria.

I have written before about the best loan app in Nigeria that gives out quick and instant loans without collateral, you can check it out here. But in this article, am going to discuss about the following issues:

  • What page financials is all about
  • How to apply for a page financials loan in Nigeria
  • Know why your BVN number is required while accessing for a loan
  • Page financials loan interest rate and repayment channels
  • Page financials loan customer services

Page Financials, Who Are They?

Page international financial services Ltd is simply known by many as page financials, it is among the leading technologically innovative retail finance institution license by the central bank of Nigeria. Which offers outstanding products and services to suit the financial requirements of their diverse clientele. That’s according to its web portal. Founded in 2014, and up till now, they have delivered retail financial services in an unprecedented manner to its users.

Page financials can also be used to perform other options apart from loan such as:

  • It can be used to initiate a transaction
  • Pay bills
  • Purchase Airtime and many more.

How To Apply For A Page Financials Loan In Nigeria

Before applying for page financials loan in Nigeria, please make sure you adhere to the following rules:

  1. You must be a salary earner who lives in Lagos or Ibadan.
  2. You must have a mobile device with an internet connectivity.
  3. You must provide a valid means of identification.
  4. You must provide your employment letter with evidence of your six months salary.

Now once you have all this requirements, you can choose either to apply the loan via its mobile app or through its web portal.

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How To Apply For A Page Financials Loan Using The App

  • Upon download, click “create account”
  • Fill in your BVN number
  • You will receive an OTP on the phone number associated with your BVN. You will need to input the OTP, your residential address and email address
  • You will receive an SMS with your page account number and a default password
  • The login ID and a password change request will be mailed to you. kindly ensure to change your password for your security reasons
  • Upon completion of the above, login again using your registered email and password to start enjoying it’s services
  • Click on “apply for a loan” if you want to borrow loan
  • Fill in your details such as name, phone number, bank details etc.
  • Choose any amount of money that is being displayed for you (minimum amount is N200,000 and maximum N5,000,000)
  • Select it’s loan repayment tenor and see your interest rate
  • Receive your loan within 3 hours if being accepted directly to your bank account.

How To Download The Page Financials Loan App Via Google Play Store or Apple Store

To download and install the page financials loan app via Google play store, click here. Or you can click here to download and install the App via the Apple store.

How To Apply For Page Financials Loan in Nigeria

Now, if you wish to apply for the page financials loan click Here to take you to the page financials loan web portal. And once the page opens, follow this methods:

  • Click on the “loan” option located at the top corner of their web portal.
  • Now, click on the “apply now” button in other to apply for a loan.
  • A new page will open where you are to fill in your BVN number, personal details > employment details > loan details > account details > statement.
  • Receive your loan within 3 hours if being accepted directly to your bank account.

Why should i fill in my BVN number when applying for a loan on page financials?

Your BVN number is required to perform a very check on you such as verifying if the individual using the page financials loan is the same as the owner of the provided bank account, And also check your credit worthiness. It is also a standard CBN process for KYC. Your BVN are safe and can never be used without your authorization,in the event a 3rd party has access to your account details.


Your BVN does not provide access to your account. If in doubt, please feel free to contact your bank for more confirmation before you apply for a loan.

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Page Financials Loan Interest Rate And Repayment Channels

According to page financials web portal, it says “there is no fixed interest rate on a loan. The interest rate is dependent on different factors such as the loan amount, tenor, current salary etc”.

Page financials loan primary repayment channels is through REMITA for ease of repayment and reconciliation. While their secondary repayment channels is through direct debit mandate (DDM), online repayment or through cheques.

Page Financials Contact Details

If you ever feel like you needed to send or you need more information. Please ensure to notify them by sending a mail to

Head office

No.23 Norman William Street, S/W Ikoyi, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Ikeja Office

No.29 Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Ibadan Office.

No.67 Mokola – Dugbe Road, Ibadan, Nigeria


Page financials is one of the fast rising loan lending platforms in Nigeria. Hope in this article you were able to learn how to apply for a page financials loan in Nigeria. Thanks and God bless.

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