Naira4All program review: legit or scam | Warning! Don’t invest yet

Naira4all program, legit or scam? Warning! Don’t invest your N3,000 yet until you finish reading this article. But based on research, naira4all is a way to make money online as long as you have an internet connected devices. All you have to do is to sign up to its program, upgrade to a premium account by paying N3,000 and start generating income.

But before then, am going to explain what naira4all program is all about, weather is a legit business or scam. And if it’s a legit business then, you will also learn how to make money from it.

A lot of my website readers/visitors have been sending me a mail for the past few months, requesting for me to give them my opinion on whether they should invest their hard earned money on the so called naira4all program in Nigeria.

I solely understand their fears because, no one would like to invest his money on something that is not fruitful/ on a scam website. So it is also advisable to check out the Best Nigeria investment companies that pays on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

But before i give you my opinion on the Naira4all program in Nigeria, don’t you think it’s advisable to first reveal my self a little bit to my first time website readers/visitors? Isn’t it? worry not because i know most of you will say yes it is, or ride on.

My name is Cajetan Desmond, the owner of this site you are reading,, am born and brought up in Nigeria, from IMO state in Oguta local government area. And for the past few years I have on the internet researching on how to help you learn how to make money online no matter your qualifications and that is why kellymarketingcpa is a blog on tips and tutorials and how to make money online. Here are my pictures to show am not robot but human

So without wasting much of your time, let me explain to you what naira4all is all about.

All About Naira4all Program In Nigeria

Naira4All is not a referral based platform, nor a Ponzi scheme, news income program or a get rich quick scheme of a thing, but an online business platform that is design to enable Nigerians make money online without investment. This online business needs no skill to work, just login, browse websites, view advertisement, taking surveys, watching videos, playing game, installing mobile apps on your phone and get paid for your online activities. and also get paid for inviting new members through your link.


Advertisers need traffic (website visitors), you need money, therefore this program, naira4all, is the platform that connect website promoters and you (member). They share part of advertisers money with people who visit their websites. No other online business in Nigeria is so simple and sweet like naira4all.

With naira4all, you can make money online anywhere in Nigeria either at home, office or work. Just by using your internet connected devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc).

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Is Naira4All A Legitimate Online Business in Nigeria?

Based on their members testimonials and a throughout research i conducted earlier, i can say that it is a legitimate online business. You can check out some of their members testimonials below for more proof.

online business nigeria
make money online in nigeria
Thanks a lot for all what you have done. You are the best legitimate online business platform that I have seen in my life. Since 2017 you’re doing
great. I really enjoyed being your premium membership.
Good job
Ogun State.
online business
online business in nigeria
I’m so glad i found this great opportunity. Thanks to the power of internent i can now make money online in Nigeria from the comfort of my home. My earnings is increasing everyday and i make money whenever i choose to using my mobile device connected to the internet.
make money online
how to make money as a secondary school student in nigeria
Waoh! What’s an awsome opportunity to earn real and legitimate money online in Nigeria. I have never seen this before. Thanks to naira4all for such a discovery. I can now make money using my mobile device any where i go.
Mr. Kunle
Ikeja, lagos.
make money online
how to make money online in nigeria
I doubt the program at first and wanted to take risk as it is more risky not to take risk, but today, i can boldly recomment anyone to this program because i make sustainable income online day and night.
make money online in nigeria
how can you make money online with 1000 naira
Doing business with Naira4all is a good one because they keep to promise and respond to customer request on time..
My search for how to make money online in nigeria as a student has finnaly come to an end.
Siraajudeen Abdulganiy.
Ibadan, Oyo State.
online business in nigeria
list of online business in nigeria Naira4all is the best most reliable online business in Nigeria, they keep to their word. I joined this program and upgraded and in two days I was
paid even without delay. The beauty in it is that this is a one time payment with access to numerous online money making opportunities, am happy to be
here. Up Naira 4 all, you guys rock.
Vivian Monday.

If you ain’t satisfied, you can watch some of their members few video testimonials below.
Okay, if Naira4all is a legitimate online business in Nigeria as you said, please briefly explain more on how i can make money from it? If you may ask.


Am not directly recommending this naira4all platform for you, am not yet it’s member, although sooner or later i will think about that. But am giving you an honest review about the company based on what you (my website readers/visitors) ask for. You know you as my website readers are my source of joy and also the primary reason why am into blogging. I love you all.

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How To Make Money On Naira4All Website in Nigeria

Naira4all is a unique online business platform in Nigeria where it’s registered members learn, work and earn. This is how you can make money from it.
  1. Make money online by browsing and viewing website: you will be introduced to some trusted and reliable companies that pay you in dollar just to view website. Naira4all team has worked with them for years without any problems. They pay in dollar, but you can withdraw it directly to your bank account in Nigeria.
  2. Get paid to share your link on the internet: you will have full access to some reliable and trustworthy company that pay you in dollar to post your link on social media, blog, forum, WhatsApp.
  3. Get paid by completing simple tasks: such as watching video tutorials, online surveys, downloading and installing apps, snap pictures and uploading videos etc.
  4. Access to free bulk SMS reseller account: did you know that you can make between N250,000 to N500,000 monthly here in Nigeria reselling buck sms? Just imagine buying bulk SMS from naira4all at a cheaper rate of N1.80 Kobo and resell it at N2.50 to N3.00 kobo. Imagine selling it to large number of people who are in need of it. You can even set up a bulk SMS website and sell people worldwide.
  5. Free access to download all their ebooks with resale right: yes you have the right to either resell them or safe guard it for personal use.
  6. Make money through importation business: learn how to import cheap brand new laptops from the comfort of your home, office or work.

How To Register On The Naira4All Platform In Nigeria

Registration is free, but before you start earning money from they platform, you need to become a premium member by paying a one time fee of N3,000. In other to register and become a fully member, click here to take you to naira4all registration page where you will be ask to fill in your contacts details and so on.

Why Pay N3,000 To Become A Naira4all Premium Member?

  • You will always need support staff to guide and direct you on how to make money with naira4all.
  • Naira4all share the upgrade fee equally with members who refer people to the platform.
  • They spend large amount of money to maintain their platform and also to get the ebooks, blog template, videos etc for their members.


Naira4all program according to my research and testimonials of its members, is a legitimate online business in Nigeria. So go now and register for free, but remember to upgrade your account by paying the sum of N3,000 so as to earn money from the platform.

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