GTbank quick credit loan, Get up to N5million with low interest rate

How to get a loan from GTbank quick credit in Nigeria is my today’s topic and once again, hurry to all GTbank salary and non salary earners because guarantee trust bank plc simply known by many as GTbank has finally introduced it’s loan system called GTbank quick credit, with the aim of giving out loan of up to N5 million to people who are in urgently need of a loan either to finance it’s small business, solves family issues and so on.

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In this article, am going to discuss about the following issues

  • Define what GTbank is all about
  • Define what GTbank quick credit loan is
  • Gtbank quick credit interest rate
  • Gtbank quick credit Requirements form
  • How to apply for a GTbank quick credit loan
  • Gtbank quick credit loan repayment Schedule
  • Gtbank quick credit terms and conditions and so on.

GTbank, Who Are They?

Gtbank is a public limited company, with a license to provide commercial and other banking services to the Nigerian public such as internet/online banking, business banking, corporate and investment banking etc. Established in 1990, on a foundation of excellence, professionalism and best practices, the bank consistent delivery of innovative financial solutions and exceptional customer experience has enabled it to record every year growth in clientele base and key financial indices since it’s inception.

Gtbank Quick Credit Loan in Nigeria

The GTbank quick credit loan is a loan facility launch by the guarantee trust bank plc (G.T.B), with the sole aim of offering quick and easy loan to individuals or salary earners whose account is domicile with the bank.

There are other Loan lending platforms in Nigeria, but none can be compared with the GT quick credit in terms of its interest rate.

GTbank Quick Credit Loan Interest Rate

Gtbank charges it’s loan users 1.75% interest in a month with no hidden charges. Take for instance you borrow a loan of N5 million to be paid back in any months you agree upon, so your monthly interest rate will be N5 million × 1.75% = N87,500 monthly interest. So multiplied N87,500 by any months you agreed upon to pay the loan.

Gtbank Quick Credit Loan Requirements

Before you access for a loan on the GTbank quick credit, make sure to abide by this rules:

  1. You must not be less than 18 years at loan application date or above 59 years.
  2. You must be earning a minimum of N10,000 monthly.
  3. You must be a salary earners whose account is domicile in GTbank.
  4. You must not have any unpaid duties.
  5. You must have satisfactory credit reports.
  6. You must not have any history of dud cheques.

Gtbank Quick Credit Loan USSD Code

The GTbank quick credit USSD loan code is *737*51*51#

How To Apply For A GTbank Quick Credit Loan In Nigeria

There are more than two ways to apply for a quick credit loan namely:

  1. You can request for GTbank quick credit loan through the USSD code by dialing *737*51*51# and send. Follow the on-screen instructions in other to apply for a loan.
  2. You can request for GTbank quick credit loan through mobile/online banking platforms.
  3. You can request for a GTbank quick credit loan by downloading the GTbank mobile app or the Habari app.


The minimum amount of money to borrow is N10,000 while the maximum amount of money one can borrow is N5 million.

Gtbank Quick Credit Loan Repayment Schedule

The GTbank quick credit loan repayment schedule is between 6 to 12 months. And on the due date, GTbank will automatically deducts/debit your salary account you submit when applying for a loan, based on the amount of money you are expected to repay. Or they will authorize the payroll service provider to deduct your monthly loan duties comprising principal and interest prior to crediting your account with the bank.


A late repayment fee of 1% flat per month (approximately 12% p.a) over the approved lending rate shall be applied on the outstanding unpaid obligation without recourse to the borrower.


Gtbank quick credit loan in Nigeria is in line with the banks commitment to offering a superior banking experience that is tailored to its customers financial needs. So open a salary account now with gtbank and enjoy full access to money especially in emergency situation with low interest rate.

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