Shocking! How I Make Money Online commenting News On NewsNaira.Com is a news platform that runs an income program (NewsNIP) with the sole aim to eradicate poverty in the society by making people to make money online just by reading news, commenting on post, sharing of sponsorship post on your social media sites and also by Referring a friend through your referral link. is currently Nigeria No.1 news payment platform that pays it's registered members for reading news and performing other simple tasks and in this article am going to show you how to make money online reading news on NewsNaira.

How To Make Money Reading News On NewsNaira.Com

Here is the breakdown of how you can make money daily online through NewsNaira:

Daily Login

Login in daily at is N50, and 30 days make 1 month. so your monthly earning by login in daily should be N50 × 30 days = N1,500.

Reading News

You earn N2 for any news being read by you. There are more than 500 news being displayed daily on NewsNaira, so let's assume that you are reading 500 news daily, so your monthly earning will be: 500 news × 30 days = 15,000 so that means N2 × 15,000 monthly news = N30,000.

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Commenting On Post

You earn N3 for each post you commented on. So let's assume that you usually comments on 200 post daily, so 200 daily commenting × 30 days = 6,000 comments, so your monthly earning is N3 × 6,000 = N18,000.

News Posting

You earn N5 for each news posted by you. So let's assume that you posted 1 daily news, so 1 post × 30 days = 30 post, so your monthly earning is N5 × 30 post = N150.

Sponsored Post

You earn N100 for each daily sponsorship post you posted on your Facebook platform. So your monthly earning is N100 × 30 days = N3,000.


You earn N1,000 for each friend you refer through your referral link. So let's assume that the minimum friend you refer in a month is 5, so your monthly earning is N1,000 × 5 = N5,000.

So let's summarize what you stand to gain in a month based on the practical we analyze.

Your monthly full earnings on NewsNaira income program is N1,500+30,000+18,000+150+3,000+5,000 = N57,650.

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How To Register On NewsNaira.Com Income Program

Registration is free, but you have to deposit the sum of N1,600 in other to get started. You know just as the saying goes," if everything good things in life becomes free, then, the world will be a bad place to be". So to Register Click here to take you to the registration page and fill in your registration details.

Please Note

Payment are made via 2 ways namely:

  • Paystack - via bank transfer or through ATM card
  • Purchasing a coupon - you purchase a coupon code is directly from one of their verified vendors.

How To Withdraw On NewsNaira

To withdraw, please quickly go to your NewsNaira dashboard and click on withdrawals. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the withdrawal icon. The minimum amount to withdraw is N5,000 and you can withdraw once per week. Usually payment are being paid out every Fridays.

Conclusion is a legitimate online business that pays you for reading news and performing other simple tasks. Register now on the NewsNaira income program and smiles to your bank.

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