Semrush Affiliate Program – Promote Semrush Tools & Earn Money Using Berush

Semrush affiliate program is designed to help you earn money using the Berush affiliate program by promoting the semrush tools. I know right now you are a little bit confused on how i mentioned Berush, in this affiliate program. But worry not because you are in the right place at the right time to learn what it is to partner with this affiliate program, semrush, and ways to make money from it as a semrush affiliate.

Now take a proper look at the heading of this post you are reading right now and you will find out that it says the following words:

Semrush Affiliate Program – Promote Semrush Tools & Earn Money Using Berush

Isn’t it? Yes it is. Now it’s time to have a clear understanding of what this Berush is all about.

All About The Berush

Berush, just as the name sounds, it’s an in-house affiliate program of semrush, mostly known by people as a semrush affiliate program.

Berush grant you access to promote semrush tools and earn up to 40% recurring commission (money) using the Berush affiliate program.

Semrush, Who Are They?

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit design for digital marketing professional. That is, those who want to grow their online businesses.

Semrush is a platform where you perform many things such as SEO, PPC, Keywords research, Backlinks audit, website traffic information, lead generation, content marketing, social media and competitive research, etc. Founded by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov and trusted by over 4 million online marketers worldwide.

Things Needed To Become A Semrush Affiliate Marketer

In other to partner and become a semrush affiliate marketer, you need to:

  1. Have an internet connected devices (Android/iOS devices or laptops)
  2. You need to be a blogger, webmaster, or paid search enthusiast.


You are free to register and become a member of the semrush affiliate team if you are not among those mentioned earlier. But know that it will be more harder to convince people to subscribe to semrush channels if you don’t know anything concerning blogging.

Semrush/Berush Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Semrush created their own special affiliate program platform called Berush, unlike other affiliate platforms.

Semrush, or should i said Berush, offers it’s affiliate marketers up to 40% commission, not only on the initial Semrush sales they generated via their affiliate link/banner ads, but also on any recurring payments they makes.

For more explanation, when you refer someone to semrush via your affiliate link/banner ads, and he sign up on any of its plans (monthly or yearly). You as an affiliate marketer, will earn a 40% commission based on which plans they person you refer subscribe to. And you, the affiliate marketer, will continuously be earning from the lifetime of that your referral account, as long as he keeps subscribing to semrush plans.

Things To Promote By Being A Semrush Affiliate marketer

Being an affiliate marketer on Semrush, you earn a commission from any Semrush plans you sell via your affiliate link or through banner ads. These are the things to promote on Semrush:

  1. Pro @$99 monthly or @$83 Yearly – usually for Freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget. Click here to know more about this plan.
  2. Guru @$199 monthly or @$166 Yearly – for SMB and growing marketing agencies. Click here to know more about this plan.
  3. Business @$399 monthly or @$333 Yearly – for agencies, e-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence. Click here to know more about this plan.

How To Register For Semrush Affiliate Program

Berush offers you a 40% recurring commission with each sale and you also get to promote the best SEO tools worldwide. And if you are looking for passive income source, then, make sure to promote semrush through Berush, to do that visit, click on the join now, a new page will open where you need to fill in your registration details.


Berush is the affiliate program for semrush. A search engine marketing suitable for both blogger’s and SEO specialists.

How To Promote Semrush Affiliate Tools

To promote your semrush affiliate tools (pro, guru and business) you have to apply this formula:

  1. Write a short summary of what semrush is all about and place your affiliate link, tell your social media friends about the need to subscribe to any of semrush plans to promote their various businesses.
  2. With your blog, write an article about semrush and place your affiliate link, tell your blog readers about the benefits of using Semrush to promote their business or website. Such as, with semrush you can know your competitors top pages, do keyword research, and also know you the number of organic traffic of your blog etc.
  3. Place your semrush affiliate banner on the HTML of your blog.
  4. Comment on forums and place your semrush affiliate link their.


Now that you knows what semrush affiliate program is all about and ways to market your semrush tools through Berush, go now and register so as to earn money from it.

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