NewsNaira income program – Read news, Get paid

NewsNaira income program is a great way to make money online either from your home, office or work for as long you have an internet connected devices.

Making money online with Income Program is not a day stuff, but something that requires more dedication and hard work, together with the will to succeed.

Their are many ways to make money online such as through Racksterly income programAffiliate marketingInvesting in some companies etc. but right now, I will be discussing about and ways you can make money from it no matter your skills or qualifications, graduate or undergraduate for as long as you have an internet connected devices (mobile phone or laptop).

About NewsNaira

Newsnaira income program is currently Nigeria No.1 news payment platform that pays it’s registered members for reading news and performing other simple tasks such as daily login, commenting on post, sharing sponsored post on social media and other for referring a friend.

Similar to the NNU Income Program, that also pays it’s registered users for reading news, NewsNaira Income Program was designed to eradicate poverty and hunger in the society by giving their registered members or user’s activities to carry out at all times and pays you for doing that.

By activities, am talking of reading news, commenting on different Post, login in daily and they also pays you a commission for referring a friend.

Click Here to register. Please note, registration is free.

NewsNaira Affiliate Commission Rate

NewsNaira affiliate program allows it’s registered members to gain a 62.5% commission rates immediately you refer a friend to through your affiliate link that will be given to you upon registration. that is you earn N1,000 upon each friend you refer to this news platform.

How To Make Money Online On NewsNaira.Com (NewNIP)

These are the following ways you can make money online on

  1. First and importantly, you need to Register and become a member
  2. You get paid N50 for login in daily
  3. You get paid N2 for reading news on NewsNaira
  4. You get paid N3 for commenting on post
  5. You get paid N5 for news posting
  6. You get paid N100 for each sponsored post you posted on your social media platforms
  7. You get paid N1,000 for each friend you invited.

With all this, you are sure to earn atleast N5,000 daily online by becoming a member of the NewsNaira income program anywhere you are with your mobile device.

How To Register On NewsNaira Income Program in Nigeria

Registration is free, but you have to deposit the sum of N1,600 in other to get started. You know just as the saying goes,” if everything good things in life becomes free, then, the world will be a bad place to be”. So to Register Click here to take you to the registration page and fill in your registration details.

Please Note

Payment are made via 2 ways namely:

  • Paystack – via bank transfer or through ATM card
  • Purchasing a coupon – you purchase a coupon code is directly from one of their verified vendors.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings On

To withdraw, please quickly go to your NewsNaira dashboard and click on withdrawals. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on the withdrawal icon. The minimum amount to withdraw is N5,000 and you can withdraw once per week. Usually payment are being paid out every Fridays.


NewsNaira, this Income Program is not a MLM platform, nor a Ponzi scheme, HYIP Or pyramid scheme, but a legitimate online business one can do to earn money online by reading news and doing some simple tasks online.

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