Expertnaire Review | Is Expertnaire Affiliate Program Legit Or Scam?

Expertnaire Review, is Expertnaire affiliate program legit or scam? In this article, you are going to have an insight knowledge on weather Expertnaire affiliate program  is a legitimate online business or a scam.

Hi, my name is Cajetan Desmond, the owner of this site kellymarketingcpa, for the past few years I’ve been on the internet studying different tactics and strategies in other to help you (website visitors) to learn how to make money online. 

The sole purpose of writing this content about Expertnaire is solely because, my website visitors have been sending me mails recently, requesting to know weather, a legit business or a scam. So based on my own ideas, i will be sharing with you all the necessary information I’ve gathered concerning this program.

Expertnaire, Who Are They?

Expertnaire is a Nigerian based affiliate marketing program created mainly for people living in Nigeria. It is the one and only affiliate market place that was set up mostly for the Nigerian market.

When trying to login to the company in other to have a clear picture of what Expertnaire is all about. you will bear me witness that what you see or notice is only a banner or should i say picture that read,” get paid for recommending high value digital products from top experts, we pay our affiliates every Fridays and also a 10,000 yearly registration fee being displayed for you together with a sign up button“. Something like this:

Expertnaire Review in 2020, Legit Or Scam

Honestly speaking, i can’t tell if Expertnaire it’s a legitimate online business or scam and Registering on this platform is solely at your own risk. But according to one witness who claim to have been dealing with this company, named prosper noah, he claimed to have been making money since signing up on the Expertnaire affiliate program. According to him he said,”when i click on the, At first I saw N10,000 for registration fee and was surprised but well…. I still went ahead and took the risk, registered with N10,000 to check out the platform and see what comes out.

The registration was successful, then I logged into my dashboard and saw the products to promote.

They were very eye-catching, yes all of the products there are attractive and top quality.

I gave a go, promoted one of the product to my email list and made my first ever sale on the affiliate network, below was the product I promoted when I joined newly on the 17th may”. Here are the screenshots of what he promoted on Expertnaire affiliate program:

As you can see above it’s a product created by Joe Okoro and was selling for 12,000 I got 50% commission which is N6,000 that’s according to prosper noah.

Also according to prosper, he also shares screenshot of his payment proof on the Expertnaire affiliate platform


Registering on the Expertnaire affiliate program platform is solely at your own risk as they are no any other witness to testify weather is legit or scam apart from this man prosper noah.

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How To Register On Expertnaire Affiliate Program

To register quickly visit, click on the sign up button, a new page with a place to fill in your registration details will open, where you are being asked to provide your name, email, phone number and password.

And once being done, click on the register button to confirm your registration.


Expertnaire review, Expertnaire is designed to help you earn 80% commission rate depending on which products you sales. But joining this business is, i repeat, solely on your own risk.

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