10 Best Affiliate Programs in Nigeria that Pays

In this post am going to show you the 10 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria that pays. learn also how it works and how you too can make money from this affiliate Programs.

 Affiliate marketing program is one of the best ways to monetize your site because it doesn’t require any start up capital or making sales before you earn. You’re being paid for inviting any member through your affiliate link that is being given to you during registration and every day, millions of publisher’s benefits from a recurring cash inflow, by partnering up with other reputable companies through affiliate Programs.

Many people don’t seek the right information before venturing into any affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria and after a month or so, they decides to give up since the money they intended making is not even coming in. but in this article, you are going to have an insight knowledge of what affiliate marketing programs is really all about and also knows my top 10 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria that pays.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The best definition of what Affiliate Marketing is can be found in Techopedia.

An affiliate program is an automated electronic program that involves a web advertiser(company) and recruited webmasters(marketers). The webmasters, as Affiliate marketers, place the company’s advertisements on their individually owned websites and gain commission for each sales they generated via their affiliate link.

For more explanation, an Affiliate marketing programs is a program designed by a web advertiser known as company that enables you as a recruited webmasters or affiliate marketers to earn a certain fixed amount of money(commission) in exchange for driving sales via your affiliate link.

Before i share the 10 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, let me show you what affiliate link is all about.

Affiliate Link

An affiliate link is a link or ID that is given to you upon registering for any affiliate program, in other to identify who and who that drives sales to they company.

How Affiliate Marketers Get Paid

Most affiliate programs have specific rules based on their paying methods, but there are two most important methods you can expect to see in affiliate marketing, namely:

Pay per action

In pay per action also known as cost per action(CPA) is a process whereby you get paid when a person you refer via your affiliate link complete a specific action that leads to a conversion.

Pay per click

Pay per click also known as cost per click(CPC) is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to a websites. You get paid when someone clicks on your link or ad you place on your website. They don’t need to buy anything or take action unlike in pay per action.

How Affiliate program Works

Affiliate program works like this:

  • You sign up as an affiliate marketer on any company of your preferred choice based on the offer on the table.
  • An affiliate link or ID is being given to you upon signing up for they program, for the purpose of identifying who drives sales to they company.
  • You as an affiliate promote the link on your website or social media sites.
  • A visitor clicks on your affiliate link and landed on they companies website and purchase an item from they company.
  • They company check who directed the customer to buy an item from them through their data base and find out that if was you, the affiliate.
  • They company will now gladly reward you, as an affiliate, a certain amount of money known as commission that was being agreed on.
You see, it’s a win win situation for both of they two parties involves. Click on the image below for more clarification.

Image source at www.sugarrae.com

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria That Pays

Here are the list of the 10 best affiliate marketing programs that pays in Nigeria:

1. Market Health affiliate program

The market health affiliate program allows you to aim a 60% recurring commission and a 30days cookies for each friend you invited to the company via your link.

The MarketHealth network is a global leader in the health and beauty industry offering a wide variety of business opportunities to its affiliates and merchants. They also offers the highest paying affiliate program and best tracking software in the industry.

For more information on MarketHealth affiliate program, Click here.

How To Register On MarketHealth Affiliate Program

Visit Stats.markethealth.com/signup/ to register for its affiliate program

2. Jumia affiliate program

Jumia Affiliate program allows you to earn up to 11% commission on any sales you generated via your affiliate link. It is one of the best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria because it has a higher structure of commission model of work.

Jumia Affiliate Program Commission Structure

  • Default – 4%
  • Games and console – 4%
  • TV’s, Video and Audio – 5%
  • Mobile phones and Tablets – 5%
  • Computing – 5%
  • Automotive and Motorcycles – 6%
  • Camera and Accessories – 6%
  • Home and Living – 7%
  • Kids and Babies – 7%
  • Fitness and Sports – 10%
  • Beauty and Health – 10%
  • Books and Stationery – 10%
  • Fashion and Design – 12%
The best definition of what Jumia affiliate program is and how to make money from it can be found in Paschal OK naijatechguide.

How To Register On Jumia Affiliate Program

In other to register and become an affiliate member, go to their official homepage at Affiliates.jumia.com/register and fill in your registration details.

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3. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja affiliate program allows you to earn a 20% commission if monthly net profit, not by placing the correct outcome of any live matches but by inviting people to join the company via your affiliate link and you get rewarded based on how much each of your referrals has lost and how much they won.

Bet9ja is currently Nigeria no.1 Sports betting companies offering bets on football, casinos, tennis and many other games.
They best definition of what bet9ja affiliate program is and how to make money from it can be found Here and also if you want to know how to predict correctly and win on the bet9ja virtual football then This guide is definitely a must read.

How To Register On The Bet9ja Affiliate Program

In other to register and become a bet9ja affiliate, visit Webaffiliates.bet9ja.com/registration and fill in the necessary details.

4. TreeHouse Affiliate Program

TreemHouse affiliate program offers it’s affiliate a 50% recurring commission for each student they refer and also pays it’s affiliate for each sales they generated through their link.

TreeHouse, an online technology school where you can learn everything you need to know about coding, website design, mobile app development and many more. You’ll learn the practical skills needed to create website, build apps and start businesses.

How To Register On TreeHouse Affiliate Program

Once you have an internet connected devices, visit Affiliate Sign-up.treehouse.com to fill out a form

5. Domainking Affiliate Program

Domainking affiliate program is designed to help it’s registered users earn an 80% commission for any member the refer via their affiliate link who then convert into leads or drives sales to they company.

Domainking, a global domain registrar, accredited with many African and Asian registries that offers wide range of services such as a domain name and web hosting. 

For more information on Domainking affiliate program reviews Click here.

How To Register On Domainking Affiliate Program

Click here to take you to the registration page of the Domainking affiliate program.

6. Click Funnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels has an affiliate program that once you sign up and become a member, you earn a 40% recurring commission immediately you refer a friend via your affiliate link and who then convert a lead or sales.

Clickfunnels is a SAS (software as a service) platform that is fast becoming one of the most populous affiliate marketing program in Nigeria. It is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses to market, sales and deliver their products online.

Clickfunnels provides an easy to use system that will help you build out your landing pages in a super simple interface that permit you to quickly integrate email providers, payment processors, drop ship stations and many more.

Click on the image below to see more features of clickfunnels

The best definition of what clickfunnels is and how it works can be found in Timfelmingham blog.

7.Aweber Affiliate Program

Aweber Email marketing affiliate program is one of the best email marketing program similar to GetResponse affiliate program. Aweber offers it’s affiliates a 30% recurring commission on any sales made by its affiliates via their referral link.

To learn more about aweber, how it works, how to register and how to make money from it Click here for more information.

8. TravelStart Affiliate Program

TravelStart has an affiliate program, that enables it’s affiliate members to earn a 70% commission with TravelStart by promoting flights through your affiliate link and get paid for any conversion or leads you generated.

So if you are a blogger, travel agent, or one who is looking to make money online, then, TravelStart affiliate program is the best for you.

Travelstart, an Africas leading online travel agency. based in cape town, South Africa, it operates in Africa and Middle East such as Nigeria, Kenyan, Morocco, Egypt, Bahrain, Botswana, Kuwait, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and so on.

their aim is to make you spend less time planning your travels in other to fully focus on your holiday. and according to their official website it says, ” Our mission is to save you time, money and stress with our simple online booking platform”.

How To Register On TravelStart Affiliate Program

Click here if you are from Nigeria, in other to take you directly to TravelStart.com.ng registration page.
If you ain’t from Nigeria, you can sign up to TravelStart affiliate program by selecting your location or target country by clicking Here.

For more information on how TravelStart affiliate program operates, please visit their official homepage at Affiliates.travelstart.com.

9. PayporteAffiliate Program

Just like Konga and jumia store, payporte is an online store marketplace that allows you to earn N1,000 as a sign up bonus and a 5%-10% commission for each person you refer via your link who then purchase an item to the company.

Payporte is a very unique e-commerce store and is regarded as Nigeria’s preferred online retail store when it comes to quality of products it has. Founded in 2014, it operates from Nigeria, with presence in the USA, UK and China.

How To Register On Payporte Affiliate Program

In other to take you to the registration page of payporte, visit Payporte.com/affiliates+register to fill out a form.

10. IQ Option Trade Affiliate Program

IQ Option affiliate program is the best binary options affiliate program that provides you with a 50% recurring commissions of everything that the company earns from each trader that you refer and 5%- 10% of what your sub-affiliates earn.

However, your referrals needs to make at least a minimum deposit of $10 for trading options before you can cash out. However, becoming an IQ Option affiliate can prove to be a very good lucrative move and there’s a multiple selection of payment methods to choose when receiving commission.

How To Register On IQ Option Affiliate Program

To register, visit Affiliate.iqoption.com/en.


Now that you already knows the 10 best affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria that pays. Now is the right time to make a quick decision and choose 1 or 2 of your choice and stick with it.

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