Netflix Affiliate program and it’s alternatives

Netflix Affiliate - 3 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

Many of my friends and audience have been requesting to know if the Netflix Affiliate Program still works and if yes, what are its commission rate. So in this article you are going to learn what Netflix affiliate program is all about and also know it’s alternatives

Affiliate Programs or marketing is a great way to increase your financial earnings because you find a product you like, you market it via your affiliate link and get a commission for each sales you generated and Netflix affiliate program is no exception to that.

And there are many affiliate program you can use to monetize your website namely:


That offers huge commission for any sale you drives to the company. And if you want to learn more about Affiliate marketing and how to make money from it then visit Neilpatel who is Forbes no.1 Affiliate marketer.

Netflix, an American media services provider and production company, founded by 2 people namely: Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in the year 1997. Netflix is a member of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The company’s main primary objective is it’s subscription based streaming service that offers online streaming of a large number of television programs and films and also those produced in house.

Netflix Affiliate Program Reviews For Newbies

Netflix Affiliate - 3 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

Netflix affiliate program is a marketing program designed to aid you earn a $10 commission for each sales you drives to the company through your referral link which will be given to you upon registration.

Thats a lot of money for grab but there are ones that offers a recurring commission just like Clicksfly who award it’s users a 30% recurring commission just by shortening or shrinking URLs and also pays a 20% commission from the earning of their referrals they invited.

How To Register For Netflix Affiliate Program

How do i get myself register for the Netflix affiliate program? That’s the question many people have been asking but are unable to get the right answer.

Netflix, closed its affiliate program a long time ago.

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Why Did Netflix Closed Its Affiliate Program

Netflix Affiliate - 3 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives
Netflix cancelled it’s affiliate program a long time ago, but why? If you may ask, but what i think that might be the cause of it is because an affiliate program is a marketing program designed by companies to pay a certain fixed amount of money to its registered members to help drives sales to their company and through their referral link. And because Netflix is widely known worldwide, they sees no reason to employ and pay affiliate marketers to promote their products.

Reasons To Be Hopeful On The Netflix Affiliate Program

Based on statistics, the number of daily subscribers on Netflix has drastically reduced and because Netflix also host an advertisement system called HasOffer platform, these are one of the most important reasons for us to be hopeful and pray for Netflix to reintroduce their affiliate program. 

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Netflix Affiliate Program Alternative

There are tons of other affiliate program alternatives to Netflix you can make use of in other to monetize your website for those that has website or for those that has an internet connected devices. But am going to name what i think is the 3 best among the rest namely:

Philo TV Affiliate Program

Netflix Affiliate - 3 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

Philo is a live TV streaming service designed for entertainment lover. While it doesn’t include any local or sports channels such as ESPN, NBCSN or FS1, but it’s still the cheapest option for live entertainment and other channels such as A&E. Network, AMC Network, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Commedy Central, MTV and many more.

Philo TV is not in the business of creating original content like Netflix and Amazon Prime are, Nor does it aim to overtake YouTube, but still, Philo performs well across platforms and might make sense sense for you if you enjoy it’s lineup of channels.

They also has an affiliate program and once you sign up to its program, a unique referral or affiliate code will be given to you, use this code to invite members to sign up for Philo and any member who sign up using your affiliate link will receive a $5 discount on their first month and for every subscribers, you will earn a $5-$10.

Hulu Affiliate Program

Netflix Affiliate - 3 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

Hulu is an American company that provides live and on demand channels of local and national sports, breaking news, Movies, Originals and many more.

It also offers all their users unlimited instant streaming of exclusive past seasons and current episodes, TV series, hit movies, kids favorite etc.

Hulu, has an affiliate program and once you sign up to its affiliate program, a referral/affiliate link will be given to you after registration and for any member you invited to Hulu, through your referral link, you will earn a $10 visa prepaid card.

Unfortunately, unlike Netflix, Hulu decided to close its affiliate program on 29, April, 2019. Reasons are still unknown but according to information stated on their official website it said,”we will continue to honour any pending referrals that were redeemed on or before that date, but we will not honor any unredeemed referrals”. They also stated that Eligible referrals will continue to process within the normal turnaround time allowing for the 2 months required paid subscription period.

DAZN Affiliate Program

Netflix Affiliate - 3 Best Netflix Affiliate Program Alternatives

DAZN is a revolutionary live sports streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite sports live either at home, on the go or on demand such as Champions league, La Liga, Ligue 1, Series A, PGA Tour events, WTA Tennis etc., fight replays, behind the scenes features, live news and original shows. Owned by Len Blavatniks Access Industry, which also owns the Warner Music.

According to their official website, DAZN is looking to partner with affiliates whose content is focused on sports or TV streaming products and can connect sports fans to our platform, you earn a $24 when they people you invite convert into subscribers.

Netflix affiliate program and it’s alternatives are a good way to monetize your website, but they reason Netflix closed its affiliate program is still unknown.

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