Instant Kash (9jacnn) Income Program Review : How It Works | Legit Or Not?

Instant Kash (9jacnn) income program review are for those who are looking for a reliable and stable online platform to start up with a small amount of money and be making a lot of money on a regular basis.

You are eligible to make money with instant Kash in regardless of where you are, either at home, work, office, anywhere, as long as you have your internet connected device (mobile phone or laptop).

But in this article, I will be tell you if it’s a legitimate online business or fake. All you need is to read till the end.

Instant Kash (9jacnn) who are they?

Instant Kash, now known by their new name 9jacnn is Nigeria no.1 top paying online news platform that pays it’s members for reading news with the platform.

Similar to the NNU income program who also pays it’s members for doing many things such as reading news, commenting, daily login and also pays it’s members for referring their friends.

Instant Kash, now called 9jacnn is not a get rich quick scheme of a thing, so be very careful, it’s a platform you can start with N1,000 and upgrade your membership package later, if you wish.

How instant Kash income program works

Instant Kash works in they following ways:

Daily login:

You earn N50 daily automatically as you login to your 9jacnn account.

News reading

You earn N3 for every news read by you. Up to 500 daily news updates.

Facebook sponsorship post

You earn N100 daily when you post 9jacnn news on your Facebook account

Article submissions

You earn N100 per article approved

Daily quiz

You earn N200 per day when you are partake and win 9jacnn daily quiz


You earn 75% of your referrals registration fees as referral bonus.

How to make money on instant Kash income program

It’s all depends on your efforts and determination as you can make more than N50,000 monthly.

Immediately you sign up for the program, and deposit the sum of N1,000 to the assigned 9jacnn member, the confirm your payment and the will send you registration link. Use the link to register and once you become a member here is what you stand to earn.

Daily login is N50, that means you can earn N50 × 30days = N1,500 monthly.

Daily news reading is N3, and their are up to 500 daily news. That is, N3 × 500daily news = N1,500 monthly

Facebook sponsored post is N100 × 30days = N3,000 monthly

Article submission is N100 × 30 days =N3,000 monthly

Daily quiz is N200 × 30days = N6,000

Referral is 75% income, so let’s assume that you manage to refer 2 friends daily, 75% of N1,000 sign-up fee is 750, and 2 friends is N750 × 2 referral friends = N1,500, so N1,500 × 30days = 45,000.

Your total earnings in a month is N1,500+N1,500+N3,000+N3,000+N6,000+N45,000 = N60,000 Monthly profits.

That’s a cool lot’s of money to support your financial needs, isn’t it?

Is instant Kash income program a legitimate online business

It’s a pity to announce to you that instant Kash income program is now a scam. Please don’t register on their website, stay clear from them. Unless you want to loose your hard earned money.

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