Clicksfly Review – Legit Or Scam

In this article, am going to have a throughout review of what clicksfly is all about, weather is a legitimate online business one can do or a scam.

Clicksfly Review

There are many link monetization networks worldwide, but it’s very hard to predict which one is legit or scam. So today, this article will help you to find out all about clicksfly URL shortener.

All About Clicksfly

Clicksfly is a CPC, CPM and URL shortener that is based in India and it allows it’s users to earn a 30% recurring commission by shortening or shrinking URLs and also pays it’s users a 20% commission from the earning of their referrals they invited.

When someone clicks on your link that you shared, Clicksfly will display an AD for a few seconds to them before redirecting them to the main link that you shortened and for that reason, Clicksfly will then pay you.

The good thing about this URL shortener is their ability to display good ads to visitors and it also offers the highest amount of money to its users according to their website. Yes that’s true and the main reason for that is because they use Google Adsense Ads and that’s the major reason they ask you during registration to make sure your traffic adheres to Google’s terms and conditions.

Clicksfly Review - Legit Or Scam

I know it might sound a little confusing to you, but the truth is that they’re making AD revenue from the traffic you send to them, before redirecting the visitors onto the intended article you shortened.

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While examining the ads of this network in, i found a out that it has a banner based inteestial ads that is good and safe.

So if you like the concept of getting paid to send people to your shorten links, then clicksfly is worth giving a try, although the are relatively new in the industry, but they are quickly becoming the best URL shortener.

They funny and sweetest thing about this company is that they count multiple views from the same visitors that is, your earnings will be higher than other networks.

Is Clicksfly Legit Or Scam?

Clicksfly Review - Legit Or Scam
Clicksfly is a legitimate online company headquartered in India, that pays 30% recurring commission to its members on a weekly or monthly basis for sharing link and also pay it’s users a 20% commission from the earning of their referrals they invited

Your earnings are purely based on the location of each click you receive on your links.
Though they are relatively young in the industry, but they pay a large amount of money to its members and are emerging as the best URL shortener in the world.

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How To Make Money With Clicksfly URL Shortener

Clicksfly Review - Legit Or Scam
In other to start making money with this great company, you have to first Sign up to the company via their registration page and once being done, then you need a good source of traffic and a good content where the shortene URL redirects to.

You will earn money every time someone clicks on the URL you shortened and watches a Google Adsense ads that is being displayed to them.
For more explanation, that is, for every 1,000 clicks you received, you’ll earn a different amount of money based on the location the clicks comes from, you are paid the following prices:
  1. $3.8 for Brazilians
  2. $3.8 for Indonesia
  3. $4 for Indians
  4. $4 for Finland’s
  5. $4 for Mexico’s
  6. $4 for Hong Kong’s
  7. $5 for Denmark’s
  8. $5 for Italy’s
  9. $5.2 for Switzerland’s
  10. $5.5 for Norway’s
  11. $5.6 for Sweden’s
  12. $7 for German’s
  13. $8 for Belgium’s
  14. $8 for Singaporeans
  15. $8 for Canadians
  16. $8 for Ireland’s
  17. $9.5 for France
  18. $9.5 for Saudi Arabian
  19. $10 for New Zealanders
  20. $10 for Australian 
  21. $12 for United kingdom
  22. $12 for Netherlands
  23. $13 for United States
  24. $15 for Iceland
  25. $2.5 – $3.5 for all countries worldwide
Note: Fake, Bot, Pop Up and Adult Traffic are prohibited.

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Key Features Of Clicksfly URL Shortener

  • They offers the highest payout rates more than any URL shorteners with a $15 CPM and a $3 CPM for worldwide traffic.
  • Good quality and non annoying Ads.
  • They accept multiple payment options such as PayPal, Bank Transfer (for Indians), PayTm (For Indians), Bitcoin, Payoneer, Payee, TEZ etc.
  • 24/7 customer service through online chat or through email.
  • Low minimum payout rates of about $3.
  • Fast payment on a weekly or monthly basis.

Clicksfly Affiliate/ Referral Program

Clicksfly affiliate/ referral program allows you to earn 20% commissione for referring/inviting new members to they company via your affiliate link that will be given to you upon registering to the company.

That is, you earn a 20% of each of your referrals earned money.

How To Register On Clicksfly

Registering on Clicksfly is more than simply. You just need to fill in a very short form such as your name, email address and password and click on the summit button to complete your registration and become a full member. Click here at to take you to Clicksfly registration page.

How To Promote/Advertise Your Clicksfly Link

You can promote your link and earn money using any of they following methods:


The best way to organically plug your Clicksfly link would be to talk about it naturally within the content you post on your blog. You can’t plug the link to any website that contains adult contents.

Social Media

Sharing your link via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more, is said to be one of the best ways you can promote your Clicksfly URL Shorten link.

Other methods such as through email list is also accepted.


Based on my honest review on Clicksfly, i truly hope you have gained an insight knowledge of what clicksfly is all about and know ways to make money from it. Clicksfly is a legitimate online business one can do in regardless of where ever you are, home, office or work. So rush now and have your self registered on this great company. Thanks and God bless.

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