Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

 A lot of people have been requesting to know what are the best Nigeria investment company that pays weekly. but the truth is, there are various companies in Nigeria to invest in today that pays on a daily,weekly or monthly basics.

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

There are tons of investment companies in Nigeria to make your head spin, so where should you heard to, if your aim is to invest in Nigerian companies, which company should you invest into?. So in this article i have compiled a list of, based on my research and experience what i think are the best legitimate Nigerian companies you can invest into without any fear or doubts and have proved their trustworthiness many times.

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Top Investment Companies In Nigeria That Pays On A Daily, Weekly, Monthly And Yearly Basis in 2020

1. Piggyvest Nigeria

Best Nigeria investment company that pays

Piggyvest is one of the, if not the best savings and investment platforms in Nigeria established on the 7th of January 2016 with the name as a savings-only platforms.

Piggyvest is also the first online savings and investment apps in West Africa. Piggyvest helps you achieve true financial freedom by enabling you to save responsibly and invest on the go. You earn 10% to 15.5% interest on savings and over 25% return on investment.

They uses bank level security measures to keep your personal information safe and secure.

To know more about piggyvest and how you can start your savings journey click here.

2. Invest In Stanbic IBTC Asset Management In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

Stanbic IBTC Asset Management is one of the, if not the best investment companies in Nigeria. It specializes in financing, risk management, trading, investment banking and other advisory services. With a minimum investment amount of N5,000, the fund offers investors liquidity, flexibility, capital preservation, competitive yields, diversification of their investment portfolio alongside the experience and track record of stanbic IBTC Asset Management in the Nigerian financial markets.

3. Invest In Digital Agriculture In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

Investing in a digital agriculture is one the best investment one can do in Nigeria. Companies such as Hello Tractor, Virtual Farm and Farm Crowdy are doing great work, by offering a platform that enables you to invest your money in Farming and reap good benefits. These benefits typically range between 5%-13% based on the how long you plan to hold the investment. N5,000 is the minimum amount of money you can invest.

4. Invest In FGN Savings Bond In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

The FGN Savings Bond is a bond issued by the Debt Management Office on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The bond is designed and retail investors with assured quarterly interest payment and repayment of the principal at maturity.

Not many people are aware that the federal government of Nigeria are offering a good investment opportunity referred to as as Saving Bond’s.
Saving Bond’s allows you to earn a 13% interest on any amount of money you invested and it’s being paid twice a year. The minimum amount of money you can invest into is N5,000 and the maximum amount is N50,000,000. Bear in mind that this investment is tax free, safe and reliable.

5. Invest In Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly
There are some affiliate programs you can invest into in Nigeria and start reaping it’s reward on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Yes that’s true but before i name them, it’s imperative to first have a clear understanding of what affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate marketing is a process by which a company pays you a certain amount of money known as commission, for each sales you drives to the company via your affiliate or referral link.

But in this case, you ain’t going to market a product but you will be promoting a product known as ZinolyNewsnaira and Refer. These are one of the best Nigeria investment company that pays on a weekly basis. 

Once you invest money into the company N1,000- N2,000 and successfully registered to the company, You can earn in two ways namely; through revenue and through affiliate program.

Through Revenue

With this, participants earns residual income bonus by login in daily, reading news, comment and even sharing sponsored post on social media. They shared their revenue with its members on a weekly or monthly basis.

Through Affiliate programs

With this, you earn money through any member you invited via your referral link. A certain percentage of money known as commission will be issued to you once they people you refer successfully becomes a member. Usually 70%-100% commissions.

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6. Invest In Cryptocurrency In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

Cryptocurrency is an internet based medium of exchange which uses cryptographic functions to conduct financial transactions. It leverage blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency and immutability.
Investing in Cryptocurrency is one of the best investment one can do in Nigeria. Because it yields profit on a yearly basis.

7. Invest In Real Estates In Nigeria

Best Nigeria Investment Company That Pays Weekly

If there’s any investment business in Nigeria that is truly lucrative, rewarding and profitable, it has to be real estate business in Nigeria. Most of the top billionaires in Nigeria are real estate investors. Real estate business is so diverse that there seem to be something for everyone. Anyone who wishes to invest can invest whether he has thousands or billions of Naira.

Know that you knows the best Nigeria investment company that pays weekly, go now and secure your future by investing in any of the above mentioned thanks.

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