Aweber Email Marketing Affiliate Program Reviews For Newbies

Would you like to know if Aweber Email marketing Affiliate Program is worth having for your site?

Aweber Email Marketing Affiliate Program Reviews For Newbies

If yes, then, you have nothing to worry about because in this article i will uncover everything you need to know about this program in this aweber email marketing affiliate program reviews for newbies just like i always do, have you heard of CPA marketing in Nigeria and how to make Instant Kash with it? Any way, let’s talk about aweber, which is our topic for today.

Aweber, who are they?

Aweber is an e-mail marketing platform and autoresponder platform that allows business owners (entrepreneur’s) to collect email address of their customers as well as their followers and send out automated emails, broadcast email to them.

Aweber Email Marketing Affiliate Program Reviews For Newbies

They are one of the most popular and well established e-mail marketing companies founded in 1998 by Tom Kulzer at the age of 21. And since then, aweber has grown into a team focus on helping entrepreneur’s achieve success with email and also provides live support and education.

Aweber saves your time and energy while increasing your profit and productivity. Here are the all the product types that aweber specialises in:

  • E-mail Newsletters – easy to create for newbies with advanced options for the experts such as e-mail templates, Facebook and Twitter integration, blog to e-mail, performance tracking, publish e-mail online
  • Autoresponder – which automatically delivered a series of messages to new subscribers such as to track performance and now how many were clicked and how many were opened, multiple e-mail templates, instantly engage subscribers, advance scheduling.
  • HTML (hypertext markup language) Templates – makes it easy to create good looking emails with over 700 available templates
  • Landing Page – it helps to connect aweber to your favorite landing page provider and grow list, through announce, lead page, optimized press etc.
  • Drag and Drop Editor – create and send professional newsletters in a few seconds, build your e-mails bit by bit, free stock image app, test, schedule and send.
  • E-mail Delivery – it helps to reach out to your subscribers inbox, anti spam policy, over 15 years experience, content filter checking equipment
  • Customer Service – it has a 247 live support, free live webinars, plenty of blog articles and many more.
  • Manage subscribers – by collecting, segmenting and managing your subscribers through sign up form, by tracking your subscribers etc.

Aweber Affiliate Program Commission Rate

Aweber affiliate program is one of the, if not the best marketing program because it offers its affiliate members a 30% commission, not only on the initial sale but also on any recurring payments they make.

For more explanation, when you refer someone to aweber, and they Sign up at $19 a month, your 30% commission will be $5.70 which you will be earning per month continually for the lifetime of that users account, as long as they keep subscribing to aweber.

How Aweber Pays It’s Affiliate Members

Aweber pays it affiliate members on the 1st day of each month and each payment is for commissions earned up until 15 days before the payment is made. 

Payment is made via PayPal or through bank cheque. With a $30 minimum payout for US affiliate and a $50 for non US affiliate.

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How To Make Money With Aweber Affiliate Program

There are large number of tools that aweber afford its members to use when advertising to people. All you have to do is to sign up for aweber email marketing affiliate program, it’s free of charge and start referring customer’s to aweber via your affiliate/referral link that will be given up to you upon registration and earn a 30% recurring commission when they continue subscribing to aweber.

For more clarification, when you refer someone to aweber via your affiliate link, and they Sign up at, let me use $19 which is the minimum Sign up fee per month, then, your 30% commission will be $5.7 which you will be earning per month continually for the lifetime of that users account, as long as they keep subscribing to aweber.

Now, let’s assume that you refer 10 people per month, your earnings will be $5.7 × 10 = $57 every given months for as long as they continue using aweber email marketing program.

Affiliate/Referral Link

Affiliate link also known as referral link is a special URL that contains the affiliate ID or username. This URL is used by the advertiser to track or record all traffic that is sent to the advertisers website as a part of the affiliate program.

Take a look at the image below for further clarification:

Aweber Email Marketing Affiliate Program Reviews For Newbies

How To Promote Your Aweber Affiliate/Referral Links

Your aweber affiliate link can be promoted via the following methods:

  • Social media sites
  • Displaying aweber affiliate banner or logo on your website
  • By making a YouTube video of aweber and insert your link in the description space
  • By writing a blog post about aweber and encourage your visitors to click on it.

Tools Offers At Aweber For It’s Affiliate

These are list for of tools being offered by aweber to its affiliates:

Aweber Affiliate links

This is simply your ID or username and when customers clicks the link it will redirect them to the Aweber site without knowing that it is associated with you.

Aweber Affiliate Banners and Logos

Aweber has provided ready made banners and Logos that can be used by the their affiliate for linking to them. To use affiliate banners you have to copy and paste them into the HTML code of your website.

Aweber Video Ads

This video ads contains your affiliate link, so when customers watches the video and are happy with the service and subscribe to a package with aweber, then, you will be compensated for the sale.

Aweber PDF File

This is a file provided by aweber to its affiliates to help guide your referrals on how to get started with aweber.

How To Sign Up For Aweber Affiliate Program

To get started with aweber, Click here to take you to aweber affiliate program registration page where you need to fill out a form and become it’s affiliate member. Or you can go to their official homepage at to see it’s monthly price list for those that want to subscribe to their channels.

Now that you know what aweber email marketing affiliate program is all about and how to make money from it, why can’t you go and give it a shot.

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