How To Register With Recharge And Get Paid

How To Register With Recharge And Get Paid in Nigeria

Step 1: Visit and visit their registration page,

Make Use Of Referral ID: Itenb

Step 2: Type in your personal details such as Name, Email, Address and Phone Number. 

Make Use Of Referral ID Itenb

Step 3: Create a strong password for your account and proceed to the next stage
Step 4: Select membership plan and method of payment
Choose Paystack.

Step 5: Select Bank Details and fill correctly then proceed to the next stage
Step 6: Confirm your membership plan and amount to pay

Step 7: Proceed with payment options: Select card payment as it is easier and faster. 
Step 8: Fill in your card details and click pay
Step 9: Your account registration is confirmed and you will be granted access to recharge and get paid portals.
Don't Forget: Make Use Of Referral ID: Itenb For Quick Confirmation And Registration Bonus.

Recharge And Get Paid Works....

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  1. Hey Darlington Ezeh,

    Great post with great tips to register with recharge and to get paid. I really like the tips that you have listed, whereas your all the mentioned tips are helpful and easy to follow. An idea of using your suggested referral id
    is really a great idea.

    Really helpful post and Thanks for sharing.