Teachable Affiliate Program Reviews For Newbies

Teachable Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to make extra money online at the comfort of your home, work or office.

Teachable, who are They?

Teachable is an online learning ( ie digital courses, information products, experience products) where millions of students enroll in over 125,000 courses. Sales generated from these instructor grew from $5 million in 2015 to $90m in 2017, and as a growing industry, you can be sure your audience will be getting the best product available for online course creation software.

Teachable Affiliate Program Review.

Teachable affiliate program allows you to earn a 30% commission when you referred someone to their website through your affiliate link who then uses the platform to sell their online courses.

Teachable handles many things such as content hosting, delivery and payment processing to let you focus on creating content, teaching and providing amazing customer support.

What Affiliate Marketing Is All About?

Affiliate marketing is when you as a publisher or affiliate agree to promote a product by joining it’s affiliate program and you will be given a referral link from the affiliate program so that once a sale is made through your referral link, you get paid.

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How To Join Teachable Affiliate Program With Step By Step Tutorial.

Step 1: visit their affiliate registration page here and sign up,

Step 2: submit your application details to the website eg:

• Your Name,
• Your Email,
• PayPal Email,
• Address,
• City,
• Postal Code etc……

Step 3: Tick the checking box and agree to their programs and terms of services then you submit your application.

It’s free and easy to join affiliate program.

Teachable Affiliate Commission

Affiliates on teachable, earns 30% lifetime commission on a 90 days cookie duration only when the person The refer makes use of the platform. The average commission per sale, per month is $20.70 per sale.

Now that you knows what teachable affiliate program is all about, what are you waiting for, go now and apply as an affiliate and start monetizing your website.

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