How To Add My Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed

With the thousands of clicks and visit to the Opera mini news feed which has helped blogger’s to generate traffic and earnings to their website and blogs everyday by showcasing their blog titles or post everyday on Opera mini news feed, see how you can add your website to opera mini news feed.

How Adding Your Website Or Blog To Opera Mini News Feed Can Help It.

1. Blog Traffic Increases When Added To Opera Mini News Feed.

By displaying your blog or website on opera mini news feed front page you will receive traffic from thousands of people worldwide as they will be looking at your post that appears on opera mini news feed and other attractive ones.

2. Gain Popularity With Opera Mini News Feed On Your Blog.

Opera mini is currently used worldwide and has the options of changing countries which makes your blog to be shown around the world if it appears on the Opera Mini news feed.

3. More Earnings From Affiliate And Ads With Opera Mini News Feed.

Opera mini has promised to pay 50% of the traffic value and if your website or blog is monetize, you are likely to make money from Opera Mini news feed traffic.

How To Add Your Blog To Opera Mini News Feed The Right Way.

Step 1: visit your mailbox and compose an email to social– Or,

Step 2: write why your blog should be accepted into the opera mini news feed and your niche,

Step 3: what you will gain from the platform.

Then send and await for their reply, normally the reply within 5 days and most of the times stays upto a week so be patient.

Once they receive the mail you sent them, you will get a reply from Opera agent instructing  you to write a formal request together with your site links and they will forward it to the opera mini news feed team.

Apply the above steps and get your blog or website shown on Opera news feed

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