Clickbank In Nigeria | How To Open And Make Money With Clickbank In Nigeria

Do you want to make money from Clickbank in Nigeria?

Don’t panic it won’t cost you alot but I must warn you as an affiliate marketer or Internet guru that wants to hit $1000 with clickbank you must be willing to put in some effort and strategy that works…

Discover my awesome little secret of making money with clickbank step by step..

How To Make Money With Clickbank Nigeria

Clickbank affiliate marketing works in every country and all parts of continent that is accessible to internet which allows you as an affiliate to make money with clickbank promoting their products.

Clickbank Nigeria

Does clickbank accepts nigerians? Or is it an affiliate marketing network made for a specific group of experts in affiliate industry? These questions has been asked many times by group of people that wants to create or open account with clickbank in Nigeria.

How To Create a Click Bank Account In Nigeria

Get an internet connection device and proceed by these steps:

Step 1: visit  and click on the menu button found on clickbank homepage,

Step 2: Click on create account or login to your clickbank account if you have any account with them before,

Step 3: Complete your account registration by filling out your clickbank account creation details which may include:

• Country
• Name
• Phone Number
• Email Address etc……..

Step 4: Complete the three account creation stage when creating or signing up for your clickbank account…

1. Personal Information

This is the first stage of clickbank affiliate account sign up that request for information about you:

Eg: Name & Address, Phone Number, Country, Zip Code, Age etc..

2. Banking Information

This is the second stage of creating a clickbank affiliate account and it contains information about:

How you can get paid, Payment Method, Payment Address etc….

3. Account Information

This is the final stage of creating an account with clickbank as it requires providing your Clickbank Username, Password and so much.

Once you complete the information, submit and wait for confirmation and approval for your clickbank affiliate account.

So what’s now, you have finish creating and signing up for your Clickbank affiliate account, Lets go and make money with clickbank Program

How To Make Money From Clickbank  in Nigeria

If you want to make money from Clickbank affiliate easily, here is a procedure to take and earn,

1. Navigate to your clickbank account dashboard ( where every tracking link for your affiliate offer is been recorded ).

2. Choose the offer or affiliate product that you want to promote from Clickbank ( this maybe travel affiliate products, sports affiliate products, health affiliate products, tech and others… Etc )

3. Proceed by getting your affiliate link for the product, this is a tiny link that comes in html, when promoting clickbank products always make use of your affiliate products link to recieve commission…

Best Way To Promote And Make Money With Clickbank

1. Getting Hot Products From Clickbank

How do you find a hot products from Clickbank? There is a simple way to find out hot buyer keyword from Clickbank and one of them is through Keyword research……

Make use of and use this step to find a keyword

Making Use Of Semrush To Find Buyer Keyword On Clickbank

Step 1: Get your affiliate products name on clickbank and visit,

Input the product name and search for the buyer keyword……

Get Keywords on the affiliate products with the highest search volume…

Use Of SEO To Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Products

SEO referred to as search engine optimization is a very good way of making money from any online business out there, From sales of affiliate products, Increase in ads revenue and much more….

So, How Do I Make Money From Clickbank Through SEO?

After getting the keyword with high search volume from semrush, go and write a long Quality contents around the keyword and embed your affiliate link on the post….

Make Use Of Seoclerks To rank it on google, if you don’t know how Seoclerks works, Read My Complete review on Seoclerks.

Once the keyword appears on Google first page, you are surely to get affiliate sales and earn some commission…..

How To Make Money With Clickbank Without A Website

There are faster way you can make money with affiliate marketing and one of them is promoting the affiliate products without a website. Here is a simple guide I illustrated on How To Promote And Make Money With Affiliate Products Without A Website.

Best Hack To Bank $1000 From Clickbank

Have you heard of Email marketing and Pinterest Traffic, when two combined the give unimaginable results, Let me explain how it works…….

Money is in the list right? Well if you haven’t heard let me explain further,

Email marketing is gradually taking over the internet as it’s now regarded as one of the best way of making money online,

• From Getting High Paying Clients
• Getting Affiliate Sales Anytime,
• And so much more through your list……

How Can You Make Money From Email List With Clickbank

First step is to get an email marketing tool called Sendio.

Make use of Sendio Email marketing tool and pay a one time payment to access it which allows you to send unlimited email to your list……….

The sendio Email marketing tool also comes with a 3 pack

• Email
• Text &
• Facebook Messenger in one dashboard…

With Sendio, you can market to your social media friends and earn very good commission through email, text and facebook marketing….

Get Sendio Email Marketing Tool Here

Making Money From Clickbank Using Pinterest Traffic

If you are not making use of Pinterest to drive traffic to your affiliate link and offers i must warn you that you are missing alot…

Pinterest can be a social media handle that has daily million viewers every day and with Pinterest Marketing Tool which can drive tons of traffic to your website, increase in affiliate sales and revenue..

Wrapping Up On Making Money With Clickbank

The first step is to sign up for a clickbank affiliate account,

Step 2: Pick the right product by doing keyword research on the product using Semrush.

3. Make use of Seo Traffic From Seoclerks and boost your affiliate web page to 1st page of Google…..

4. Make Use Of Sendio And Pinterest Marketing Tool to generate traffic and commission,

5. Keep making steady money with this method online….

Making money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing requires Product + Traffic = Commission…

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