Top Best Paid Survey Sites In Nigeria 2020 | Survey And Earn In Nigeria

Survey website that you can make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime, Take daily surveys and get rewarded in points and cash, work with the top legitimate survey sites in Nigeria and make money online.

Survey Site In Nigeria

Surveys are questions that comes in different formats when you sign up with a survey website which may include 

• Product review
• Consumers or 
• Services

Some of these surveys may also be related to you, asking for a survey about your life and pays you for taking them.

Why Survey Companies Are Looking For Who To Take Their Survey Job And Pay Them Here In Nigeria.

I have asked myself this question, why are they looking for surveyers?

With you joining best survey companies in Nigeria, you are helping then to gather information about how to better the surrounding of everyone through these surveys.

• You get paid when you take surveys about yourself
• you get paid when you take surveys about your work
• you also get paid by letting them know about your personal life.

Who Is Eligible For Paid Survey Site In Nigeria And How To Qualify

Most of these surveys sites are for some countries only and is likely not to accept any neighboring countries.

Yes there are paying survey jobs in Nigeria and in my last post about how to make $1000 online without spending a dime, survey website is one of them, they pay well and easy to earn with here in Nigeria.

How To Qualify For Survey Jobs In Nigeria

I have joined most of this survey jobs and from my study, they are selecting few to take their survey jobs in Nigeria.

For you to qualify, apply these tips when registering:

• Your age must be 18 yrs or above.

• You must have a method to receive payments either through PayPal or Bank.

• A Working phone number or email address……etc.

How To Earn Big With Survey Companies In Nigeria

There is always a tip I use for most of my survey jobs and there are also survey Apps to make money online in Nigeria but see how to increase your earnings with any survey company.

• Always opt in for email notifications whenever a survey is out for completion,

By so doing you will stand a chance of never missing any survey work.

High Rated Paying Survey Website In Nigeria To Make Money From In Nigeria.

1. Paidviewpoint Survey

Paidviewpoint is an online survey company that pays for every completed survey done by you.

You can register easily by visiting and click on register to get started.

So how does Paidviewpoint paid it’s surveyers in Nigeria?

• When registering on Paidviewpoint, you will be asked for your payment details, they normally pay through PayPal and their payments threshold is $15

Here is my Little Earning Screenshot With Paidviewpoint

2. Triaba Survey

Triaba Survey is regarded as Nigeria top best online website that pays for survey jobs in Nigeria and they are offering high survey earnings.

3. Panelstation Survey

Panelstation Survey in Nigeria offers you a great chance to work at home completing surveys as a Nigeria.

Earn upto $1 per survey with Panelstation Survey in Nigeria

4. Mobrog Surveys

Join Nigeria top survey company that pays for your research and each survey completed with them, 

Mobrog Surveys works like every other Nigeria survey website that pays,

5. Your says pays Survey

Yoursayspays is a UK based survey site that pays you for a completed survey jobs,

You can join yoursayspays survey in Nigeria but you need to get a UK number which will be needed when registering.

They pay through PayPal and offers daily surveys here for Nigerians.

Why You Should Start A Survey Job In Nigeria

1. Makes you money at your free time.

2. Easy to operate,

3. No start up fee and risk,

4. Unlimited surveys to keep on making money.

Up their is a list of legitimate survey sites that is in Nigeria but you can feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box.


Now that you know the top best survey site in Nigeria, what are you waiting for, choose which one you can do and stick with it.

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