How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student And Still Pass Your Exams 2019

Students from ghana can now make money online without the fear of failing their exams, you want to make money online as a ghana student then read till the end….

Make Money As A Ghana Student

Online business has taken place and it’s growing rapidly in the industry, you can work from home as a Ghanaian student, mom or dad and still meet up your daily deals.

Here is a tip on how to start making money as a ghana student easily.

1. Go create a PayPal or Payoneer account for receiving money made from your online work.

2. You must have an internet device that you can work with from your hostels or anywhere in the school,

3. Commitment to work and the money start coming…

If you have these 3 things listed above then you are good to start making money online as a student in ghana…..

Online Work At Home Jobs For Any Student In Ghana

1. Affiliate Marketing In Ghana

Affiliate marketing has been a very good way students can make money with their eyes closed,

Affiliate marketing is when you decide to partner with an individual or company n ghana to promote it’s product and once a sale is made, you get paid for promoting their products.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In Ghana As A Student

There are many affiliate program that anyone can sign up with and promote their products but here is a little guidance to make money with affiliate marketing,

1. Google Search for affiliate program in ghana,

2. Choose A Niche of affiliate program that you want to promote and sign up,

3. Read About their affiliate terms and conditions, payment method and sign up,

4. Once approved you will be given a unique affiliate code for promoting their products.

Once someone buys through that link, you get paid as an affiliate.

2. Freelancing In Ghana

Students in ghana can make UpTo $1000 with freelancing and get paid through PayPal and Payoneer, so how does freelancing work?

You are a ghana student who can read and write then know that freelancing is for you, if you can create and design website development then know that freelancing is for you, 

How Can A Student Make Money From Freelancing In Ghana?

Make money freelancing in ghana by signing up for a top freelance website like and many more, 

• Choose your area of expertise in freelancing ( Students in ghana can go for Writing ) as it’s a quick freelance job for students..

You can select other freelance work online and list them on your account,

If someone goes to Fiverr and order for your work ( GIG ) from your account, you get paid when job is completed…

Students that wants to make money online in ghana should try freelancing as it has been a very good way of making money online without spending a dime.

3. Blogging In Ghana

Blogging is my favorite part of making money as a student in ghana, it’s like a tree which has branches of making a steady income online, in blogging affiliate marketing can be done,

• Freelancing
• Information Marketing
• Service Rendering and many more.

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If you are asking me how much can be made through blogging, the answer is unlimited….

It’s easy to make money online as a student in ghana through blogging and one of the easiest way is through google adsense..

How To Make Money With Google AdSense In Ghana

Create your blogging platform and write a quality content on your blog,

• Sign Up for a google adsense publisher’s account,

• Once approved, goto your ads unit section and copy your ad code and paste on your blog.

Once a visitor clicks on your blog, you make money.

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As a student in ghana, you can make a good money online without spending a dime or failing your exams and I have make sure that the 3 legitimate make money online method that works for me will work for you…

Go and make money online as a ghana student

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