GTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria – IRefer And Earn As GTBank Affiliate

GTBank ( Guaranty Trust Bank ) Has introduce it’s own affiliate program called IRefer Program, giving you the opportunity to work with one of the biggest company in Nigeria as a GTBank Affiliate.


Guaranty Trust Bank ( GTBank is One of Nigeria biggest Bank that has branches in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

GTBank Affiliate Program

With the introduced GTBank Affiliate Program, you can start making money with Guaranty Trust Bank PLC in Nigeria.

As an affiliate marketer, you already know what affiliate marketing is all about and how to make money as an affiliate but with GTBank Affiliate is all different, it’s called GTBank IRefer Affiliate.

How Does GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program Works?

GTBank Affiliate Program is an affiliate based on referrals that rewards you if your referral is active as a GTBank customer and has made at least one transaction having a GTBank Mastercard.

There are companies that offer affiliate program like GTBank see Below:

The reward their customers in a good way as an affiliate and I will suggest you check them out.

Etisalat Affiliate Program also known as 9mobile has their own affiliate.

How To Sign Up As A GTBank Affiliate In Nigeria

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To sign up and become a GTBank Affiliate In 3 steps

• Visit your nearest GTBank and Locate it’s  customers care section,

• Request for an IRefer form and fill in your details correctly as you will be given a referral code that will serve as affiliate link.

• Start referring as many people as you can and earn big with GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program.

What To Do To Ensure You Earn With GTBank IRefer Affiliate Program.

• you must make use of your referral code given to you

• Ensure that they are registered through your ireferral code and made at least one transaction with a month.

• They should obtain a GTBank Card

With the above instructions completed, you are certainly going to make alot of money from GTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria.

Your Commission As A GTBank IRefer Affiliate

Every affiliate has it’s affiliate commission that is rewarded to it’s affiliate marketer and GTBank rewards their affiliate with N100 per successful referred registered user.

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