Best Pay Per Click Sites | High Paying PTC sites That Really Pays

I am very sure you know what pay per click really means, after I explained briefly on Pay per click programs in Nigeria that pays per click, per mile and much more, Now I will still share with you on how you can make money with PTC sites.

These pay per click or PTC sites pays for click mainly and some of them pay you from $0.20 to $10 per click.

What Pay Per Click Sites Is About?

This is an advertising company that anyone can sign up with as a publisher and make money posting links and getting people to click on them. These sometimes are referred to as PTC sites because your chances of making money are accounted on how many clicks gotten from your link.

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These Pay per click sites comes in many form and their pay are sometimes different, majority of these PTC sites pays you $1 per click and some may go beyond that.

How Does PTC Or Pay Per Click Sites Works?

Like I said up there, some are advertising company and others are not, any PTC sites that you join will provide you with a certain publisher ad code for tracking how many clicks you got, 

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• A publisher account created with any pay per click or PTC sites.

This gives you the better understanding of how your earnings is being accounted and clicks.

• A PTC Sites Tracking Url Code

Sure it's done everywhere, once you register with a paying pay per click sites, a tracking url link will be given to you as their publisher for tracking how many clicks you got.

• A payment Gateway

These Pay per click sites operates in Nigeria and many part of the world, their method of payment is always through PayPal and Bank Transfer, You get paid as a pay per click publisher anytime you reach payment threshold.

PTC / Pay Per Click Sites That Really Pays.

1. Entireweb PTC / PPC Site.

Entireweb PTC sites is an online pay per click sites that allows you to earn some commission by sharing your link on popular forums, social media and other more.

With Entireweb Affiliate Program You can get paid per click starting from $0.20 per click and withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

2. PTC Sites is a top paying PTC sites that pay per click on Url shortened, this is an url shortener company that is paying you for every single click on Url shortened.

PPC Sites In Nigeria ( Pay Per Click ).

There are advertising network that pays per click in Nigeria. you are been paid as a publisher for becoming their affiliate and placing their affiliate link on your website to display what the advertisers Pay to promote (PTP).

Google Adsense is an example of pay per click website that pays high but not a Nigeria PPC site,

• Godaddy Affiliate Program
If you are making use of Google Adsense, you can testify that it's a good pay per click website that pays from $0.1 to $5 per click when you become their affiliate but just like they said everything that sweet has a bad side of it, In Google adsense pin verification and receiving your money as their affiliate is a hectic task for beginners in Nigeria.

Top Pay Per Click / PTC Sites In Nigeria.

Programs In Nigeria

1. Ng Adverts Affiliate Programs

The Nigeria advertising company with fast approval for anyone that wants to make money from Ng Adverts pay per click, easy sign up and minimum payout of N3,000 in Nigeria, their payment is through bank transfer

Sign Up As Ngadverts PPC affiliate and make money as a publisher through per click.

2. Alternative Ads Affiliate Programs

This is an advertising company known for its top paying ad network, they offer cpc and PPC while signing up.

To sign up with this Pay Per click network is easy and requires no minimum traffic, they also offer 3% - 5% of their advertiser's pay to you as their publisher's affiliate to earn.

Their method of payment is through PayPal and Bank wire transfer

Register with Alternative Adverts Now

3. Dochase Adverts Affiliate Programs

Dochase is an amazing advertising website in Nigeria that offers easy sign up through their ads and pay much per click more than impression,

Their minimum payout is 2,000 and they pay directly to your Nigerian bank account faster.

They offer both PPM and CPM, Register with Dochase easily.

• Adquet PPC Network

This is also Nigeria top paying ad networks, easy sign up, no minimum traffic  domain acceptable.

Their pay per click goes from N45 to N100 per click depending on the banner ad size and their method of payment is through bank transfer.

Sign Up With Adquet pay per click site

• Twinpine PPC Network

This is a Nigerian top ad network with a minimum payout of #2,500 through bank transfer, they also offers both cost per click and pay per miles advertising on both mobile apps and website.

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