Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria That Pays Heavily

Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria ( 100% Profitable )

Ever since I ventured into some Lucrative online business here in Nigeria, trying to make money from them and seeing how lucrative they might end up, I have come up with the best 5 Lucrative Online Business Here In Nigeria to start even as a newbie.

They are legit and paying well if you know your way around this business, you might end up saying ” Thank you ” as soon you are through reading this post.

Online Business In Nigeria

Hey am a Nigerian, I have seen this online business pay and Incase you don’t understand how they work, you can go ahead by choosing any other online business you get your idea on this post.

Nigeria is a country counting with billions of people who don’t like their offline works or those who might wanna earn extra legit money online on their free time and if you are one of them searching for Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria then read to the end.

Top 5 Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria 2019

1. Blogging In Nigeria

Blogging has become a very lucrative Online Business that has yield fruits and make money for many Nigerians, this is the first online business that has a grand branches linked to it when it comes to making money online in Nigeria.

Those who started blogging as their top online business in Nigeria years ago can testify how lucrative blogging business come out to be from earnings them what they couldn’t earn in their offline works 

Blogging is indeed a lucrative online business in Nigeria, you can read up on my post on how to start a free blog successfully.

2. Online Affiliate Marketing Business In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing has been a very lucrative business that has been in existence ever since I come across online business in Nigeria, this implies partnership with an individual or company to promote their products once a sale is made you earn a commission.

Read about Bluehost Affiliate – the online business that earns you $65 per referred customer That buys their products through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Program that works in Nigeria

Qservers Affiliate

Jumia Affiliate Program
Konga Affiliate Program
Domainking Affiliate Program
Bet9ja Affiliate Program
Nairabet Affiliate Program Etc

You can also read up my guide on how to choose a genuine Affiliate program.

3. E-book Creation

Creating information in a PDF format called eBook has grown to be the best online business a beginner / newbie can start in Nigeria, researching information and putting it down in a PDF can make you money selling them and I have written a detailed guide on how to make money with eBook.

4. Freelancing In Nigeria.

This is a hot cake lucrative Online business in Nigeria that if you are to make money with this method you can make $50 for a start as an Online Business beginner.

There are basically 3 parts that you need to focus on:

• Web development

• Web design
• App creation etc

Acquiring these 3 hot online jobs can make you a fortune for a long time as they are lucrative and never seems to run out.

5. Buy And Sell Domain

Domain selling is a very good online business that brings in lots of cash but you need to be smart in this online business, though it’s lucrative and pays very well but sometimes can lead to a little loss of cash.

Getting a brand domain name,

Auction it to the highest bidder,
Making money with it.

Learn how to buy and sell domain name.

There are other lucrative online business in Nigeria that works perfectly both newbie and experts, go grab some information about it and make your research.

What Your Online Business Needs.

• A reliable internet connection
• A stable payment method to receive payments,
• A good online business to master.

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