How To Earn Money From Android Phone

There are many ways on How To Earn Money From Android Phone, most of this ways of earns you money even while you are at sleep,

Earning money online or making extra few bucks with your device is easy but many people still don’t know how, Sure it might seem difficult for the newbies,

Stay with me as I show you how to earn money from android phone without any hassle.

What’s Needed To Earn From Your Android Phone.

1. A Steady Internet Connection

It’s obvious that if you want to earn from your android phone that you need a steady data connection, 

• For your online work 
• For your survey to get updates on what works
• For discussing with business clients.

If you are in Nigeria, I do sell Mtn data bundle for 1gb for 700 or you can read up on how I earn from my android phone reselling data bundle.

2. A Program To Focus On Earning From Your Android Device.

There are basically tons of method to earn from android phone but you really need to focus on building one in other to earn alot from your android phone,

Here is tip:

• Find a program suitable for you to earn quickly from your android phone
• Master it till the money start coming by itself,
• Then find another way to earn from your android phone.

3. A Payment Method

Yes most of this company and method of earning money from your android phone am about to list here has a payment method,

Some pay directly to your bank account and others pay through PayPal etc once you reach their earnings threshold, but here is my advice for you:

• Find A Paying program to join
• Find it’s payment method
• Go create one to be able to get paid.

Ways To Earn From Your Android Phone

1. Earn With Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can now be done with any device starting from Android Phone, Pc, Tab, etc. Earning from android phone through affiliate marketing can be done in 3 steps which is:

1. Find A Genuine Affiliate Program to join with your android phone,
2. Read it’s affiliate terms and conditions
3. Check if they are legit by asking review about them.

Here Is A List Of Affiliate Program To Earn From Your Android Phone.

Bluehost Affiliate Program — Bluehost Affiliate Program is an affiliate program that earns you $65 per referral who bought a service from them through your affiliate link. You can read up about their affiliate program here.

Nairabet Affiliate – you actually earns UpTo 50% commission with this affiliate program once the person you referred gets paid read up on Nairabet affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing can earn you money with your android device as long as you promote the right product.

2. Earn From Your Android Phone With Mobile Research Apps.

In my previous post I posted about Android Phone Apps to make money with your phone and most of this apps earns you real and legit cash just only for installing it on your phone.

Facebook Research Program App is a company app that pays you just for installing their app on your android phone,

You earn for invitations etc, you can read up on apps to make money from your android phone.

3. Earn Money With Fiverr On Your Android Phone.

Fiverr can earn you UpTo $500 with your android phone, starting from writing, graphics design, website design and many more. Anyone can join Fiverr and earn money with it.

Read On How to make money from fiverr as it pays well and also a very good way you can earn money from android phone.

4. Earning With Your Android Phone Through Blogging

Blogging is a very lucrative business to start and earn good money from the platform, you can read my free guide on how to start a blog freely.

I blog with my android phone and I have make money blogging with my phone, also check few ways to monetize your blog and earn money from it.

You can earn $1000 from your android phone through the various ways of monetizing a blog.

5. Earn Money With Cpa

Cpa Marketing has grown so big that once you master it, you earn real money doing it.

In Cpa Marketing, you earn once an action is completed by another user, either by submitting their email, registering and many more.

I have written how to get started with Cpa Marketing and earn money from it, read up on to learn more.

6. Earn Money From Survey Job With Your Android Phone.

Survey companies are looking for who to pay for participating in their app research and most of this survey jobs earns you $3 -$5 per survey completed from your android phone.

Here is a Top list survey company that accepts USA citizens and those that resides in their country.

A single survey completed can fetch you $3- $5 on a successful completed survey done by you. Their payment method are always through PayPal. 

Online Survey For USA Resident To Join And Make Not Less Than $1000

1. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an online survey found in the us that pays you per Action their website and reward it’s member for their time, anyone can join vindale Research but there are certain terms required for them:

• You must be above 18yrs -vindale research only accept those that are above 18yrs plus, so for your notice when joining the survey paying website make your age to be more than that.

• you must be a USA citizen- the offer is only applicable to US citizen although there are many online survey network out there that pays good but vindale pays better. You can share with a friend and let them benefits from it. So once you stay in the US, sign up and make money everyday as you are guaranteed of making $1000 without spending a dime.

Click To Join Vindale Research Here

2. Opinion City Survey

Just like I said making more than $1000 online is possible more especially when you make money without spending a dime. Opinion City is also an online survey that works like vindale Research that pays you for answering questions on their website, browsing through their website and referring your friends to them.

Click To Join Opinion City Survey Here

They also accept US citizen, with opinion City and vindale Research survey you can make $1000+ without any investment or spending a dime.

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