Bet9ja Affiliate – Monetize Your Blog With Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja affiliate program in Nigerian is a great way to earn money online and if you are in Nigeria, you should have known bet9ja as the Nigeria No1 sports betting website in Nigeria offering bets on football, casino, tennis, and other sports games.

They also offer online registration for those who don’t want to visit their branch offices in Nigeria, you can register for a bet9ja account successfully and Bet online.

Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is not only known for offering betting services just like you think, they can also help you make money through the use of Bet9ja affiliate program.

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If you are a blogger and your niche is on sports niche, why don’t you monetize your blog with bet9ja affiliate program and make money for yourself.

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You can also apply for bet9ja affiliate even if you are not a blogger as you are provided with the necessary equipment for easier promotion.

Banners & Affiliate Links.

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How To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate Program Easily.

Getting started with bet9ja and signing up with their affiliate program can be done in not less than 30 seconds with pictures below.

Steps To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate In Nigeria.

Step 1: visit bet9ja official website and scroll down to the bottom page of the website.

Click on Quick link located at the bottom page and select web affiliates

Step 2: you are provided with the affiliates page of bet9ja click on Join Now or sign up button on your screen and you will be provided with the affiliate form registration.

Step 3: Fill every necessary details needed when signing up for bet9ja affiliate both your :

• Name
• Email

• Password
• Banks
• Account Details, etc.

Note After Completing the affiliate form  make on the last form registration on bet9ja, click on join now and await for their email approval.

After a successful review, your Bet9ja affiliate account will be approved successfully.

Bet9ja Affiliate Promotional Tools That You Can Use.

You want to make sure you get the best commission fast, I think it is best to promote your affiliate link with bet9ja banners and other text link method.

How To Make Money With Bet9ja Affiliate Program Fast.

1. Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate
2. Copy your affiliate Link in a notepad
3. Start Sharing your bet9ja affiliate link url.

Here are a good place to share your link:

1. Social media

Bet9ja web affiliate | join bet9ja affiliate program and earn cool cash

Once you successfully completed your registeration, a link called “affiliate link” will be giving to you, copy and paste the link on any social media sites you are operating, by social media sites, i mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.


Bet9ja web affiliate | join bet9ja affiliate program and earn cool cash

You can promote your affiliate link by placing your bet9ja promotional banner or text on your website or blog.

Email list

Be9ja web affiliate | join bet9ja affiliate program and earn cool cash

An email list is one of the, if not the best ways to promote your link. Because you can offer your engage audience special deals and encourage them to click through your link.


Bet9ja web affiliate | join bet9ja affiliate program and earn cool cash

Create a you tube videos about bet9ja and leave your link in the description space so as to enable people to click on your referral link.

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