Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria – Register As An Amazon Associate In Nigeria Easily

Getting an Amazon affiliate program account or becoming an Amazon associate by agreeing to become one of their affiliate marketers in Nigeria might be the reason that you arrived at this post titled Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria.

Probably you  want to learn how to register as an Amazon affiliate in Nigeria easily then take my free guide as i show you how to register into Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria in 3 easy ways.

Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria And How To Register As An Affiliate Here In Nigeria.

It’s not a new thing that most of this big affiliate company are strict when choosing countries that would affiliate their products and some of them will not accept a single person from countries that is not accepted.

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of them, having heard about Amazon and it’s great product that anyone can promote and make money for themselves as an affiliate marketer, I decided to give them a try and guess what, i got stuck in the Pin verification but all that got resolved and I am about to show you how to successfully register and verify your phone number as an amazon affiliate here in Nigeria.

How To Register As An Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria.

Registering for Amazon affiliate will require a stable internet connection, A mobile or Pc and a working phone number, once you have this :


That is amazon affiliate registration link click on it and get started.

Mostly they demand Pc for their affiliate sign up, so Incase you don’t have a Pc, you can change your browser from mobile to desktop view from your browser settings.

1. Click on the join now button found at the right hand side of the screen and you will be taken to the page where your details is needed.

2. Input your affiliate details such as your name, email and password etc

3. Compete the 3 stage for their affiliate program registration which is easy to do and continue with the fourth stage.

There are basically Five stages to pass to become amazon associate and first is :

• Account Information
• Website
• Profile
• Identity Verification
• Becoming Amazon Affiliate Central.

Now the hardest part of all is the identity verification when registering for Amazon Affiliate as a Nigeria

How To By – Pass Amazon Identity Verification When Becoming Amazon Affiliate

Amazon requires a phone number to call in other to verify your identity as their affiliate, yes now you  might ask why your Nigeria phone number can’t by pass the identity verification process and how is it possible to register if you can’t by pass it.

There was always a loophole and you will have it, go get a USA phone number if you have one, but if you don’t have any try this awesome tutorial as it will help you verify your identity in becoming Amazon associate.

First goto your phone settings and locate your apps settings === then clear cache of your Playstore app.

• Find a strong VPN and change the location to USA

• Quickly go straight to Playstore and search for Text plus for Android

• Download the app and receive a free USA phone number for your identity verification.

Once verified, you can successfully register as amazon affiliate here in Nigeria

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