How To Rank Blogger Blog On Google – Get New Blog To Show Up On Google

Ranking your blogger blog on google especially when it comes to ranking a new blog on google can be a very heavy task for a newbie who is into SEO. 

Whenever you make a new post on your blog, first thing that may come to your mind is how to rank it on Google.

With my free guide i will be showing you few ways you can skyrocket your blog ranking on Google.

How To Set Up Your Blog To Start Appearing And Ranking On Google.

Setting up your blog SEO to start showing up on google has many effect when it comes to getting your blogger blog to rank on Google first page:

Setting up your blogger SEO to be visible to search engine for faster ranking on Google.

Making use of blogger SEO optimization to optimize your blog post to start ranking on Google.

Building Authority to outrank your competitors on Google, gives you a more chance to SEO organic traffic, earn more commission, rank more and more.

First Step To Rank Your Blogger Blog On Google:

Getting ready to rank your blogger blog on google there are many ways which you can optimize your blog to start ranking and some of them include:

1. Listing Your Blog Visible To Search Engine.

Getting your blog listed with Google search engines can be performed right from your blogger dashboard and helps to increase your blogger blog ranking on Google.

To list your blog on Google Search engine kindly visit your blogger dashboard,

Navigate to settings on basic,

Click on Edit button found on the privacy settings and change to visible to search engine.

Great you have completed your first part in ranking your blogger blog on google, next is optimizing your blog post to start appearing on Google.

2. Optimization Of A Blogger Post To Rank First Page Of Google.

Heard of content is king, what if you know how to write a unique blog post but can’t optimize it to rank on Google then it’s of no use, My blogger SEO optimization teaches you on how to optimize your blogger blog to Start ranking on Google but Incase you didn’t get it straight you can also check out on my blogspot SEO guide.

The post Blogspot SEO guide is ranking on Google first page, go ahead and read it up, contains how to place keywords on your blogger post to rank first page of Google.

3. Building Authority

Don’t get yourself discouraged because you didn’t see your blog url on google, have you ever wondered what makes those blog on your niche to be ranking on Google while you can’t show up on 10th page of Google?

No matter how SEO optimize your content maybe and you don’t build authority, you will still not rank immediately the big guys enter. I will show you what works and it’s your decision to see your blog start ranking on Google.

What Works In Building Authority

I make use of SEOCLERKS, it’s my no1 SEO market place for building links, increasing my blogger blog rank on Google and many more.

Now let me share a successful Link building story of a friend who increase his Domain Authority to 9 and Page Authority to 11 and rank on Google first page to make UpTo $1500 from affiliate marketing.

Oladiti Dayo, a Nigeria guy who started with a blogger blog not only that he makes use of sub-domain name: .

As of then Oladiti Dayo has knowledge on how to rank a blogger blog on google but mainly he focused on increasing his Domain Authority and later got ranked higher on Google and made $1500+ with only affiliate marketing not of Adsense.

Now his secret is his (DA) Domain Authority which resulted in him ranking on first page of Google, earning higher commission, driving traffic to other affiliate offers on his blog and earnings with ads.

I have complied list of SEO services i make use of from Seoclerks and they worked for me, mainly most of my blogger blog post are ranking on google page, 

These three are backlinks services will skyrocket your Domain Authority gives you 10x chance to rank your blogger blog on google.

Note: you must register your account with SEOCLERKS through this link SEOCLERKS/REGISTER/ and  start ordering for any SEO services from their store.

You see with my above free guide on how to rank blogger blog on google, you can start implementing and will see changes in your blogger blog dashboard.

Feel free to drop any questions on the comment box and I will reply as soon as possible.

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