How To Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria – Most Effective Way In 2019

Monetizing Your Blog to make money for you it’s simple, there are many ways anyone can monetize his or her blog in Nigeria and make money with it.

The free guide am about to drop on how to monetize your blog here in Nigeria can be applied both on WordPress blog and Blogger blog.

How To Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria Easily.

Have you been searching for how to monetize your blog in Nigeria, then my guess is correct, you must be a Nigerian blogger. Note: my guide is not only meant for Nigerians anyone can use this great method to monetize his or her blog anywhere.

So monetizing Your Blog is easy, but before you do i will advise you to read up my free guide on How To Start A Free Blog That Makes Money then you can easily contribute with the same guide am about to share with you.

How Do I Monetize My Blog Here In Nigeria?

Having set up a well looking blog next is to monetize it unless you are blogging for passion. Monetize Simply means implementing a technique on your blog that will be making you steady money with your blog. You can monetize your blog in different ways:

Monetize With Affiliate marketing.
Monetize With Paid Ads.
Monetize With Sponsored Post.
Monetize With Paid Links. Etc

Most Used Way To Monetize A Blog In Nigeria And Make Money.

Monetize your blog is easy but having that which converts easily and quickly is the best way to monetize a blog, one of them include:

1. Monetize With Affiliate Marketing.

Getting started with affiliate marketing is good and is the best way you can monetize your blog in Nigeria. What is affiliate marketing?  This is the process whereby you help an individual or a company promote it’s product when a sale is made you make commission from it. 

With a right guide getting a genuine Affiliate program, you can monetize your blog and make money quickly.

I have gotten paid from affiliate marketing and you too can once you join the right affiliate program for your blog.

Affiliate Program To Monetize Your Blog With In Nigeria.

Domainking and whogohost Affiliate Program is a Nigerian web hosting website that gives you 500N just for registering with their affiliate program. Once you are a Nigerian tech blogger, you can monetize your blog with the above affiliate program and make money.

Jumia Affiliate Program
Konga Affiliate Program

This is the biggest affiliate program that is based on phone, computer and home used in Nigeria, their affiliate program is the best way to monetize your blog in Nigeria once you are also a tech and entertainment blogger, you can also make good money with their affiliate program.

2. Monetize With Ads Space.

You are a blogger and your blog receive too many traffic from search engines, why don’t you monetize your blog by selling an Ad Space. This is the best way you can monetize your blog in Nigeria, simply set up your blog SEO and do keyword research, once your blog start ranking and bringing organic traffic, you can create an Ad Space and bid your price starting from N10,000 A week. Yes do the maths yourself it’s a perfect way to monetize a blog in Nigeria.

Create Ad Space either on the header of your blog or any where you want your Ad to appear.

I make use of blogger SEO optimization to optimize my blog post and drive organic traffic to them.

3. Monetize With Google AdSense

This is one program a lot of bloggers are crazy about, google AdSense can earn you money while you is more or less the lazy bloggers way of making money with their blog and also the best when it comes to monetizing your blog. 

The main ways of making money in your blog with Google AdSense are by people visiting your blog and viewing the ads and second is when viewers go ahead and click on the ad on your site So, if you have a sizeable traffic even if visitors don’t click on the ad, their mere visit to the site can earn you some money. It is a fast way to monetize your blog in Nigeria and make money with it.

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4. Monetize With Tutorials

Everyone visiting the Internet goes there of getting information. This can be on any subject, if you can provide some of these tutorials in a simplified way, people will be Willing to pay to lay their hands on them. Your tutorial can be on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria, how to make money with Amazon products,photography,video editing, WordPress etc.

5. Monetize With A Membership Site

This is a very good way of making money too. No matter how little the charges are with many members paying your weekly,months, or annually you are bond to make a lot of money. It’s an effective way to monetize your blog in Nigeria and make money.

Get a Namecheap Hosting with my guide on how to buy hosting from Namecheap in Nigeria, Get a web developer to create a membership site for you if you don’t know how and monetize it 

6. Monetize Your Blog And Products

Promoting your blog and services you are offering is quite simple, if you are planning to sell SEO services why don’t you think monetize With your blog and promote them. 

A few ways of driving traffic to your blog include

1. Use social network
2. Promote with google ads and on bing
3. Promote on twitter
4. Use niche related forum

7. Monetize With Direct ads

Is the traditional ad for all media, build an audience, understand that audience, sell advertising space directly on your website targeted towards that audience.

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8. Monetize With Content Marketing

The reasons that company pays for these is because when your site links to their site, the google engine can sense that your website is linking to their website, and therefore google will trust that companies website more assuming if someone is linking to it. 

You can monetize your blog with these services in Nigeria easily when you set up your blog SEO and Domain Authority you can start monetizing.

9. Brand Ambassadorship

Once your blog has an audience, even if its small, you can begin to consider yourself an influencer. As an influencer,many brands will like to align themselves with you.

This is the holy grail of the blogging world. A reputable business sees you as an ideal showcase of their brand and products, they pay you a monthly stipend, and you get access to all their goodies.

Also one of the best way to monetize a blog in Nigeria

10. Monetize With Paid Links

Awesome but effective way to monetize a blog in Nigeria easily, anyone can make it with this Monetization method you can monetize even with a blogspot blog.

Requirements include:

SEO friendly website
Increase in Domain Authority
Unique Content Writing.

With the above requirements I listed you can make money with paid links firstly increase your blog SEO, build Authority and write unique articles, you will surely get people to your inbox asking for their link on your blog, you can start charging from $2 per link * 2×100 that’s $200. 

It’s a great way to monetize your blog in Nigeria

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