How To Buy A Domain And Hosting From Godaddy Online

How Buy A Domain, Hosting From Godaddy Without Any Hassle. Get A Hosting With A Free Domain On Godaddy is one of the best, reliable and also cheapest when it comes to buying of domain and hosting online.

There are many ways to choose and buy domain and hosting from a hosting company and today am going to show you easy guide on how to buy domain and hosting from GoDaddy.

About GoDaddy Inc

According to Wikipedia Godaddy is said to be an American publicly traded internet Domain registrar and web hosting company head quartered in Scottsdale,arizona and Incorporated in Delaware.
As of 2017, GoDaddy has approximately 17 million customers and over 6000 employes world wide. The company is known for it’s advertising on TV and in the newspaper.

Why You Should Buy Domain And Hosting From Godaddy

Godaddy is said to be worlds most popular domain and hosting registrar with millions of domain that has already been purchased and below is a few reasons I will recommend then to you:

• Big savings over other registrars.
• Award winning 24/7 support to help you build your online presence.
• Trusted by 18 million customers more than any other registrars.

Reasons I Recommend Buying A Domain And Hosting From Godaddy

1. Award winning 24/7 support

If you are not sure what you need, Godaddy has 100 of web pro waiting for your phone call simply dial 020 7084 1810.

2. More Domains To Choose From Godaddy.

Godaddy has 100’s of domain to choose from, not to mention prices that other good companies dream of.

3. World’s No1 Domain And Hosting Registrar.

With 18 million happy customers and 77 million domains under management, they know how to set you up to be successful online.

Godaddy Domain

Registering your domain with Godaddy can be easily done within 2 minutes:

How To Successfully Register Any Domain With

First Step: visit and visit Godaddy domain search,

What’s A Godaddy Domain Search?

This implies checking if the domain you want to register with Godaddy is available for registration with them.

• Secondly Input your domain name and hit the search button to preview the domain whether available or not and proceed.

If available, you should continue by clicking on add to cart and enter your Promo c

• Next is signing into your Godaddy dashboard,

If you have account with them proceed by signing in but if you don’t just create account with them and preview your domain order
And total amount of your order

Lastly, make payments for your order on Godaddy Domain with your card details

Guide To Buy A Domain From Godaddy

• Use Godaddy Domain Search
• Input your domain and check for availability
• Add to cart and apply coupon on your Godaddy Domain
• Preview your order and make payments

How Much Does Godaddy Domain Cost?

With a promo code, Godaddy Domain cost less than $2 for a .com domain. Godaddy offers .com domain for $1.17 on Promo but comes with a renewal price of $18.

Godaddy Hosting

Godaddy offers a great reliable Hosting for blogs, business hosting and many more.

With Godaddy Hosting, you can trust your site performance with the No1 web hosting company that offers:

• Experts hosting support with 24/7 / 365.
• Support performance and load time.
• Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website With Godaddy

Godaddy Hosting cost depends on the Hosting package that you select with Godaddy and they make use of Four Web Hosting Package:

1. Economy Hosting.

This Hosting cost $7.99 per month on Godaddy and this also applies for the renewal.

2. Deluxe Hosting.

This Hosting cost $10.99 per month on Godaddy, price also applies for renewal

3. Ultimate Hosting.

This Hosting cost $16.99 on Godaddy hosting and that also applies for auto renewal.

4. Maximum Hosting

This is the biggest of Godaddy Hosting Plan which cost $24.99 per month on Godaddy and also applies for renewal charges.

Does Godaddy Offers Hosting?

If your questions is about if Godaddy offers web hosting? Well the answer is Yes they do offer hosting.

Godaddy offers a variety of hosting for a blog, business hosting and many more.

Godaddy Hosting Plan Include:

How To Buy Hosting From Godaddy With A Free Domain

• Visit and click on the menu icon on the Webpage, 

• Click on Hosting to get started and select the Hosting that you want to make use of either web hosting, email hosting, etc we will make use of web hosting.

• Choose the hosting plan that suits your website and click on add to Cart,

• Next is select the long term of your hosting savings,

• Preview your order summary and continue

• Add up your free domain on Godaddy by inputting your domain in Godaddy Domain Search,

• Search and add to cart then preview,

• Finally Make payments with your card

Is Godaddy Good For Hosting?

Yes they are, since they are recommended by professionals out there and me, that means they are good, trusted and reliable with 99.9% guarantee.

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