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Hello Mate, am about to show you how to get free backlinks on your blog no matter your niche with

Now I got this request from a friend asking for a way to build backlinks on his newly blog to increase his Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) on Google.

I Recommend seoreviewtools, but he seems quite confused because his only thought was seoreviewtools was meant only for Domain Authority checker, Backlinks Checker, neither did he know that it can be used for free backlinks building for DA and PA increase.

What’s Seoreviewtools?

This is the No1 easy website I will recommend to anyone out there who is a blogger willing to check his or her DA and PA, Backlinks, and others. 

They are easy to navigate and understand, free to use, recommended by all.

How To Make Use Of Seoreviewtools To Check DA and PA of Your Blog.

Firstly visit,

Input your blog URL and keywords you need their website checker to use and perform scan,

Secondly review and tick on the box to solve the captcha needed  and click on perform check.

Allow the numbers to reach 100%.

Lastly You will arrive on the page where you get to see how optimize your blog is.

Your Backlinks Checker,

Your Domain Authority And Page Authority – DA and PA is.

The keyword search volume you inputted and many more.

But that doesn’t end there, you might find how your DA and PA is but wanna increase it more and more on your blog then you should try this method, it’s free but stressful sometimes.

How To Build Free Backlinks To Increase DA and PA

You building free backlinks that will increase your DA with Seoreviewtools is easy, Simply goto backlinks Checker and click the text that says backlinks checker,

Input your competitors URL and select All of this blog pages then Solved the captcha and continue,

You will be showed links associated with the domain URL and it’s link juice, click on it and you will be redirected to the blog where he or she got his backlinks from then get yours.

Note: most of the link are no follow, and comment backlinks, etc but in case you need to get backlinks from website like make use of this code while commenting [url=”your blog url] Anchor Text [/url].

You Can Use This Method To Increase Your Domain Authority And Page Authority.

Ask me any questions and I will be glad to answer it in the comment box.

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Thanks for dropping by.

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