Bluehost Affiliate Program Review – Best Affiliate With High Commission Payout

Bluehost Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing system that is based on web hosting provider for website builders.

Bluehost, Who Are They?

According to Wikipedia, bluehost is a web hosting that is owned by Endurance international group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts,  collectively hosting well over 2 million with its sisters company, Host monster, Fastdomain and Ipage. The company operates it’s server in-house in a 50,000 square feet.

About Bluehost Affiliate?

As an affiliate marketer who is looking for an affiliate program that pays high should consider joining bluehost affiliate and earn $65 per each successful sale through your bluehost affiliate link. 

You can look into my definition on what affiliate marketing is all about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a Commission by promoting other people or company’s products. You find the product you like promote it to others and earn a piece of profit for each sales you make with the person or company.

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

Here are the step-by-step instructions to get started with affiliate income. Remember all of these programs are FREE to join.

1. Join affiliate programs

I mentioned Amazon in our example, but there are many other affiliate programs available.

Amazon Affiliate Program
Commission Junction
Flex Offers
• Bluehost Affiliate Program

Some product websites have an affiliate program which may not be listed. If you have a product you love contact the company directly and see if they have an affiliate program.

You just have to click the link and go through the sign-up process. Amazon is the easiest and has been around the longest. You should at least sign up for Amazon or bluehost affiliate to get started.

2. Promote the affiliate link on your blog

There are different ways to promote a product:

* Product reviews
* Social Marketing etc.

Why I Recommend Bluehost Affiliate Program?

1. Free To Join

Signing up takes only few minutes and you will receive your unique affiliate tracking link to use on your website right away.

2. Reliable Affiliate Tracking

Bluehost Affiliate custom tracking is hard coded into their platform. They use advanced technology to always ensure you get credit to every single referral.

3. Unlimited Earning

There is no cap on the amount of commission you can earn with bluehost affiliate program, you can refer as many as you want and earn commission for each sale.

4. Promotional Resources

You can enjoy a wide promotional tested and trusted creative assest, simply select the banners or ads that complement with your website and feel free to place your bluehost affiliate banners in your website.

How Bluehost Affiliate Works?

Simply promote bluehost on your website or blog with custom banners and links, for every visitors who clicks through these link and signs up earns you $65 as a bluehost affiliate marketer.

How To Sign Up For Bluehost Affiliate.

Getting started with bluehost affiliate is easy, it’s a five minutes time that it will cost you simply visit and click on sign up as an affiliate

Kindly fill in your details correctly and sign up with bluehost affiliate.

Then await for their approval, after approval begin to promote your bluehost affiliate with the promotional resources both with banners and links.

Now What Next After Approval?

Getting Your Bluehost Tax ID Easily Approved.

To get your affiliate bluehost tax ID approved kindly navigate to the settings on your bluehost affiliate dashboard and select if you are a US citizen or non US citizen.

Once your bluehost affiliate tax ID is confirmed you will receive an email notification from bluehost telling you that your tax ID has been approved.

Bluehost Affiliate Payment Method.

Bluehost pays all their affiliate marketer that has reach the minimum payout which is $100 and each referral you get gives you $65. High commission, faster payout with bluehost affiliates.

Bluehost Affiliate Coupon.

Bluehost gives coupon to their affiliate marketer mostly on black Friday deals or any occasion. To get bluehost affiliate Coupon keep checking your email that you used to sign up for bluehost affiliate for any promo and coupon.

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