Namecheap Affiliate Program, Review And How To Sign Up And Make Money With Namecheap Affiliate Program.

Namecheap affiliate program is designed to help you earn or make money online in exchange for referring customers to them. These affiliate terms serves as a contract between you the (Affiliate) and

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Namecheap, Who Are They?

According to Wikipedia Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN-accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company claims to manage over 10 million domains.

Namecheap Affiliate Program

Namecheap is a company that specializes in domain registration and hosting provider that has an affiliate marketing system for their Affiliate marketers.

Namecheap affiliate program makes it easy to all affiliate marketers out there that wants to make money through web hosting and domain name with their affiliate program.

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How Does Namecheap Affiliate Works?

Namecheap affiliate program works with three tactical method which I found useful in every Affiliate marketing Program.

1. Access Your Namecheap Affiliate Account

Sign up for their affiliate program with any of the platform listed below. After your account is approved, you will get access to affiliate text, link and banners with your affiliate ID applied.

2. Share Your Namecheap Affiliate Link

Use your affiliate ID to refer customer to any Namecheap page or make use of their affiliate banner. You can display your Namecheap affiliate link or banner on your site, social media,or even email.

3. Watch Your Namecheap Commission Grow

You earn actually dollars for every new customer you referred to them that purchases any order from Namecheap through your affiliate link. They provide real time support and regular payout.

Why I Recommend You Sign Up With Namecheap Affiliate Program.

I have joined many web hosting affiliate program and I must say Namecheap affiliate is the best I have come across why:

* High Conversion Rate

Namecheap has been in the industry building an online reputation as one of the web finest provider on domain name registration, SSL and web hosting. Not to mention their top – notch product, Namecheap reputation means high conversion for you as their affiliate marketer.

* Quick And Easy Set Up

It takes only a few minutes to set up and place your Namecheap affiliate links on your website/blog. They also provide banners which you can easily copy the html code and paste for Faster conversion of sales for those who sign up for Namecheap affiliate program.

* Regular Payout

As an affiliate you earn commission’s anytime you referred a new customer that makes their first purchase with your Namecheap affiliate link, they make sure there is no hassle to collect your commission.

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Affiliate Network To Join To Become A Namecheap Affiliate

1. Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction provide the opportunity to sell Namecheap products and other offerings.

2. Shareasale

Namecheap is also part of the highly competitive affiliate network shareasale. Affiliate marketers who use shareasale can add Namecheap affiliate program to their inventory or offerings.

3. Impact Radius

The Namecheap affiliate program is now powered by impact radius, this industry leading platform provides accurate tracking, robust, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

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How To Promote Your Namecheap Affiliate Links.

1. Sign Up For Namecheap Affiliate Program.

I sign up for Namecheap affiliate with commission junction and in less than 1 hour, I was approved and given a unique affiliate link for promoting Namecheap Products.

2. Writing A Quality Article Around Your Affiliate Link.

This is a very good way to promote your Namecheap affiliate link and get more conversion, I make use of this tactics and I must say it works, I actually wrote a post on my blog on How To Buy Domain And Hosting From Namecheap In Nigeria.

I wrote a very detailed guide on the article and it ranked first page on Google and generated commission, so writing a post around your affiliate link helps for faster promotion and conversion.

3. Make Use Of Coupon Code On Your Affiliate Link For Faster Promotion.

Yes this is my favorite part in affiliate marketing and it happens that Namecheap affiliate program makes use of it. I skyrocket my affiliate earning by using incentive for promoting Namecheap Products. If you are a reader/fan of my blog, you could have noticed that I have been making use of this promotional tactics both in domain names and hosting, I usually drop coupon for special discount with my blog readers who might be interested in purchasing from Namecheap.

4. Make Use Of Social Media

You never can tell where your affiliate conversion might come from until you share your affiliate links with your friends and the good news is that Namecheap allow it’s affiliate marketer to promote their products on social media channels Like Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin…etc

Why I Recommend Namecheap Affiliate Program For Newbie & Pro Affiliate Marketers.

I was a complete newbie when I joined Namecheap affiliate program and I was able to generate few bucks from them exactly the same day and this is my reason for recommending Namecheap to you as an affiliate marketer.

* Domain Name Affiliate

Namecheap is not only known for its reliable web hosting service but also for its great affiliate with Domain name. They are also one of the cheapest domain registrar in the industry which manages over 10 million domain names, This simply means If you join Namecheap affiliate program, with their cheap domain registrar and on going promo, you will surely earn money as an affiliate marketer.

* Web Hosting Affiliate

Not only are they good with Domain name but with web hosting also, they currently have 3 web hosting package:

*Stellar Plus
*Stellar Business

You can choose any of your desired hosting plan and promote, you can easily recommend your friends to the stellar hosting plan to purchase.

* Right Tracking Tool

Namecheap affiliate got you covered with their real uptime tracking tool for every single click on your affiliate link to make sure you don’t loose any affiliate commission

* On Going Steady Promo For Affiliate Marketers On Namecheap Affiliate Program.

Once you sign up for Namecheap affiliate program you are provided with Numerous Coupon code both domain name, web hosting, ssl and many more for easy conversion. Once you sign up make sure you check your affiliate dashboard to get updated on any on going promo deal.

Namecheap Insertion Order/Affiliate Payout

Online Sale: Domain, Hosting,SSL,..etc

Payout You earn 20% of Net Sales Amount

Category Level Exceptions Domain Registration You earn 20% of Net Sales Amount

Hosting You earn 35% of Net Sales Amount

SSL Certificates You earn 35% of Net Sales Amount

Marketplace You earn $0.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)

Apps You earn $0.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered).

Crediting Policy Last Click

Click Referral Period Referrals are only considered for credit if they occur within 30 day(s) of the action

Action Locking All actions happening in a given month are locked 1 month(s) and 0 day(s) after the end of the

Payout Scheduling Approved transactions are paid when they lock.

Recurring Transactions Payout applies to the initial transaction only of return customers.

Media Partner Tracking Pixel Advertiser allows media partner to fire their tracking pixel when the consumer action is

Public Settings

Minimum media partner rating for making
The advertiser allows new media partners with any star rating to send them insertion order

Best Public Insertion Order The advertiser represents and warrants that this is NOT the best publicly available insertion
order of this product type provided by advertiser.

Exclusive Insertion Order The advertiser represents and warrants that this is NOT an exclusive insertion order offered on
the platform.

Special Terms
Currency Financial transactions covered by this insertion order will be processed in the USD currency.
Currency exchanges will occur when you or your partner(s) have set a different default currency
in account settings.

Change Notification Period The insertion order can be changed or cancelled with 1 day(s) notification to the media partner.
Reversal Policy Reversal of performance advertising actions are decided by the Advertiser governed by a max
reversal percentage of 100%

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