Thursday, 8 November 2018

Does Nnu Still Pay Without Referral - See How I Got Paid From Nnu Income Without Any Referral

Does Nnu Still Pay Without Any Referral?

Can I Withdraw My Earning For This Month On Nnu Without Any Referral?

News Update: Nnu has turned to Scam - Stay Off

How To Be Eligible To Withdraw Your Earning From Nnu?

Nnu Income Program Now pays without any referral, no need of referring two or more people before getting paid.

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See my withdrawal from Nnu screenshot without any referral

Nnu Income Program, the Nigerian news paying website that pays you for every specific action you take on their website.

* Commenting makes you money on Nnu
* Sharing of post also brings you money
* Logging in daily gives you money

* Invitation of your friends gives you N1,000 as your referral bonus.

Nnu has been paying it's member who has reached the minimum withdrawal of N5,000  from their account dashboard.

How Does Nnu Pay Their Members?

Nnu make all their payment through bank transfer, no matter how much you earned, once you have reached your minimum withdrawal of N5,000 then request for withdrawal and submit your bank details.

Has Nnu Started Paying Their Members Without Referral?

Yes!! Nnu has started paying Their members without referral, as a matter of fact I was paid last month on Nnu Without referral.

My payment screenshot from nnu without any referral:

How To Withdraw From Nnu Without Any Referral

Nnu is currently one of the best news paying website that has make a lot of Nigerians smile but when it comes to withdrawal of earning it's another story.

Well in my last post I stated on how to get paid from nnu by making use of Nnu auction, Now is how to get paid without any referral on Nnu.

Lets just say Nnu has two payment policy:

Referral Policy And Non Referral Policy.

Referral policy: is the old nnu payment policy that was made when nnu was created newly. The referral Policy was that before you get paid, you must refer at least two people through your referral link.

Why the Non Referral Policy is the policy that was created by the Nnu boss himself in the month October, where he clearly stated that all Nnu member that has more than 20k nars earning will be paid without referral and others.

Well am one of those guys that got paid without any referral on my Nnu account.

See How To Be Eligible To Withdraw From Nnu Without Any Referral

For you to be eligible to withdraw your Nnu earnings without any referral, there are guideline's to follow,

1. Increasing your nars earning, nnu made it clear that they will pay those whose earnings start from 20k nars earning.

2. Sharing of sponsored post and logging daily.

3. Participate in commenting

Once your Nnu nars earning is upto 20k kindly request for withdrawal.

Note: let all your details be correct,

Your name
Facebook profile link
Bank details
And mostly nars earning.

Then might take upto two weeks or more than for you to receive your withdrawal approved email and also never you try requesting for another withdrawal if you haven't gotten any email from them about your last withdrawal.

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  1. i have reach the maximum nars earning
    it was written not eligible

  2. No withdrawal option in my account Biko help me out

    1. Hello viVict please click on the wallet button located on your dashboard

  3. No withdrawal option in my account what do I do next to after I click on the wallet button please.

  4. Bro, Wat sup. Please I can't withdraw for my account please help me auction the account. U can add me up on What app via 09060944696 and let us talk. Thankyou

  5. Replies
    1. Click on the wallet button on your dashboard to withdraw

  6. I can't withdraw money from my account pls add me on Watsupp let talk 09065749093

  7. Pls sir I have 28.000 in my acct how can I withdraw without referrall

  8. pls i cnt withdraw from my acct pls add me on whatsapp so u can assit me plz 07017237700

  9. NNU is no longer paying members and I reviewed a very very pure way they are behaving now.

    If you wouldn't mind, click and read the below link and see what changes NNU made in the recent times...

  10. Please admin of nnu send me ur whatsapp number for I want to register but I need to ask some questions.

    1. I will advise you don't register as there is a delay in their payment

  11. Hmmm....must I be with NNu for a month before I can request withdrawal?

  12. Enter your can i widraw

    1. Click on the wallet button on your dashboard

  13. I have clicked on wallet and they are showing convert unpaid referrals, how can I make the convert to activities earning to wallet appear?

  14. Hi I try to withdraw they are telling me that my money have not reach the amount they need and I have 9000

  15. Pls I need help I mistakenly convert my 1 referral to paid referral so now my question is do I only need 1 referral again pls urgent help

    1. Once it has converted you are only paid for your referrals on wallet

  16. Sad...this ia a pure scam, can't withdraw my money after 3months of active participation

  17. Nnu now fake o make nobody join again o no single way to withdraw nonsense

  18. I have over #20000 on my Nars earning and i also have 2 numbers of refferals."Request nars earnings" does'nt show on my nnu acct. Page at the end of the month. Please what can be the cause.

  19. Pls I don't know I could not withdraw my money I have 8 referals. NARS earnings is 200000k plus...upto now I don't understand them. Pls I need help

  20. Pls I have 9referals n my NARS earning is 200,000k plus I don't know y I could not covert it to wallet

  21. Does it mean that nnu is not paying or what?let us be sincere about this please

  22. Please I can't transfer my activity earnings to my wallet. Help me out biko

  23. Please I can't transfer my activity earning to my wallet. Help me biko

  24. Pls I can't withdraw and my Nars earnings is more than 20000 f I have 2 unpaid refferral, . Pls chat me up
    09036030929. Thanks

  25. Pls how can I withdraw from my account and hav 25k my I have no refferral at all