How To Get Paid On Nnu Without Any Referrals – Make UpTo 20k With Nnu Income

How Do I Get Paid On Nnu Since I Don’t Have Any Referrals Yet?

Yes that’s the same question I ask myself each and everyday whenever I viewed my nnu affiliate dashboard and don’t see any referrals yet, sure let the truth be told even if i don’t get any referrals from this post atleast i am opening people’s eyes here, not that you can’t make money on nnu platform but you won’t get paid without any referrals.

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However if you have relatives or friends whom you can refer to nnu , and get referrals and also get paid then I will advise you not to try this method, Why 
Actually There is nothing wrong trying my method but  you will feel like after all I have did, data spent and time wasted. My tactics is a fast making money method to get paid on nnu without any referrals.

How I Got Started With Nnu

Nnu like I said has always bring food to my table and I will advise you to join from this link here[NNU-Nigeria]. And benefit from this awesome tricks am about to share.

I joined nnu two months ago when nnu was a hot cake, don’t mind me is still a hot cake and believe me you will enjoy it, I joined with N1,600 a one time payment that you will make and nothing else, 

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I read many blogs on how to make money from nnu you like the normal way and also how to get paid on nnu, but I have never come across on if you don’t have any referrals  on your nnu account you won’t get paid why because they believe that it will stop them from getting referrals and getting paid with Nnu.
After i joined nnu, i fight to the best yt make sure I reach the withdrawal amount which is N5,000 for you to withdraw your earnings. I Said okay if am to be paid N5,000 within 1 week of joining Nnu maybe I should wait till month end to see how much I would have earned, with more focus I reach N20k and I know I will be a big boy, so without hesitating i rushed to the withdrawal link on my dashboard and click on the link for my withdrawal to be processed, they do actually pay all their members on 27th of every month so to avoid delay payment i will advise you to process your withdrawal before 27th of every month.

That which i did and guess what I was relaxing with my phone an email alert came into my inbox it was from Nnu.

Was It A Payment Alert That You Got From Nnu?

Yes I know is what you all might be thinking but it wasn’t, infact it was a heartbroken email I received from them.

Why it pains me most was because i was like dreaming of getting paid with 21k on nnu today……lol, 

Note: Nnu is not a scam, it really pays.

So the email that I got from them was like a car crash to me……yes you can say that, because maybe you have made more than that online but as a newbie then, seeing other’s getting paid and you are not…… you will testify to what am saying.

To cut the story short, I abandoned my account trying to get referral but no avail, so I took it with my secret success to make money and get paid on Nnu without getting any referrals.

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How To Get Paid On Nnu Without Getting Any Referrals

Firstly I base on what is called Nnu Auction.

What  is Nnu Auction?

This is an event where by goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.
I made use of Nnu Auction to get paid from nnu without any referrals or problems, infact is the best.

How Does Nnu Auction Pay You Without Any Referrals?

For you to profit from this you have to be hard-working and active in your account

1. Sharing each and every sponsored post
2. Logging in every blessed day
3. Commenting on each post you see, etc.

So how does nnu auction work:
Firstly I will register for a Nnu Account, if you want you can register for Nnu Income Program Here.

Secondly Apply every bit by bit method to earn money from nnu income,

Thirdly Make Sure Your Nnu Account earning Reaches Upto 10-15k  on your dashboard,


Then begin to list your nnu account on social media site like Facebook,twitter,Linkedin etc.

Sure you can set your price difference, i sold my nnu account which earned me 30k for 29k, sold the second one 19k and now am currently selling this one that has fetched me 32k for 30k.

Now you see, I have already made UpTo 60k plus with this method on nnu without getting any referrals, you too can get paid also by using this method.

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Note: those that bought the account from me do get paid with two referrals ……thats a must.

I also have a Nnu account with 32k earning for sell Incase you need it you can contact me on Facebook with the username Cajetan Desmond


Now that you already knows how to get paid on NNU without referrals, what are you waiting for, rush now and Withdraw all your earnings without stress

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  1. Thanks for this insight bro. i just need some clarifications….
    In the Dashboard NArs Earning = 28465 + 2276.
    How did you earn that amount in NNU. I joined about 4 months ago and i have 0 there ever since and i knew something is not right. Please i need clarification. i have been paid just once and it was just 5k

    Help Biko

  2. Hi …if you have 5500 in nars earnings and 2000 in referral (2 referrals) can you get paid or apply to withdraw

  3. Hello I have 16k plus 4 referas I order for withdrawal they told me it has been submitted successfully but till now I did not see anything and is getting to two weeks now please help.

  4. Nice opportunity on this article, thanks for taking your time to write about Nnu Income.

    Have you heard of this crypto website? Their platform is an online Bitcoin faucet that features games, weekly lotteries, investment with interest and the ability to earn bitcoins every hour, being a trustworthy operation since their inception in late 2013.


    It's a recommended platform to any individual who has extra time to spare in order to make some additional earnings.

  5. Pls I have 40k in my account tho I have never withdrawn since I started because every time I want to withdraw,it's always one complain or the other. As at last month, I was told I need to get at least 2 referrals, which I got because of determination and I was told my nars earnings is available in my account. But to my greatest surprise when I requested for withdrawal, only 3,000 was approved for me. Pls what could be wrong?

  6. I want to sell my own account with 40000. any interested individual should pls call me on 08137094742

  7. I want to sell my account

    I have 21k on it,will sell for 13k

    if you're interested contact me 07057050701

  8. Pls, I want to also sell my NNU account but i dont know how to go about it.. pls help me out… I want to sell it for 30k, have earned 33k on nar earning.

  9. Hi, I have about 55,000Naira nars earning on my nnu account, and paid referrals, but since then I was paid 5k only and until date I can't even withdraw anymore,pls I need your help on this

  10. please i'm new here did nnu have special date for transaction because i try to withdraw is in unavailable what should be the cause please admin reply thanks

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