Blogspot Seo Guide – Rank On Google First Page-[100℅ Guaranteed]

Blogspot Seo Guide Tutorial for blogger’s

We all know how important it is to rank a blog on Google first page, believe me it is every blogger’s wish to rank his or her blog on google first page.

We all might be thinking ranking a blog on a certain post to google first page is hard and is only meant for the big guys in the house but is not, actually what seo requires is a proper guidance and tutorials to work on your blog to see Google first page.

What Is Seo?

Seo in its short term refers to as search engine optimization.

This has to do with making all of your article or a particular post on your blog to rank higher on google. Seo optimization has really helped alot both for blogspot users and WordPress users to rank higher on google. now what’s the secret? it’s nothing but a proper seo guide.

6 Blogspot Seo Tutorial and Tips I Found Useful And Effective

1. Make Good Headlines.

Headlines make a big impression to your seo, so don’t underestimate it’s power. make sure your Headline contain your keywords.

2. Don’t Spam Keywords.

The more the keywords has in an article, the more it is possible for ranking, but if your article contains too many Keywords it will be considered as spam by google and other search engine.

3. Keyword Density.

Typically you should aim for your keywords to be 3℅ to 5℅ of your writing to be keywords..

4. Unique Titles.

Having a good title is one of the most important thing for your WordPress or blogspot blog and also important for your article. Make sure you have your main keyword in your title tag to get the most out of your content.

5. Naming Your Files.

Save and name your files by dashes not underscore – this create the url where search engine can understand the individual words unlike underscores.

6. Keep Learning.

Seo algorithm are always changing so stay updated to avoid your knowledge getting outdated.

Above Guidance are very useful and effective except if you are lazy to work on them. Unlike WordPress users that make use of plugins sure it’s very easy but not like blogspot users, everything will have to be done manually

Blogspot Seo Guide You Can Use To Rank On Google.

1. Site submission

This implies submitting your sitemap to top search directories like Google,bing,yahoo etc. This helps to notify Google bot to crawl your post Immediately after hitting the publish button.

2. Blog Title Tag.

I found this part as the most important part in blogspot seo guide because it triggers Google to tell them your blogspot blog is all about. So having a title tag works like hell and helps to increase your ranking on Google.

3. Adding A robot.txt Tester.

Well many regard this as a common tool in the Google search console but it plays a great role in your blogspot seo ranking. helps Google bot to automatically crawl your web pages for faster indexing, as we all know once your webpages are indexed the more likely they are to appear on Google.

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4. Make Sure Your Robot Header Tags Are Set Up.

As you are adding a robot.txt file to your blogspot search console, you should also consider signalling the bot on where to indexed. As it helps you get out the most part of ranking from Google.

5. Keyword Research.

This is the best among the rest on blogspot seo guide especially when it comes to ranking your post on google first page. Keyword research is a way to find easy to rank keyword with high search volume and low competitors.  I rank on the post whogohost affiliate program review. That’s an example of keyword research and finding an easy to rank keyword that will make your post to appear on google first page.

6. Quality Post.

Just because you found out a guide that could help increase your blogspot ranking that doesn’t mean you won’t write a quality post. Google expect all blogspot users to write atleast 1500-2000 words per article. This helps to increase your blogspot seo as Google values a post that will add value to those looking for that keyword.

7. Content Writing.

Google loves those that knows what they are doing in terms of creating content. A friend of mine once said content is king, that a single post might be the one to put food on your table, so when writing for a keyword on your blogspot blog, make use of the header1, sub-heading and lots more. Helps to increase your blogspot ranking on Google.

8. Make Use Of Label.

This has to do with differentiating of a post from another. Now assuming you have a blog post on blogging and others on tech and also on review, why don’t make use of a blog label as google assume that a blog without label is like a missing blog, make use of the post label as it helps to boost your blogspot seo.

9. Blog Commenting.

This is a great tool that helps to boost your ranking on Google as it helps to create backlink for your blog and other more. Start commenting on other people’s blog.

10. Social Shares.

Always have a social share button on your blog as the more shares you have the increase in your ctr.

11. Image Quality.

Image helps alot in terms of seo, always use a quality image on your post for it helps.

12. Guest Posting.

Helps to increase your blogspot Domain authority and ranking. Also helps to get your post indexed fast on google search console.

13. Seo Friendly Template.

A good template have a good role in seo, especially when it comes to blogspot seo. I have used many template on my blog but all have issues, find a template that is suitable and seo friendly on tablet/mobile/pc. Helps alot when it comes to ranking on Google.

14. Always Post Regularly.

Post atleast 2-3 times a week as google index an active blog always. A friend say that consistency is the key. Always post regularly for better seo result

15. Avoid Copy And Paste.

Others may be doing it for fun but it’s not. Google hate content theft more than anything, to avoid being on their blacklist avoid copy and paste.

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Apply these methods and see your blogspot blog seo improve and eventually see your blog on google first page.

16. Naming Of Post.

Always make use of a catchy words on your post title, helps to engage your visitors on a post and also increase your ctr.

17. Post Permalink.

Helps google to understand and navigate a post or a page properly.

18. Blog Theme.

No1 faster way of indexing your blog also help your blogspot seo and ranking.

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