Blog9ja Review vs Nnu Review

Blog9ja income program Review vs NNU income program Review

In these article, am going to show you how to make money from blog9ja and NNU income program.
After too many online money making methods that has come out on the internet Blog9ja and nnu income has surprised us the most. and an online paying website that pays you for an easy task that you perform on their website.

There are many online news money making websites that pays you just for logging in,sharing post,commenting, and other more. Well Blog9ja and nnu is one of them only those that are into these programs can testify the good in these two platforms.

Now let’s look into what Blog9ja and Nnu is all about.

What Is Blog9ja?

Blog9ja is a premium blogging platform that lets you post,comment,share and earn money for it on a weekly basis.

No matter who you are — a blogger,student,housewife,youth,dad,employed or unemployed – sure once you have a device that connects to internet you will be paid.

What Is Nnu?

Nnu simply means nigeria news update, which is a news website that was founded by Paul samson an online entrepreneur, whose intention was to create a side income for Nigerians and other countries etc

What Is Needed For Blog9ja And Nnu Registration?

Internet connection.

Stop wasting your time and precious data watching videos on net when you can easily register with blog9ja and make the most out of it. 


A device to register with blog9ja info and complete everyday action you are meant to complete.

Time And Word Of Mouth.

Once you registration with blog9ja info is complete , give it your time to make most of your earnings .

How To Register With Blog9ja.

Click here to visit Blog9ja official registration page. Once you arrive fill in your full details both name and surname and also make sure you use your real email address.

If you have finished filling in your details, you are one step ahead in registering with blog9ja. Choose a password easy to remeber to avoid losing your account.

After typing your password, click on the sign up button. There you go, a confirmation email will be sent to you through the email that you used in Blog9ja Registration.

Kindly check your email and confirm your registration with Blog9ja Info.

Once you confirm your email with them, it will take you to your Blog9ja dashboard, where you will decide to go with demo or upgraded Blog9ja info account.

How To Register With Nnu?

How To Join Nnu Program-[Nnu]

 Joining through nnu income program is simple and easy, click the link below or the banner you see below.

Remember  Click Here To Join Nnu Income Program

Once you click the link it will take you  to their registration page where you have to fill in your details eg

Yea all is done after fofilliin your details, the next step is to make a one time payment of N1,600 and nothing else….. before you will be approved to your premium account.

After payment an email will be sent to you for confirmation, after confirmation all is set.

Fill in your details starting from:

Your name
Email address
Password. Etc

What Is Demo And Premium Account In Blog9ja Registration.

Blog9ja has two accounts for its users, the demo and premium account.

What’s Demo Account?

This is the first account that you will come across once you are registering for Blog9ja info. This account gives you N50 per everyday login but it also has a bad side of it. As a blog9ja demo account user, you are not considered yet as a full member of blog9ja registered member.

Your earnings on your demo account are not real, it is designed to let the new members test and see how the system works before upgrading with real money. You won’t be able to withdraw your earnings, your account will be reset to N100 after you have upgraded to premium account regardless to the amount you have made.

What Is Blog9ja Premium Account?

This is an account where you got to enjoy and account of your earnings, no deduction of earnings, daily sponsored post to share to grow your earnings and other more. Blog9ja premium account is what you should go for after registration of the account.

What Does Blog9ja Premium Upgrade Cost?

Blog9ja premium account cost nothing but only N1400 which is a one time payment needed to upgrade your account and enjoy your earnings.

First you have to request for a pin to upgrade your account to premium with N1400.

Once you request for a pin you can pay with bank transfer, paystack etc.

Once you received your pin, kindly input your pin in the box and upgrade your account.

What Is Nip In Nnu Program?


Nnu Income consists of a making money box which has two big method of earning money from nnu which include:



Well you might be wondering what NARS and NAP got to do with Nnu Income. As I said before nnu is a news website that pays its users for a specific action they take towards their website.

For instance: Assuming that you are in Nnu premium account where you get paid for 

Every comment that you comment,
Every post that you shared,
Every person you invited,
Every sponsored post you shared,
Anytime you logged in and many more..

Believe you the money will be added to your premium Nnu Income program account,every record of your commenting and sponsored post sbared are all been recorded which means that the have the right tools to keep track of your payment and earnings.

Ok let’s go deeper more and more for full definition.

What is Nnu Ads Revenue Sharing[NARS] ?

Nars is mostly the used method to make money from nnu…..let me say one of easiest method, this is my favorite but read till you reach on NAP.

So how does NARS makes it easier to make money with Nnu Income program?

Daily Login- Here nnu pays each and every member of its premium account holders for logging into their account, whether you comment or do not comment, once you logged in your earnings will be added to your account for your daily earnings.

Sharing Sponsored Post- currently the best in Nnu Ads Revenue Sharing, it pays every user for each sponsored post released on a daily basis without any limitations, this means you can be making UpTo N5,000 on a daily basis

News Commenting – once you feel like wow I love this news or such a great topic, drop down a meaningful comment and you will get paid…..sure its cool, I personally make cool cash with these methods….Sure you can try it out after you finish reading up this post.

Next we have is NAP- Nnu Affiliate Program

What Is NAP- Nnu Affiliate Program?

 This is one of a kind affiliate that I love, infact is as easy as ABCD, which means that you earn once you refer someone and tgat person register under you through your referral link, yes you earn as much as 62.5℅ of your affiliate earning.

Many are banking hundreds and millions of thousands to their bank account on a Monthly basis with this method called Nnu Affiliate Program.

You might be asking how possible is this or is it just another scam.

Remember  Click Here To Register With Nnu Income Program

Ok let me brief you NNU makes their income from Google ads if not, I am sure they are currently banking millions every month from Google Adsense and they are also paying out million to people like us,

Screenshot of people that got alert from nnu Income program

How Does Blog9ja And Nnu Make Money With Their Website?

What we know is that blog9ja and nnu pays it’s premium member and nothing else, sure and what we don’t know is that nnu receives UpTo 1 million pageviews every month and therefore makes money from the website through monetizing.

Eg: Google Adsense
       Sponsored Post

       Affiliate Marketing
       Banner Ad Placement etc.

Sure that’s with the little that I know

Congratulations on the Successful Blog9ja Info Registration Guide.

You see, it’s as easy as ABCD.

What Blog9ja And Nnu Have In Common.

The two online paying website is a news website here in Nigeria.

They also have a premium account upgrade on them.

They have the same method of making money with them.

What Blog9ja And Nnu Don’t Have In Common.

Blog9ja premium account upgrade is done with 1400 while Nnu Income is Done With 1600.

Blog9ja payout to their members weekly while Nnu Pay at every month-end.

Blog9ja does not require any referrals to get paid while Nnu requires about two referrals.

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