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Blog9ja Income Program Review – Legit Or Scam, Read Till The End

You might be wondering why most of recent post are concerned about blog9ja program. Well I decided to drop this off because what will i gain if am the only one making money with blog9ja program. But first let me clear your doubts on blog9ja income program review.

Blog9ja, Who Are Exactly Are They?

Blog9ja is an online Nigeria news website, that specializes in paying their members for their daily activities on each specified action every registered member of blog9ja takes.

These actions include: logging in to your blog9ja account after you have created your account with them.

Blog9ja Program For People That Want To Register With Blog9ja.

Anyone That Wishes To Join Blogja Program can now Register With A One time payment.

Click Here To Register On Blog9ja With 1,400.

Blog9ja has been of a great help to many Nigerian youths who are struggling to make a living, now whether you are a graduate,teacher,father or mother,uncle or aunt,student blog9ja program is a must to join as long as you are looking for that extra job with no stress.

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Blog9ja Reviews Scam Or Legit – Read Before You Judge.

As far as i can tell, blog9ja is as Legit as you are which means blog9ja is not a ponzi scheme or a donation site, blog9ja surprised many Nigerians who doubted their payment’s proof, many people can testify to the weekly payment alert that blog9ja has been paying, apart from their referral program you also earn with their othet earning packages.

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Blog9ja Features 

Apart from sharing post,commenting,posting,and logging in, well blog9ja has its own affiliate program features where you can earn as a registered member when you referred other people to the program to join with your referral link, you can earn up to 50-60℅ of your referral registration fee.

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Blog9ja participants are really enjoying it every week and if you are there thinking blog9ja is a scam just know that others are making their money with blog9ja.

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Blog9ja Payout Method.

Yes this is the most interesting part I love about blog9ja income program, their payment method and their fast payment.

Blog9ja has a single payment method that you can benefit without any middle man, this means that as a blog9ja participant, you can get paid through bank wire transfer, your bank account will be credited immediately you reach the payout threshold.

One good thing I also love about blog9ja payment method is their weekly payment. I have joined many news paying website and I must say blog9ja took me by suprise with their weekly payout, even if you have billions in your blog9ja premium account just be prepared to receive your earnings on weekends.

Real Reason I Will Advice You More To Join Blogja Program 

Blog9ja is not the only news paying website but actually I do recommend it to my friends who are looking for a news paying website to join or a home based jobs they can start on. No need to be an expert in internet marketing or a pro in the game.

This simply means if you have zero knowledge on any internet business, you must surely make money with blog9ja.

No need to wait for every month end before receiving your payment as other news paying website does, if you are a blog9ja participant you can easily get paid every weekend.

I have seen many news paying website that before you get paid, you must refer one or two users to their program but the beautiful blog9ja  do no such thing, you can get paid without any referral and even if you have referral all will be added to your blog9ja account and paid to you immediately you requested for payments.

What Is Required To Join Blog9ja Income Program?

Internet connection.

Stop wasting your time and precious data watching videos on net when you can easily register with blog9ja and make the most out of it. 


A device to register with blog9ja info and complete everyday action you are meant to complete.

Time And Word Of Mouth.

Once you registration with blog9ja info is complete , give it your time to make most of your earnings .

Blog9ja What More Do You Need To Know Before Joining.

Does Blog9ja has any other information hidden from you? Hell no, nothing is hidden from you as an outsider or a participant in the program.

I joined a news paying website that pays very well but the kept it hidden that referral is a must before every member could get paid, not only that and other more but blog9ja gives you an easy earning method with no hidden information fot anyone.

How To Join And Register With Blogja Program.

Fill in your details starting from:

Your name
Email address
Password. Etc

Once you have completed inputting your details sign up with them, immediately a confirmation email will be sent to the email that you provided when registering on blog9ja program, immediately after confirmation you will be provided with Two blog9ja accounts.

Demo Blog9ja Account.
Premium Upgrade Blog9ja Account.

What Is Demo And Premium Account In Blog9ja Registration.

Blog9ja has two accounts for its users, the demo and premium account.

What’s Demo Account?

This is the first account that you will come across once you are registering for Blog9ja account. This account gives you N50 per everyday login but it also has a bad side of it. As a blog9ja demo account user, you are not considered yet as a full member of blog9ja registered member.

Your earnings on your demo account are not real, it is designed to let the new members test and see how the system works before upgrading with real money. You won’t be able to withdraw your earnings, your account will be reset to N100 after you have upgraded to premium account regardless to the amount you have made.

What Is Blog9ja Premium Account?

This is an account where you got to enjoy and account of your earnings, no deduction of earnings, daily sponsored post to share to grow your earnings and other more. Blog9ja premium account is what you should go for after registration of the account.

What Does Blog9ja Premium Upgrade Cost?

Blog9ja premium account cost nothing but only N1400 which is a one time payment needed to upgrade your account and enjoy your earnings.

First you have to request for a pin to upgrade your account to premium with N1400.

Once you request for a pin you can pay with bank transfer, paystack etc.

Once you received your pin, kindly input your pin in the box and upgrade your account.

How Much Are Blog9ja Members Really Making Using Blog9ja Income Program.

As you are a fully registered member on blog9ja, you have every right to make as many money as much as you like, there is no limit to your earnings as a blog9ja premium upgraded member. If you like you can make as much money will full every bank.

For example: N50 every day login x 10=500.
N100 every post shared x 10 = 1000. Not only that you also earn when commenting on post that were made, when you go with their affiliate program. Which a lazy man can be earning upto 20-30k per week but normally if you take blog9ja as your main work you can be earning more than N50,000.

Blog9ja Income Program Review,Payout Method And Full Details.

Having read all about blog9ja and the good in it, I guess you might want to join the program simply Join Here With N1,400.

Please don’t let anyone advise you that blog9ja program is a scam unless you don’t want to join the moving train.

Blog9ja pays, it’s not a ponzi scheme Register now and enjoy it’s features.

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