Saturday, 16 March 2019

Pay Per Email Sign Up | Get Paid Per Free Email Sign Up

Pay Per Email address you submit, I called it pay per lead free sign ups, yes there are companies that pay you per email you give to them, you get paid starting from $1 per visitor who signed up with their email using your referral link.

How Pay Per Email Sign Up Works?

Unlike affiliate marketing, Pay per email sign up works like CPA ( cost per action ),

• you get to partner with a company that offers free email sign up and get paid per targeted email submitted through your referral link.

Some of these pay per email sign up are free to register, they are pay per free sign up sites that you can start getting pay per email sign up.

Can Anyone Participate With Pay Per Email Free Sites?

Once you decide to start a simple Cpa Marketing lead conversion which is email submit, You got to have access to top paying free email submit site and they accept anyone that wants to make money with them.

Incase you are still confused Check out to see how Cpa Marketing works.

Whether you are from US, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe, you will get accepted.

Best Pay Per Free Email Submit To Get Paid Per $1 - $3 Per Email Sign Up.

1. Vindale Research Pay Per Email

Vindale Research is an online free email sign up and survey found in the USA that pays you  or visitors per Action on their website and reward it's member for their time, anyone can join vindale Research but there are certain terms required for them:

• You must be above 18yrs -vindale research only accept those that are above 18yrs plus, so for your notice when joining the survey pay per email paying website make your age to be more than that.

• you must be a USA citizen- the offer is only applicable to US citizen although there are many online survey network out there that pays good but vindale pays better. You can share with a friend and let them benefits from it. So once you stay in the US, sign up and make money everyday as you are guaranteed of making $1000 without spending a dime.

You earn as much as $1 - $4 per email sign Only available for USA Country.

Click To Join Vindale Research Here

2. Opinion City.

Just like I said making money with more pay per free email sign ups online is possible more especially when you make money without spending a dime. 

Opinion City is also an online survey that will pay you per free email sign up, this works like vindale Research that pays you for answering questions on their website, emai submit and  browsing through their website and referring your friends to them.

They pay per free sign email sign up and get paid from $1 -$3 per email submitted.

Click To Join Opinion City Survey Here

They also accept US citizen, with opinion City and vindale Research email sign up, you can make $1000 without any investment or spending a dime.

Wrapping Up On Pay Per Email Sign Up Sites

Most of these pay per email sign up offers have their own terms and conditions of making money with them.

The above Pay Per email sites I listed there are meant for USA resident, sign up and make money with them.
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Friday, 15 March 2019

List Of Legitimate Affiliate Programs That Pays Daily Or Weekly | High Payouts Affiliate Program

Affiliate Programs can be a very good source of making money online and most of this affiliate programs pays you high as their affiliate marketer for every successful conversion gotten from your affiliate link, you get paid daily or weekly and mostly they pay through PayPal instantly.

What Affiliate Marketing Programs Is All About?

Affiliate marketing is when you decide to partner with an individual or company to start promoting their products or services and you get paid daily or weekly, most of The times monthly as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing is good, there are affiliate programs that offers high affiliate payouts on a single commission earned and they pay you instantly as an affiliate through PayPal.

Read Also: Pay Per Free Email Sign Up

Now you know what affiliate marketing is all about, how do you know if an affiliate program is genuine Read up my free guide here.

How To Choose An Affiliate Program That Pays Daily Or Weekly Instantly With PayPal

There are five steps in finding affiliate programs that pays daily, weekly or monthly with PayPal.

1. Locate Your Affiliate Niche.

The first step to finding a lucrative Affiliate Programs that pay is by finding your affiliate niche.

Actually affiliate marketing can be done on any niche, Dating, Web hosting, Betting, Travel Affiliate and many more. So the trick is to locate your affiliate niche first.

2. Make Research On The Affiliate Program

You found an affiliate program that appears to be true, why don't you make a review about it to find more about the affiliate:

• I have also made some research on affiliate programs that offers higher affiliate commission pay and they pay with PayPal instantly,

Most of the big affiliate marketers get paid daily, weekly and monthly basis by becoming an affiliate with bluehost and earn $65 per sign up.

3. Register With The Affiliate Program

There are free affiliate programs that pays daily and most of these affiliate programs are easy to sign up with them,

• Visit their affiliate registration page,
• Submit your correct details when signing up for their affiliate program,
• Await for approval and start promoting your affiliate link and get paid with PayPal.

Free Affiliate Programs That Pays Daily

Here is a top list of legitimate Affiliate Programs That will pay you daily or Instantly with PayPal.

1. Berush / Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush affiliate program is an SEO company that offers a recurring earning commission for their affiliate marketers and pays with PayPal.

You get paid daily or weekly as semrush affiliate and it's free to join, no expertise or affiliate marketing experience required to become their affiliate.

2. Bluehost Affiliate Program

A very good affiliate program that offer high affiliate commission payout rate, bluehost is a webhosting company that offers a $65 commission per successful sign up and pays with PayPal.

It's free to join they pay daily, weekly and monthly once you reach their payment threshold.

3. Hostgator Affiliate

Become hostgator affiliate and earns $125 per sign up. The biggest web hosting company offers a free affiliate program registration that pays with PayPal,

Sign up as a Hostgator affiliate and make money as an affiliate.

Why You Should Join Affiliate Programs That Pays

• High affiliate Payouts
• Some of them are recurring affiliate programs,
• Get paid Faster,
• Payments Via PayPal mostly.

There are good affiliate programs that pays, you can make research on them and join It's affiliate. Most of this affiliate programs pay daily, weekly and monthly and pays With PayPal.
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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Godaddy Affiliate Program Review - How To Sign Up And Make Money For Every Money With Godaddy Affiliate Program

Tired of loosing commission as an affiliate marketer, With Godaddy Affiliate Program, you can even earn commission on domain sales, Web Hosting, SSL and many more as a Godaddy affiliate.

Godaddy Affiliate Program

The Domain Registrar and Web hosting Company Godaddy has an affiliate program just Like Namecheap which offers commission on domain sales, SSL certificate, web hosting and many more.

With Godaddy affiliate program, you can make money as their affiliate because of their reputation and good services.

• They offer cheap Domain Registration

You can sign up as their affiliate and promote their domain sales with a unique affiliate link given to you by godaddy.

• Their Reputation is good

With the good name the company have got and no side of scam from Godaddy, you are guaranteed to make alot of money as people will love to partner with Godaddy.

• Their Offer Promo Codes For Their Affiliates

They have a very great way of increasing their affiliates revenue by offering a coupon code for Domain Registrar, Hosting and many more on Godaddy Affiliate Program.

How To Become Godaddy Affiliate Easily

For you to become Godaddy Affiliate and earn commission from them, you have to partner with their co - associates in affiliate which is ( CJ ) commission Junction.

Become a Godaddy affiliate easily by visiting Godaddy affiliate registration page,

• Click the join now button and it will redirect you their affiliate sign up where you can work with their co - associate,

• Fill in your affiliate details both name, email and password and submit,

• Proceed by clicking next and your application for Godaddy affiliate will be processed.

Once your Godaddy affiliate form has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive an email notification from commission junction that your affiliate has been approved.

How Much Does Godaddy Affiliate Pay? 

Godaddy offers a great commission payout for every sales made through your affiliate link and no matter how many sales you made through your link, your affiliate commission will be paid to you.

What Godaddy Affiliate Program Pays You For?

Once you become a godaddy affiliate, you are getting paid for every domain sales, email hosting, web hosting and any other services offered by Godaddy through your affiliate link.

What Are Godaddy Affiliate Payout Terms?

Just like any other good affiliate program that has terms, Godaddy also have their affiliate terns:

• That the person you referred don't have to charge back,
• Co - associates with Godaddy ( CJ ) offers payout once you reach their payments threshold of $100,
• Their commission payout rate is different from that of domain and hosting.

Why Godaddy Affiliate Program

There are many reasons why I recommend you to become an affiliate with Godaddy and make money for life as an affiliate.

1. The offer commission on their domain sales and hosting, including other services.

2. Their brand has a good reputation and offers cheap services for easy commission.

3. They also offers Promotional tools for their affiliates starting from link and banner ad tools.

4. They also have available coupon codes to help increase sales and commission rate of their affiliate.

How To Find Your Godaddy Affiliate Link

Browse and locate your Godaddy affiliate link by visiting your Commission junction dashboard,

• Click on Advertisers and select your desired advertiser that you partner with,

• Click on the link image sign after the plus sign and scroll down,

• Select Click Url and you will be previewed with your Godaddy affiliate link copy it and start promoting.

Godaddy Affiliate Commission

Once you receive a commission from Godaddy, it will show up on commission junction dashboard, 

• How many clicks it got,
• Impression on the affiliate link,
• Commission earned from the affiliate link.

Godaddy Affiliate Program is a must try affiliate program if you want to make as an affiliate, join godaddy affiliate and start promoting and earn commission even with domain sales.

Best Way To Make Money With Godaddy Affiliate Program

1. Promote on Your Blog

You can write a review about GoDaddy on your blog and place your affiliate link inside for your readers to take action,

2. Promote on social media

Make use of popular social media, forums, and share your affiliate link to these top sites.

3. Make Use Of Godaddy Affiliate Coupon Code

A coupon is given to you as an affiliate to make use of, this helps in increase of sales through your affiliate link.

Become a Godaddy affiliate and make alot of money from Godaddy Affiliate Program.
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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

How To Do Keyword Research For Free - Ultimate Guide To Keywords Research Tool Free

Do you want to save up on paid keywords research tools, get the best chance to research on keywords, research on a particular keyword search volume for free, keyword research on CPC, and keyword difficulty with a simple keyword research tool all for free.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the no 1 key point for every successful blogger out there and keyword research has to do with:

• Research of a particular keyword ( for your blog to gain real organic traffic, you must be able to research on a keyword thus driving traffic from search engines back to your blog.

• Keyword Search Volume Research ( has to do with finding how many people that is searching for that particular keyword on Google, Bing, Yahoo and related search engines.

• Keyword Difficulty Research ( it is good to take this part serious as it has to do with researching on how possible it is for you to rank on a particular keyword.

• Keyword CPC Research - Get knowledge on the cost per click of a particular keyword, this section is applicable to those that uses Adsense on their blog.

And many more etc.

Also Read:

Seoclerks Review

How To Do Keyword Research For Free By Making Use Of Seoreviewtools

Seoreviewtools is a great Seo tools so far I have seen, from my last post where I updated on how to get free backlinks from Seoreviewtools and increase your website ranking now is how to do keyword research for free using this tool.

1. Visit which is their official website for Domain Authority Checker and many more related to SEO.

• Select Keyword Research Button on your screen,

2. Input your desired keyword to research on the space that is written keyword

• Select the country for that keyword research,

( by so doing Seoreviewtools will only give you details about the keyword you research for that country ).

- solve captcha and research on keyword.

What Seoreviewtools Free Keyword Research Will Give You.

1. Keyword Search Volume.

You can see the volume of a particular keyword base  on the country that it's been searched.

2. Organic Keyword Results

This you can also get with the free Keyword research tool easily,

3. Keyword Difficult

Helps you to research how easy that it is to rank for the same Keyword on google and search engines.

4. Keyword CPC Research

Helps you research on how to make use of keyword that will increase your adsense revenue or any pay per click affiliate programs that you join.

Now after that you will be prompted to see Top 100 keyword suggestions from this particular free keyword research tools

Why You Need This Keyword Research Tool Free 

1. Nothing to loose ( you get the chance to loose nothing but will gain more as you are entitled to unlimited keyword research with Seoreviewtools

2. Helps to increase your SEO organic traffic on a daily basis,

3. Make More money researching keyword CPC with the free Seoreviewtools keyword research.

Why Is Important To Use Paid Keyword Research Over Free Ones

1. You are limited to certain areas on the free Seoreviewtools keyword research.

2. Very hard to understand for the newbies

3. May end up showing low keyword difficult.

Free Keyword Research with Seoreviewtools is easy to use when it comes to Domain Authority Checker, Keyword Research, and many more....

Research and make use of Free Seoreviewtools keyword research

Please share.......
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Monday, 11 March 2019

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

Tired of foreign pay per click affiliate programs that is based in USA like Google Adsense & CO, Read more as I introduce to you Top pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria.

PPC Sites In Nigeria ( Pay Per Click ).

This is an advertising network that pays per click. you are been paid as a publisher for becoming their affiliate and placing their affiliate link on your website to display what the advertisers Pay to promote (PTP).

Google Adsense is an example of pay per click website that pays high but not a Nigeria PPC site,

Godaddy Affiliate Program
If you are making use of Google Adsense, you can testify that it's a good pay per click website that pays from $0.1 to $5 per click when you become their affiliate but just like they said everything that sweet has a bad side of it, In Google adsense pin verification and receiving your money as their affiliate is a hectic task for beginners in Nigeria.

You are here in Nigeria and want to join the best pay per click affiliate programs in Nigeria and receive your payment straight to your Bank account,

Here Are Top Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

1. Ng Adverts Affiliate Programs

The Nigeria advertising company with fast approval for anyone that wants to make money from Ng Adverts pay per click, easy sign up and minimum payout of N3,000 in Nigeria, their payment is through bank transfer

Sign Up As Ngadverts PPC affiliate and make money as a publisher through per click.

2. Alternative Ads Affiliate Programs

This is an advertising company known for its top paying ad network, they offer cpc and PPC while signing up.

To sign up with this Pay Per click network is easy and requires no minimum traffic, they also offer 3% - 5% of their advertiser's pay to you as their publisher's affiliate to earn.

Their method of payment is through PayPal and Bank wire transfer

Register with Alternative Adverts Now

3. Dochase Adverts Affiliate Programs

Dochase is an amazing advertising website in Nigeria that offers easy sign up through their ads and pay much per click more than impression,

Their minimum payout is 2,000 and they pay directly to your Nigerian bank account faster.

They offer both PPM and CPM, Register with Dochase easily.

Why You Need These Top Paying Nigeria Ad Networks That Pay Per Click

1. Easy to make money with them, simply sign and as a publisher Affiliate and once approved start placing your ad code.

2. Fast To Receive Payment

You don't need to be creating account here and there for you to receive your earnings, these pay per click sites pays you through bank wire as a Nigeria.

3. Easy Sign Up

Most of the pay per click affiliate networks requires huge traffic before you can sign up with them and make money,

With no traffic, you can sign up with these top pay per click affiliate programs for Nigerians.

Other Related Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs That You Can Also Sign Up With In Nigeria.

• Adquet PPC Network

This is also Nigeria top paying ad networks, easy sign up, no minimum traffic  domain acceptable.

Their pay per click goes from N45 to N100 per click depending on the banner ad size and their method of payment is through bank transfer.

Sign Up With Adquet pay per click site

• Twinpine PPC Network

This is a Nigerian top ad network with a minimum payout of #2,500 through bank transfer, they also offers both cost per click and pay per miles advertising on both mobile apps and website.

These Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs have rules and regulations just like any other PPC Network, do make sure that you go through their terms and conditions before signing up.

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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Merrybet Affiliate Program - Sign Up And Make Money As Merrybet Affiliate

Merrybet Affiliate Program - Guide To Make Money In The Gaming industry

Want to make some money as an affiliate in the gaming industry or from your sports niche as a blogger then quickly sign up as a Merrybet affiliate and make money from them.

Merrybet Affiliate Program, Who Are They ?

Merrybet is a gaming website that is based on sports betting and has an affiliate program for those that wants to make money without betting on Merrybet.

Unlike every affiliate program, you join an affiliate program, sign up as an affiliate and promote their affiliate products.

Merrybet introduce their betting affiliate program for sports lovers, you can now play your favorite bets and also get commission for playing with Merrybet.

How To Sign Up With Merrybet Affiliate Program

Get started and sign up as Merrybet Affiliate in three steps without any hassle.

• Visit merrybet affiliate registration page and click on sign up as an affiliate

• Fill in your affiliate details such as name, email address, phone number, password etc.

• Then click on sign up and await for approval.

Once approved start promoting your affiliate link with your desired traffic method.

Why You Should Sign Up As A Merrybet Affiliate

• You are likely to get commission as betting has been a good sources of making money online,

• Good reputation and scam free,

• Boost your affiliate marketing experience

Merrybet Affiliate Program has helped many people to make money online as an affiliate and you can be one of them by signing up as a Merrybet affiliate now.
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Web4africa Affiliate Program Review - Make Money Weekly As An Affiliate With Web4africa

Web4africa Affiliate Program - Web4africa Ghana | Web4africa Affiliate Review

I decided to write a very detailed guide on this Web hosting company ( Web4africa affiliate program review ), how to sign up with them and the easiest way to make money from web4africa affiliate program here in Africa.

Web4africa is a web hosting company that offers services on Domain name registration, SSL, Vps Hosting, Dedicated server etc.

You dont have to be a tech guru to make money from web4africa affiliate program, but if you found it difficult read my guide on how to make money from affiliate marketing,

Having read up everything let's get started with web4africa affiliate program.

How Does Web4africa Affiliate Program Works?

As an affiliate with web4africa, you get rewarded with commission for every sales made from your affiliate link or banner,

Here is What Affiliate Marketing Is All About.

If you want to be an affiliate and make money from affiliate marketing there are 3 steps to get you to the top.

• Find a good company that runs affiliate on its products like Web4africa to partner with,

• Check if it corresponds with your niche,

• Sign Up as an affiliate through their website.

Once approved by them, you can start making use of your affiliate link to promote and earn from them.

How To Sign Up For Web4africa Affiliate Program Easily

Become web4africa affiliate partner easily once you complete the above method:

According to web4africa affiliate terms, you are only allowed to become an affiliate with them once you made a purchase from them,

These can be Buying of domain names, Web hosting or any other services they offer.

Once you purchase it return to their affiliate page and sign up easily as web4africa affiliate.

Why I Recommend Web4africa Affiliate Program

1. Promotional Tools

You are given banner ad link as web4africa affiliate which helps for better conversion of sales.

2. Real Statistics

A tracking link embedded in your affiliate link for no commission will be lost.

3. Payment Method

Web4africa has its affiliates commission payout and am happy to announce that anyone can get paid wherever you are.

They offer Payout option via PayPal, Perfect Money, Skrill, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer.

How To Make Money With Web4africa Affiliate Program

Step 1 : sign up as an affiliate and visit your affiliate dashboard

Step 2 : Select your Promotional method either by banner ad or direct link and copy code,

Step 3 : Promote on your blog, popular forums and social media to get sign up.

Once you reach their payments threshold, you can request for withdrawal and get paid.

Also Check 5 Affiliate Program To Register

GTBank Affiliate Program

Become Web4africa Affiliate and start making money online
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Learn The Benefits And Get Started With Business

Integrated Logistics - Learn The Benefits And Get Started With Your Business

Do you know what integrated logistics is and how it can improve the processes in your company? Integrated logistics offers countless benefits to the efficiency of your business.

The needs of the market are constantly changing. Fortunately, new techniques and strategies are being developed to better meet these demands. To get ahead, it is essential that your business is always modernizing as well.

The integrated logistics is one of the concepts that arrives to optimize the processes in companies of all the segments.

Focused on improving the operation of the supply chain , this strategy understands the company holistically. That is, it takes all the details into consideration when it comes to standardizing and defining the rules of logistics .

Want more tips on how you can improve your business results? Also read this post about reverse logistics we have prepared! At Zoe Talent Solutions you will get detailed information about logistics management.

Below you will find all the information you need to start applying the integrated logistics in your company! Continue reading and check out:

What Is Integrated Logistics?

The integrated logistics consists of an intelligent system that aims to interconnect all logistics processes of a company. This set of operational strategies should include the monitoring of the logistics flow and the management of activities.

As I said, the idea is that logistics is holistically viewed . A specific sector of the company is responsible for overseeing and planning all logistics processes .

The operation of the company as a whole should be taken into account, allowing the integrated logistics sector to have a panoramic view of the logistics flow .

Because the industry in charge has a broader view of business logistics, it is easier to identify and rectify failures. Problems are often generated precisely by the fragmentation of these processes.

Integrated logistics includes everything from receiving the raw material to the reverse logistics, passing through all stages of transporting the products, including:

Receipt of suppliers;
Processes of the purchasing sectors;
Distribution of goods;
Processes of delivery of products to customers;
Monitoring the activities of its Suppliers and Partners;
Reverse logistic.

Previously, the responsibility of logistics professionals was strongly linked to operational processes. However, with the arrival and popularization of integrated logistics, this becomes a much more strategic position .

It is necessary to have trained professionals to identify the best decisions, diagnose failures and problems in the project and present viable solutions to increase efficiency.


Integrated logistics, as you have already learned, encompasses the logistics processes of the company as a whole. To facilitate the management and monitoring of these processes, however, the industry is divided into three main areas: inbound; outbound and industrial.

In order for it to work properly, integrated logistics requires them to act together and harmonize. Next, you know a little more about each of these areas. Check out:


The inbound expression comes from English, and means " receiving " or refers to something that is " intended for entry ." This integrated logistics area therefore deals with the processes of receiving and stocking products. Here you can include:

The relationship with suppliers;
Acquisition and quality control of raw materials;
Transport of raw materials;
Storage of raw material or product.

That is, it contemplates all communication between the company and the supplier. Strategies in this area of ​​logistics are related to reducing costs and maintaining a good relationship with suppliers and partners.


The outbound expression also comes from English, meaning " delivery " or referring to something that is " destined for exit ." In this way, we can understand this area as one that contemplates the processes of product distribution. For example:

Distribution of products to points of sale;
Delivery of products to the final customer;
Relationship with customers and distributors.

To be efficient, this integrated logistics area must focus on customer satisfaction. It should encompass strategies that guarantee the reduction of costs in deliveries, as well as quality and agility for customers.


Integrated industrial logistics encompasses mainly the supply of production processes. That is, this area is responsible for ensuring that the production lines receive the products, that they go through a quality control and are stored properly until the moment of sending. It includes:

Supply of the production line;
Control of materials used;
Warehousing of products ready for delivery;
Quality control.

Benefits That Integrated Logistics Offers For Your Company

Investing in the integration of logistics can ensure countless advantages for a company. It is interesting to remember that it is possible to outsource this type of management , making its implementation much simpler and more efficient. By having an outsourced sector only for integrated logistics management, your company will be in the hands of professionals who specialize in making these processes as efficient as possible.

Here Are Some Examples Of The Benefits That Integrated Logistics Offers:

Reduction of operating costs ;
Greater control over logistic flow;
Optimized and organized processes ;
Agility of the production area;
Reliability of Information;
Minimization of productive waste ;
Early diagnosis and solution of failures and errors , which can generate costs;
Reduction of time of movement of products;
Alignment of all processes;
Effective and intelligent planning ;
Better relationship with consumers;
Best image for the company.


Implementing an integrated logistics strategy in your company can offer numerous advantages. These include greater process control, increased product and service quality, and improved relationships with suppliers, distributors, and customers!

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