Major Reason to Start Blogging and Guest Posting for your Ecommerce Site

Blogging has many benefits for your E-Commerce site some are Builds trust, authority, and search engine rankings. Drives traffic from search engines organically. Builds brand awareness and loyalty. Help generates leads. That’s true across business types.

Top 6 Reasons to Start Blogging & Guest Posting for your E-commerce Site

Major Reason to Start Blogging and Guest Posting for your Ecommerce Site

1. The consumer is Looking for Answers – and You Have Them

One of the main reasons content exists is that today users search to solve problems, to accomplish tasks, and to do something. In other words, everyone on the web is looking for answers – including the people you want to sell products to.

If you deliver the answers they’re searching for via blogging that will surely affect your brand image in a positive light. If you do it correctly, without selling, with attention to detail and quality that will be a lot better. This builds confidence and trust in your brand.

More confidence = more trust. 
More trust = customers move to a sale more.

Over time, as blogs nurture leads, sales are inevitable – and it all starts with having answers to your audience’s questions.

2. Blogging Increases Site Traffic

If you want more traffic to your e-commerce site then you must start blogging. Websites with blogs get more indexed pages than websites without blogs. The large number of pages you have indexed with search engines like Google, the more chances you have to show up in the search engine rankings.

Every time when you publish a keyword-optimized blog that represents a path to a potential customer searching for that keyword. The content you provide over time will determine whether that traffic transforms into readers, then leads and then sales.

3. Success with E-commerce Blogging Is Proven

From blogging strategy alone, a business can manage to increase their number of paying customers by 40 percent. If you are expert in blogging then you can use your blogs to perform the guest posting services.

You can do this by trapping highly-profitable keywords in your blogs, for which the target audience is actively searching. So, it comes down to blogging and content marketing. Each individual blog builds your site’s authority with Google and customers. This is a big reason enough for all e-commerce brands to create content.

4. People Read Blogs Before They Buy

Blogs have become playing great role in helping consumers make purchase decisions. According to a survey, 84 percent bought products based on how they were described in blogs. 50% said they read blogs to do initial product investigation.

If customers will read an informative blog before making a purchase decision, they’re more likely to feel confident about their decision. A great blog can even inspire them to purchase the product.

Major Reason to Start Blogging and Guest Posting for your Ecommerce Site

5. E-commerce Blogging Builds Trust in Your Brand

Overwhelmingly, blogging is the #1 brand-building activity. In fact, according to a key finding from a report, it was revealed that blogging was among the major ways most marketers are building customer loyalty. Another 50 %  percent are increasing their content creation budgets, which is the top area for spending in 2019.

Blogging is about how you build loyalty over time and increase brand awareness simultaneously. Guest posting to other high quality website can also contribute to increate the traffic and revenue to the ecommerce website.

6. Blogging ROI

Blogging is an investment that builds over time. You can’t expect to publish a blog and get back all that you need in one day, one week, one month, or sometimes even one year. A blog you posted, the one you spent hours researching, outlining, writing, and promoting, has a life beyond its initial publication date.

If it’s a really fantastic blog, it will climb the search engine rankings and earn traffic, and people will continue to find it. If it’s a really, really good blog, it can even go on for years. So it’s really important for a business to create a blogging section in their eCommerce development.

Blogs offer a good way to build trust, drive traffic, and nurture leads passively for your eCommerce business. Blogging is an activity any e-commerce brand will benefit from in the long-term. It is one of the great ways to boost your website, build your brand, and create a loyal following of repeat customers.

Author Bio

Ajay Dalal is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blog Technology and sales pages. He often writes for Dricki, and  Digital Junkies and explores new technologies to share his knowledge through writing.

Pettycash Loan | How to Apply for up to N5million

Pettycash Loan

Want to apply for a pettycash loan but don’t know how? Follow this step-by-step guide to apply and get up to N5,000,000 with amazing interest rates and easy repayment channel.

Pettycash is a lending firm with customers in 36 states in Nigeria. Since it’s inception, pettycash has been giving out loans to federal government staff, salary earners in Nigeria, business owners in Lagos, loans to any officers of the Nigeria security & civil defense corps (NSCDC) and staff of private companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Apart from lending, they also has an investment platform that allows you to earn up to 40% per annum when you choose to invest with pettycash Nigeria. Making pettycash one of the best platform in Nigeria that offers highest return on investment.

Table of Contents

  • How Pettycash loan works
  • Pettycash Loan Requirements
  • Loan Products Offered by Pettycash Nigeria
  • How to get a loan from Pettycash Nigeria
  • Pettycash Loan Interest Rate
  • How to Repay Pettycash Loan
  • Pettycash Contact Details
  • Conclusion

How Pettycash Loan Works

Pettycash loan works in the following ways:

  1. Visit pettycash Nigeria’s website at and click on “Apply loan”
  2. Scroll through any of it’s loan products and select the one that fits your needs
  3. Fill in the loan application form
  4. Pettycash will review your application in a few seconds
  5. Loans disbursement takes place within 2 hour’s.

Pettycash Loan Requirements

Each loan products on pettycash has its own requirements, but here’s what is expected of you when seeking for loan:
  1. You must be a Nigerian
  2. You must not be under the age of 20 or above 60 years
  3. You must have a source of income
  4. You must have a bank account for loan disbursement and easy repayment channel
  5. You must provide any valid means of identification
  6. You must have an Email account
  7. Phone number linked to your account.

Loan Products Offers By Pettycash Nigeria

Here are a list of all the loan products offered on the Pettycash Nigeria platform:

1. Pettycash Federal Staff Loan

Pettycash loan

This platform is specifically designed to any federal government staff in Nigeria. They can apply and get from a loan from N5,000 – N50,000.

2. Pettycash NSCDC Loan

This platform is solely design for any officer of Nigeria security and civil defense corps (NSCDC). Borrowers can apply and get from N50,000 – N500,000.


  • Passport in Uniform
  • Valid work ID.

3. Pettycash Business Loan

This platform is design to favour business owners who lives or reside in Lagos, Nigeria. They can apply and get a loan from N500,000 – N5,000,000.


  • Your car as collateral

4. Pettycash  Personal Loan

This loan is design to any staff of private companies in Lagos. They can apply and get a loan from N50,000 – N500,000.

5. Pettycash Payday Loans

This platform is design for salary earners in Nigeria who are in need of cash for urgent or personal reasons. They can apply and get from N10,000 – N50,000. You can also get 20% of your salary till payday, usually within 14 days – 30 days repayment tenor. Pettycash payday loan Returning customer can also access for more higher amounts.

6. Pettycash plus (+)

Sometimes life comes with an unexpected or expected situation, where you are in urgently need of cash to pay for bills or any other emergency issues. Pettycash+ is all you need to overcome that situation.

You can apply and get up to N10,000 emergency loan within 5 minutes but this platform is strictly for salary earners.

How to get a loan from Pettycash Nigeria

Follow this steps to apply for pettycash loan in Nigeria

  1. Visit pettycash Nigerian website at
  2. Scroll down and click on “Apply for Loan” to proceed
  3. View all pettycash loan products and select the one that best suits your needs
  4. Fill out a loan application form such as: Personal details, bank details, loan amount etc.
  5. Receive your money within 5 minutes if being accepted directly to your bank account
  6. Repay on time to access for a higher amount with much lower interest rate.

Pettycash Loan Amount

Pettycash loan

Pettycash loan amount ranges from N5,000 – N5,000,000 depending on loan products you choose with much lower interest rates.

How to Repay a Pettycash Loan

It’s your pettycash loan at when due? Or approaching it’s due date? If yes, then worry not because pettycash Nigeria has made it easy for you to repay your loans through auto-debit system.

Pettycash will automatically deducts your loans balance on it’s due date through the bank details you submitted when applying for loans.

Pettycash Loan Contact Details

For issues or complain, contact pettycash Nigeria on 01-2919534 or you can send a mail at

Head Office

23 Opebi Rd, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


Pettycash loan is a good platforms you can trust when looking for where to apply for a loan in Nigeria. Be rest assured that all the information you choose to share with them are secured and can never be revealed to any third parties.

Remarketing: Powerful and cost-effective ways to re-engage your customers

Small business does not understand the importance of engagement. Your existing customers are one of your most precious assets, successful brands understand that customers want to interact.

But there is a lot of competition and most of the brands fail to engage their customers. Engaging a customer for the first time can easier than re-engaging, reconnecting with them after they haven’t opened your website or bought one of your products for a while is not as easy as it sounds.

One of the most effective ways to re-engage your customers is by building emotional connections with customers. You have to have an exceptional experience to get your clients to return more often, this means creating interactions that are positive, memorable, and unique to each customer.

If you want to re-engage your customers for better retention successfully, prove that they are dealing with an actual person and not just a nameless, faceless corporation. Focus on the lifetime value of your customers and not on a single transaction.

That’s how you create an experience that sets you apart from your competitors. Create content that appeals to customers and keeps them engaged. Always send a welcoming brief and personalized message to the new member of your online community.

Monitor social media feedbacks because a business is known for its ability to convert and keep a customer. Personalization will enhance your brand, which means customers will continue to buy from you.

Use team member images on social media and forums, social media has become a powerful feedback tool that provides up-to-date insight into how customers are feeling about your brand.

Small gesture like requesting feedback regularly and sending small and personalized birthday e-cards can make a customer feel that a company cares. Personalizing your approach makes customers happy.

Include author bios on your blog. Most customers with complaints may use social media to raise their voice and most expect a response within minutes.

Dividing customers into groups based on preferences, history, location, etc. can result in effective broadcasting. You can spot the trends and customer’s buying patterns. Make someone your brand ambassador (not necessarily a famous personality), just to give your brand a human face.

By responding to tweets, posts, and comments, your service team showcases your customer service quality. Sending group-specific messages can also go a long way in establishing an emotional connection with a customer.

If you know your customers’ interests, you can send important reminders and resources to help them enjoy your products. We all know how important social media is for customer engagement.

Make the most out of your social media pages, if you successfully resolve the issue and satisfy the customer’s needs, your social media following will witness it as well.

Customer relationship management systems make it easy for companies to not only retain important information about each customer but they also allow them to send them personalized emails/messages based on that information.

Everyone loves event invitations, especially customers, hosting a local meetup or industry event, hosting an event is a great way for your customers to learn from their peers or feel like they’re part of an exclusive community.

Hosting events is a powerful way to compel your existing customers to reconnect with you face-to-face and convince them to reunite with your brand in person.

Even if you don’t host your event, look for local networking opportunities, this is a popular cost-effective way to re-engage your customers at corporate Delhi.

If you host an event like this, you’ll ensure you don’t lose touch with your customers, make sure that you communicate with your customers beforehand.

Why Your Business Needs An SEO

The traditional ways and perspectives used in businesses have changed as the world shifts and become to look for faster yet more convenient and reliable ways of living. The digital technology provided ways so that different sectors can adapt to these aspirations, thus, the rise of digital marketing. And whenever we encounter this type of marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the strategies to achieve success in the business world.

Why Your Business Needs An SEO

SEO is the process of using search engines in order to improve your website’s visibility. With so much SEO has to offer, any kind of business can be surely successful.

Top 5 reasons why your business absolutely needs SEO

Here are the top ways your business can prosper while making use of a good SEO

It helps build trust and credibility to your venture.

As SEO provides better searchability to your business’ website, it also builds a strong foundation. This happens by having a clear and effective user experience. Moreover, the credibility of the digital aspects of the business using an SEO provides a good quality backlink profile, incontestable user behavior, and optimized on-page content and element.

However, it must be remembered that a good foundation doesn’t happen overnight. It needs time and patience to make it happen.

It helps provide a better user experience. 

One way to achieve better visibility is by ensuring an optimal user experience by the visitors. Unfortunately, this is the least thing to consider in achieving this goal. 
People are being more specific with what they want, and if your website fails to give what they’re looking for, this can result in a poor website performance.

A good SEO can persuade a visitor to experience your website by providing incorporated ways to achieve a positive user experience which adds better results to your website. 

Localized SEO is equals to higher engagement, rates and conversion.

Local SEO focuses on a specific place to create visibility on a localized level. Professional SEOs are doing this by optimizing your website and its contents, local citations, backlinks and listings to a particular location and business industry your brand belongs to.

Localized SEO helps your business be more easily to search on that particular area which gives you higher chances of getting potential customers. 

SEO can give impact on the buying cycle.

Another tactic SEOs do to boost your venture is to provide potential buyers about your products and services, discounts, promos and other offers you have, and even how it can provide convenience to them. Since most of the people are relying on digital aspects to research for their needs and wants, there’s always a potential that they can see your offers. When your SEO do it job right, this will definitely mean more chances of sales and profit. 

Knowing the dynamics of SEO can give you a better understanding about the web’s environment.

The digital world is an ever-changing world, and your digital tools like your website must keep up with these updates and other changes. As your SEO copes with these changes and how other businesses especially your competitors does it job, this can also provide better understanding of how your website can adapt to the changes, making it beneficial especially to your potential consumers.

Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a business and SEO blogger from When not working online, she usually spends her time painting and doing crafts. She is also a travel junkie and has an event planning business in the Philippines.

C24 Loan | Interest Rate | Requirements | How to apply

C24 loan gives you fund’s up to N3million with no collateral, low interest rates and a simplified repayment structure which means you don’t have to break the bank to payback.

C24 loan

C24 is a financial institution which provides quick loans in Nigeria for individuals, salary earners or small scale business owners who lives/ or works in Lagos State.

Table of Contents

  • C24 Loan Requirements
  • Different types of loans on C24
  • How to Apply
  • Interest Rate
  • How to pay back C24 loan
  • Penalty for C24 loan defaulters

C24 Loan Requirements

Before accessing for a loan on C24 make sure to provide these requirements:

1. Valid means of identification

You must prove your identity to C24 by uploading any of these means of identifications such as National ID, Voters Card, Driving Licence and current ECOWAS password.

2. Letter of Employment

To prove that you are a salary earner, you have to provide your letter of employment. Or you can provide your tax ID or pension statement

3. Bank Statement of Account

You must provide the last 6 months bank statement of account to check the inflow and outflow of funds and to help determine your loan offers and interest rate.

4. One Recent Passport Photograph

To prove your identity

5. Utility bills

To get a loan from C24, you must provide any of these utility bills; PHCN, Water bill, LAWMA bill or Rent Agreement.

Different types of loans on C24 platform in Nigeria

• C24 Personal Loan

Personal loan is a loan needed to take care of urgent and personal needs such as; health issue/medical bills, business, vacation, weeding, housing and so on. Getting a C24 personal loan is all you need, as you can get a loan up to N3,000,000 instantly.

• C24 Business Loan

Business loan is a loan needed to take care of all our business needs and wants. C24 business loan is designed for SMEs entrepreneur’s, business owners etc.

• C24 Quick Cash Loan

Quick Cash Loan is a loan needed to take care of quick and urgent personal issues that may occur that can’t be solved with money at hand, bank or requesting from friends.

C24 is the best platform unlike renmoney to get quick loans within minutes of applying.

How to Apply for a C24 Loan In Nigeria

  1. Visit C24 loan office at 4, Adenubi Close, Off Majekodunmi Street, Ikeja, Lagos to apply for loans.
  2. You can also apply online by visiting the C24 loan website at
  3. Click on “Apply now” to proceed.
  4. Fill out your personal information.
  5. Identification information/Next of kin.
  6. Employment information.
  7. Loans – Account details.
  8. Tell them how you hear about C24 loan.
  9. Accept it’s terms and conditions.
  10. Loan disbursement take place within minutes of applying.

Interest Rate

C24 loan offers and interest rate of 2.9 – 4.5% monthly based on your credit worthiness and risk score. Although it may decrease once you build trust with the platform.

C24 offers fund’s up to N5million for a period of 2 – 12 months with no collateral and your fund’s will be disbursed into your bank account.

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How to pay back C24 Loan

C24 make use of automatic deduction, which automatically deducts your loan balance on it’s due date. But you can also choose to repay your loans via any of they following ways:

  • Cheaques.
  • Standing order/instruction.
  • Point of sale terminal.

Repay via any of these C24 loan account numbers

Serial No. – Account name – Account no. – Bank

1. C24 limited – 0224847512 – GTbank.
2. C24 limited – 1014459477 – Zenith Bank.
3. C24 limited – 3290557011 – FCMB.
4. C24 limited – 5620052306 – Fidelity Bank.
4. C24 limited – 2029762400 – First Bank.
6. C24 limited – 0021403032 – Stanbic IBTC.

Penalties for C24 Loan Defaulters

C24 loan

C24 will charge you 1% instalment fee for each day of default. If the default passes 30 days, more stringent measures may applied such as:

  • Reporting defaulters to his/her employer.
  • Reporting defaulters to the national credit bureau (NCB).

C24 Loan Contact Details

For more information, please contact C24 Customer care service at +2349090897471; +2349090896919.


You can send C24 a mail at

Working Hours:

8:00AM – 5:00PM

Working Days:

Monday – Fridays

Head Office

4 Adenubi Close Off Majekodunmi Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.


C24 loan ensure that all the personal informations you choose to share with them are secured and can never be revealed to any third party. Unless in the case of you being reported to the national credit bureau for defaulting of loans.

Knowing these 8 Secret will improve your GPA

Knowing these 8 Secret will improve your GPA

Grade average or GPA is the median of all grades in a secondary education student’s life. But you likely already realized that you have to increase yours.

Begin with this concept

Begin with this concept because it should be evident that the response to the issue “How can i enhance my GPA?” Your GPA is average in all classes so that you have to achieve higher qualifications in your classes to increase them.

There is no hidden trick to get a stronger GPA there is no’GPA hack.’ you have to acknowledge the reality that hard work is on it’s manner to improving your GPA.

If you are concerned about your GPA and want to look for ups and downs of your GPA then you should use science GPA calculations (after every semester) in your GPA but also it helps you to estimate your GPA.

Calculating GPA manually nowadays has been underrated and there could be doubt of errors but by using an online GPA calculator you don’t have to doubt for precision and accuracy.

Grades are the college achievement master. Like the wage at a work, the baseball batting average or the inventory prices, your grade point average indicates how you do it objectively. And yet, amazingly, there is little excellent news of what learner’s should do to get excellent qualifications in college.

School should be your first priority

The first thing you need to do is to commit yourself to the concept that college is one of the most significant items of your lives at the moment. School is the first thing. It’s more essential than practicing basketball, rather than calling your others, and more important than watching the binge Netflix.

You can’t allow schoolwork and your other non-educational obligations to take back place in your personal lives. If you do, raising your GPA will be unbelievably difficult for you.

Categorize classes where you should improve

Are there courses you don’t generally study for? Prioritize classes where you slack? Do you never plug in your homework, are there any courses? If one of these issues is answered yes, your GPA could likely be raised easily.

Let’s put that 50% of the moment and energy that you might be presently giving these courses. You can transform your grade to 100 percent and increase your GPA entirely.

Don’t miss any class

Be serious about slacking out, make sure you take every lesson seriously. Take every lesson seriously. You may have an A because you just believe it’s dumb.

Make sure you give every subject your complete attention when you are serious about enhancing your your GPA. The number of courses that can be lost in each course and still do well, most learner’s have a reducing budget.

However, each class has about 3 percent of the material if there are 35 class conferences. And that’s 20%, Miss seven. And if you just break off the school before Thanksgiving and the professor takes the test query from that school for the final. Well, for the cost of one class, you really can do great harm to your GPA.

Take notes as Robocop

If you don’t write notes at any of your courses at present, just begin doing. Taking notes can assist you to memorize your courses, highlight significant data and make mention when you study.

You should bring notes in a manner that works for you. If you are a visual student, your notes will help with pictures and diagrams. If you are a read/write student, it might be better to take lengthy, thorough notes. If you’re an auditory learner, you may want to record lessons so that you can spend your time talking to your teacher in the classroom.

The lectures of the teacher shape the majority of the content studied during many initiation lessons in the middle and final stages. So all the teacher tells in the lesson should be written. Do not be too concerned about structure, or forget special “note-taking systems”.

Make up a group study plan

Revising through discussion can bring a great deal of self-discipline. Try to join or form one research group if you have difficulty preparing yourself correctly for this stuff.

The chances are you know certain things your schoolmate do, and you understand certain things you don’t do. Together, you may be responsible and assist each other to succeed in the course stuff.

Many learners enhance with “pupils” or research groups, particularly when their cohorts are faster than they are. Try to gather at least once a week particularly in the class where issue sets or quizzes are available daily. Students can enhance one or more grades when they engage with other learners in a structured manner.

Note down key points and study away from textbook

They don’t want you to break down; they are meant to add lessons and class conversationsations. Purchase all the textbooks and take these suggestions for use: read all content allocated.

When a teacher sends out a section to study at home, read the full text, including opening vignettes, case studies as well as charts and exposures (unless otherwise teacher states not to. You understand the most critical components of the document.

The most critical vocabulary for instance in one of my lessons is that the language is highlighted by the fact that all words and concepts are imported at the edges of all chapters. It may sound unimportant, but your guides to achievement are course curricula.

A program provides you with data on how you are graded and how many particular tasks are worth. You will not be amazed, if you read and comprehend the curriculum, by any tasks or by how much they contribute to your general level.

Talk to your teachers, “Hook up” with the prof

The least-used resources at university and the one that will most probably profit your degree are office hours in individual or electronically. This is the only moment you can get professional or educational one-on-one assistance. Search if and how your professor wishes to meet traditional hours, e-mail, Skype, or even Twitter or Facebook.

When it’s about improving your GPA, your professors are your most precious asset. You will most probably offer it if you let them know about your plans and ask for assistance. Now, it doesn’t always take the form of a free additional loan task, but it may be more helpful if your professor reads the final document before turning in. Tell your professors what you want and ask for assistance they are going to assist you to succeed.

Do ALL of the course assignments

Almost all school courses are examined, and sometimes examinations are the most significant part of your graduation, so it is essential to be a nice test person.

  • Each teacher has a testing style, so acquire previous copies or straight consult the professor. Know the kind of issues you are asking and the material you are covering.
  • Carefully read questions and schedule your answers. Take the moment to read all directions and schedule a plan at the start of the exam.
  • Pace yourself, so that you have plenty of time to finish all of them. And you know the v-section of questions so that the most important questions can be completed first if the time goes out.
  • Don’t be shy ask questions. If you don’t know or need to clarify the query, contact the teacher. Don’t wait to take the exam back and find your question answered incorrectly. Asking questions can be frightening, but it is better to ask questions and gain inside knowledge than to rest and remain ignorant if you don’t comprehend a notion, idea or issue. Make sure you ask questions when you have difficulty and stop until you comprehend the present subject.

Jim Ovia – Biography and Net Worth of The Founder of Zenith Bank

Jim Ovia is a Nigerian businessman, motivational speaker and a writer. The founder of Zenith Bank plc, Visafone communication limited, the chairman of both the Nigerian software development initiatives (NSDI) and the national information technology advisory council (NITAC).

He is a former member of the governing council of the Nigerian investment promotion commission (NIPC). In addition, he is a noted philanthropist.

Tables Of Contents

  • Biography
  • Net Worth
  • Early Career
  • Jim Ovia Rise to Prominence
  • Jim Ovia Personal Life
  • Jim Ovia’s Book – Africa Rise and Shine
  • Jim Ovia Philanthropic Gesture
  • Conclusion

Jim Ovia Biography

Jim Ovia, a Nigerian business mogul was dubbed by forbes Africa as the Godfather of Banking, earned this title by building Nigerians largest bank (Zenith Bank Plc). Jim Ovia was born on the 4th of November, 1951 in Agbor, Delta State. He is the second son of Obi Olihe of Agbor Obi, one of the most revered chiefs in Agbor Kingdom, Delta State according to ReDahlia of entrepreneurs.

He attended Ika grammar school, Bojiboji-Owa for his secondary education, and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana, Monroe, Louisiana,USA in 1979 and a B.Sc. degree in business administration from southern university, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA in 1977. He is also an Alumnus of Harvard Business School (OPM).

Jim Ovia Net Worth

Jim Ovia, dubbed the “Godfather of Banking” by Forbes Africa, earned this title by building Nigeria’s largest bank (Zenith Bank Plc), is rank as 37 richest man in Africa in 2015 list of 50 richest man in Africa published by Forbes Magazine, With a net worth of $550 million. Although he dropped off in 2016.

Jim Ovia – Early Career

It all started out for Jim, when he worked as a clerk for 3 years at Union Bank, previously known as Barclays Bank in 1973, shortly after he finished his secondary school before moving abroad where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree. When he was set to complete his national youth service corps (NYSC) he chooses union bank. Jim also worked at Lions bank where he rose to the position of branch manager in Lagos. Soon after, Jim started working as a financial analyst at international merchant bank (IBM) before he was promoted as a manager in 1980. After spending some years as bank manager at IBM, he migrated to merchant bank of Africa (MBA) and that move later became the turning point of his life.

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Jim Ovia Rise To Prominence

Jim Ovia is a global thought leader in the field of banking, business and entrepreneurship. A man of integrity who believes in the power of passion, perseverance, and dedication to duty. He founded Zenith Bank Plc on May 1990, in the time of tension between military and civilian regimes, period of incredible economic instability, and decaying infrastructure under the then rule of Ibrahim Babangida as military president of Nigeria from 1985 until his resignation in 1993.

Jim Ovia’s Zenith Bank has grown astronomically to become one of the leading financial institutions in Africa. Zenith bank plc is among the top 6 biggest bank in the continent. The bank grew it’s shareholders funds of N20 million in 1990 to N704.50 billion in 2016. Today, the bank continues to thrive on the strong values, brand equity, corporate culture of Professionalism and service excellence which are the foundations upon which the bank was built. Jim also founded visafone communication limited in 2007. Although the company was later acquired by MTN, a leading telecommunication company in Africa in 2015. Before the acquisition, visafone had more than 3 million subscriber’s.

In 1995, Ovia founded Cyberspace Network Limited, which was one of the pioneers of internet services in Nigeria. The company provides software services and network services including 4G LTE, Cyber Max, Metronet.

Jim Ovia Personal Life

Jim Ovia is married to Kay Ovia, known to be quite enterprising. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Markets and initiator of Star Rising Talent Hunt for children and young adults.

Though her husband is a well known philanthropist, Kay has a long term passion and vision to independently nurture and develop talents in young people through her Star Rising Talent Hunt.

Jim Ovia Book – Africa Rise and Shine

Africa Rise and Shine is a book written by Jim Ovia. Inside the book, Jim explained how he became so successful in life, and also how he managed to create one of Africa’s largest bank. Spanning decades of both world and Nigerian history, Africa Rise and Shine dives deep into the event’s that led to Jim’s triumph. Drawing upon his educational experience and relentless determination, Jim was able to overcome every hurdle that stood in his way of his bank becoming the national icon that it is today.
Africa Rise and Shine is a part-memoir, part-inspirational business guide, reminding entrepreneurs and investor’s around the world of this valuable lesson; you must never allow the perceptions of others, affect your own vision of what is possible for the future.

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Jim Ovia Philanthropic Gesture

Jim Ovia is a good man who is willing to give back to the society, and when he saw the link between lack of quality education and poverty in the community, he founded the Jim Ovia foundation (a non profit organization) which focuses on improving the socioeconomic welfare of Nigerian youths by inspiring and motivating them to embrace information and communication technology (ICT). His long term goal is to bridge the knowledge gap to enable Nigerian youths compete in a global economy and to incorporate ICT into the Nigerian education policy as a fourth science to ensure progressive and continuous learning.

Over 1500 students have been provided scholarship at different higher institutions, where as, more than 3500 has been empowered since 2002. Also, over 500 entrepreneurs have been empowered.

Jim headed numerous Non-governmental organization at different times including serving as the first president of Nigeria internet group (NIG) from 2001-2003. He is the founder and chairman of mankind United to support total education (MUSTE), a philanthropic organization aimed at providing scholarship for the less privilege.

From 1999-2007, Ovia was a member of the governing council of the Nigerian investment promotion commission and also served on the board of American international School in Lagos from 2001 -2003. He is a member of the governing council of Lagos State University, Lagos and a member of the board of trustees, Redeemers University for nation’s, Lagos, Nigeria.


Jim Ovia is a Nigerian Businessman, a philanthropist, a motivational speaker and a writer who work harder to achieve wealth and fame.

24 Lists Of License Insurance Companies In Nigeria

Here are the 24 list of insurance companies in Nigeria that are permitted to carry out insurance policy by the Nigerian stock exchange (NSE).

Insurance can be defined as the contract of transferring known risk at a price (premium) to the insurer (insurance company), that access to pay compensation to those named in the insurance When the risk/loss occurred.

The role of insurance companies in Nigeria include but not limited to helping in reduction of financial risk; provide provide protection from loss due to unforeseen circumstances; provide safety and security; promote economic growth and serve as financial intermediaries.

The are many types of insurance in Nigeria namely: Life insurance; Auto insurance, Health insurance; Property insurance, Deposit insurance; Mortgage and Agricultural insurance.

Tables Of Contents

  • List of 24 Insurance Companies In Nigeria
  • Royal Exchange General Insurance
  • Leadway Assurance
  • NICON Insurance
  • Nigeria Agriculture Insurance
  • African Alliance Insurance
  • Cornerstone Insurance
  • Custodian and Allied Insurance
  • Mutual Benefits Assurance
  • AXA Mansard Insurance
  • LASACO Assurance
  • Consolidated Hallmark Insurance
  • Niger Insurance
  • Goldlink Insurance
  • Continental Reinsurance
  • Industrial and General Insurance
  • Capital Express Assurance
  • FBN Insurance
  • Wapic Insurance
  • STACO Insurance
  • Universal Insurance
  • ADIC Insurance
  • Metropolitan Life Assurance
  • Anchor Insurance
  • Conclusion

List Of 24 Insurance Companies In Nigeria

There are thousands of insurance companies, but these are the 24 insurance companies listed by the Nigerian stock exchange

1: AIICO Insurance

AIICO Insurance plc was founded in 1963. Since then, the have risen to become the leading life insurer in Nigeria. AIICO provides life and health insurance, general insurance, investment management and pension management services as a means to create and protect wealth for individuals, families and corporate customers.

Head Office: Plot PC 12, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Tel: 0700 AIIContact (0700 2442 6682 28); 01 279 2930

2: Royal Exchange General Assurance

Royal exchange general assurance was founded in 1720 and was one of the two insurance companies in Britain to receive legal status through Royal Charter. Originally established for marine business, it expanded within a year to include fire and life insurance as well, thereby becoming British first composite insurer.

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In 1918, Royal exchange assurance started operations in Nigeria, becoming the first insurance company in Nigeria. The company went public on July 18, 1989 and was duly listed on the Nigerian stock exchange on the following year.

Head Office: New Africa House 31, Marina, Lagos
Tel: +234-1-4606690-9; 07080606100

3: Lead Assurance Company

Leadway assurance company was founded in 1970 by Sir (Dr.) Hassan Olusola Odukale. It was authorized and regulated by the national insurance commission, RIC NO.025

Leadway assurance is one of Nigeria’s foremost insurance service companies, with a reputation for service efficiency and customer reliability. Leadway provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, travel insurance and life insurance. The company’s business operation started in Kaduna state from their, it spread to other parts of the federation.

Head Office: 121/123 Funso Williams Avenue, Iponri, Suruleere, Lagos; NN 28/29 Constitution Road, Kaduna
Tel: 01-2700 700

4: NICON Insurance

Since it’s incorporation in 1969, NICON Insurance Ltd has risen to become one of Africa’s leading insurers. It’s primary objective is to assist in the development of the insurance industry in Nigeria and specifically to ensure that federal government assets and property are fully protected by way of insurance.

Head Office: Ground Floor NICON Plaza, Plot 242 Muhammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja
Tel: +2349087260168; +2348055084597
Email: Click here

5: Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Company (NAIC)

Prior to the establishment of NAIC on 15th November 1987. Nigerian farmers suffered various losses on their investment and had no means of going back to production and because of this, it leads to depletion of farming populace, which was a serious threat to food security. The need for a specialized agricultural insurance company to provide insurance cover to farmers was informed by government concern over the vacuum created due to the unwillingness of conventional insurers to accept agricultural risk, which they considered too risky.

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The Nigerian agriculture insurance corporation is therefore a wholly-owned federal government of Nigeria insurance company set up specifically to provide agricultural insurance cover to Nigerian farmers.

Head Office: Plot 590 Zone A.O. Central Area Garki, Abuja
Tel: +2347035338485; +2348023102420

6: African Alliance Insurance

African Alliance Insurance plc was founded by Chief S.L. Edu (CON), Mr T.A. Braithwaite (CON) and Chief M.E.R. Okorodudu; and was incorporated as an insurance company on 6 May, 1960. AAI insurance, as it is often called by people is widely recognized as the most experienced and strongest specialist life assurance office in Nigeria, serving thousands of customers with personalised insurance products tailored for each stage of their lives.

Head Office: 54 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
Tel: +2348066309476; +2347032294082
Email: or

7: Cornerstone Insurance

Cornerstone Insurance plc. Incorporated on 26th July 1991 as a private limited liability company and became a public limited liability. Quoted on the Nigerian stock exchange in 1997. The are licensed and re-certifield by the national insurance commission (NAICOM) to do both general and life business. Cornerstone Insurance is a leading insurance company in Nigeria that offers Motor Vehicle, Travel Insurance, Aviation, Marine, Engineering all Risk, Asset Protection, Liability to third party, Oil and Gas, Group Life, Credit Life, Mortgage Protection, Wealth Creation Products, Term Assurance and Takaful (Islamic Insurance). The are also the first insurance company in Nigeria to provide customers with an online platform for insurance transaction.

Head Office: 21 Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +2348106000800 (sales enquiries and support); 01-2806500 & 0700 Cornerstone (079026763778663) (corporate enquiries, feedback and complaints)
Email: (sales enquiries and support); (corporate enquiries, feedback and complaints); (claims lodgement, enquiries and complaints).

8: Custodian and Allied Insurance

Custodian investment plc is an investment company with significant holding in companies and brands including Custodian and Allied Insurance Ltd, Custodian life assurance Ltd, Custodian trustees and crusader Sterling pension limited all rendering best in class services in their respective spheres.

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The company is managed by a board comprising thoroughbred professionals with a proven track records in their various fields of endeavor, who brings broad and deep insights derived from several years of fruitful and eventful years of experience to bear on the direction of the company.

Head Office: 16A Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +23412774000-9

9: Mutual Benefits Assurance

Mutual Benefits Assurance plc was incorporated in 1995 and has rose to become the leading financial, wealth protection company in Nigeria. It’s main objective is to give insurance advice or assistance in preparing for retirement with a life; the also render qualitative insurance and risk management services such as life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, special risks and investment products and services.

Head Office: Aret Adams House, 233 Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +2349054644444; +2349054744444

10: AXA Mansard Insurance

AXA Mansard Insurance plc was incorporated in 1989 as a private limited liability company and is registered as a composite company with the national insurance commission of Nigeria (NAICOM). In November 2009, AXA Mansard Insurance plc was listed as an insurance company by the Nigerian stock exchange (NSE). The company offers life and non-life insurance products and services to Individuals and institutions across Nigeria whilst also offering assets/investment management services, health management services and pension fund administration through its three subsidiaries namely: AXA Mansard investment Ltd; AXA Mansard health Ltd and AXA Mansard pension Ltd.

Head Office: Santa Clara, Plot 1412 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +2347006267273

11: LASACO Assurance

LASACO Assurance plc is a composite insurance and financial services company incorporated on 20 December 1979 under the companies decree of 1968. The company, previously known as Lagos State Assurance Company Ltd obtain license as an insurer on 7 July 1980 and commence business operations on 1st August 1980.

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Having been listed by the Nigerian stock exchange as an insurance company, Lasaco business portfolio includes leadership and significant share of key federal and state government insurance businesses, multinational and private companies underwriting business in major sectors of the economy, from heavy engineering and construction, banking and finance, manufacturing agriculture, tourism, life covers to the high tech capital intensive, special risks area of the Oil and Gas, and aerospace. Lasaco business interests include Real Estate and through its various non-core business investments.

Head Office: Plot 16 Acme Road, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria. P.O.Box 3724
Tel: 07000Lasaco (07000527226)
Email: or

12: Consolidated Hallmark Insurance

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance plc also known as CHI PLC, is among the 24 lists of license insurance companies in Nigeria offering products on all-risk insurance, home insurance, personal accident, burglary insurance, goods-in-transit, travel insurance, aviation, bond insurance, consequential loss, machinery breakdown, marine and money insurance etc.

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Following a merger in 2006, CHI PLC emerged as one of the top ten general business and special risk insurance underwriters in Nigeria. The are the second insurance company in Nigeria to obtain the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System Certification).

Head Office: 266 Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: 0700CHINSURANCE (0700244678872623); +23412912543 or +23412912532.
Email: or

13: Niger Insurance

Niger Insurance Plc is a leading insurance company in Nigeria, founded in August, 1962 as a specialist life company under the name Yorkshire insurance company. The transacts all classes of insurance business and offers a wide range of innovative and customer oriented insurance products in life and non life insurance to its growing clients.

Niger Insurance Plc is fully computerized with the most advanced software technology. The computer network is capable of expansion and upgrading to meet with present and future increases in the volume of business.

Head Office: 48/50 Odunlami Street, Lagos Island
Tel: +2348133244981; +2348136053520

14: Goldlink Insurance

Goldlink Insurance plc was incorporated on 15th April 1992 as a private limited liability company and granted license to operate as a fully fledged insurance company on 8th September 1993. In May, 2007, Goldlink Insurance plc was converted to a public liability company and was listed as an insurance company by the Nigerian stock exchange on 12th Febuary, 2008 with the aim of being the no.1 insurance provider of choice in Africa. The offers Insurance policy such as Group Life insurance, General Accident, Marine and Aviation, Motor Insurance, Oil and Gas, Compulsory Insurance, Engineering Policy, Individual Life Insurance, Liability Policy, School Safety etc.

Head Office: 6 Emmanuel Street, Maryland, P.O.Box 5987, Marina Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 0700GOLDLINK (070046535465; 0811792300-5
Email: and

15: Continental Reinsurance

Continental Reinsurance was incorporated in Nigeria in 1985 as a private Reinsurance company. From January 1987, the started operating as a general reinsurer and in January 1990, the became a composite reinsurer, offering both treaty and facultative life and non life Reinsurance with a well diversified business mix and customer base.

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The converted to a public limited liability company in 2000 with the aim of becoming the recognized leading Reinsurance company in Africa. In May, 2007, the were listed on the Nigerian stock exchange.

Head Office: St. Nicholas House (8th Floor), 6 Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island
Tel: +23414625374

16: Industrial and General Insurance

Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) plc was founded by Mr. Remi Olowude, a distinguished insurance professional reputed for revolutionizing the insurance industry in Nigeria. IGI plc commenced business in January 1992 as a composite insurer to transact the business of life and General insurance, including pensions and special risks. The quickly established a reputation for exceptional competence and became the preferred insurer for individuals and corporate clients seeking premium insurance and related financial services.

From inception, IGI demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise in the underwriting of specialised risk in oil and energy, marine, aviation, engineering and industrial risks management.

Head Office: 2 Agoro Odiyan Street Off Adesola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.
Tel: (01) 2918853; (01) 2918854

17: Capital Express Assurance

Capital Express Assurance plc is one of the 24 list of license insurance companies in Nigeria listed by the Nigerian stock exchange as an insurance company. The are known to be one of the fastest growing life assurance companies in Nigeria. With a formidable reinsurance treaty in place with African reinsurance corporation, capital express assurance plc unique strength reside in the area of excellence design and effective management of tailor-made financial services.

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They manage robust life portfolio for individuals and organizations in different sectors including Government agencies and parastatals, Multi-nationals, military and para-military, clubs and associations, manufacturing, finance and regulatory bodies, educational institutions, hospital industry, aviation and other corporate organizations in Nigeria. Capital express assurance is focused on empowering you with vital information that helps you achieve a healthier, smarter and more successful lifestyle.

Head Office: 13 Bishop Kale Close, Off Kasumu Ekemode Street, Off Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria

Tel: 0700Capital express (070022739277873)

18: FBN Insurance

FBN Insurance is a limited liability company license to transact life insurance businesses in Nigeria. The company is jointly owned by FBN Holding Plc (65%) and the Sanlam institutions in South Africa (35%) and it officially commenced operations on the 1st of September 2010. FBN Insurance was named the fastest growing insurance company in Nigeria by the national association of insurance and pension correspondents (NAIPCO) in 2007, and also named as the most profitable life insurance company in Nigeria in 2019, and also the 3rd ranked life insurance company based on their Gross premium in the same year.

Their main objective is to help their customers to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from managing the risks of everyday life and also to help people, businesses and communities to get back on their feet when the unexpectded happens. With FBNInsurance, you can also save for a comfortable future and protect what matters to you.

Head Office: 165 First East Circular Road, Benin City, Edo State.
Tel: 0700 FIRSTCONTACT (0700347782668228)

19: Wapic Insurance

Wapic Insurance Plc is a leading West African full line insurance company founded in 1958. The offers a diverse range of products and services covering life, general and special risk businesses. Wapic Insurance Plc is licensed to underwrite all classes of insurance such as fire and special perils, goods-in-transit, all risk insurance.

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Wapic Insurance operates two business lines; Wapic life assurance limited which operates in Nigeria, and a regional footprint in Ghana, Wapic Insurance (Ghana) limited. In order to increase the company’s ongoing repositioning and restructuring initiatives, wapic merged with intercontinental properties Ltd; a development, which has significantly enhanced Wapics underwriting capacity placed it amongst the top 5 Insurance companies in Nigeria.

Head Office: 119 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi P.O.Box 55508, Falomo-Ikoyi
Tel: 01277450045664577

20: STACO Insurance

STACO Insurance Plc emerged in July 1994 as a result of discreet acquisition and restructuring carried out on Alpha Insurance Plc. It was incorporated in Nigeria on 10th October 1991 and subsequently license to transact all classes of insurance business on 1st October 1994. The company under the new name commenced general insurance business and special risks with registration no. RIC 038.

STACO Insurance Plc is owned and managed by Nigerians who have distinguished themselves in their various business endeavours and manned by seasoned professionals who have proven integrity in the Nigerian insurance industry.

Head Office: 209, Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: +2348150970457; +2348064103680

21: Universal Insurance

The Universal Insurance company limited (UNISURE) now Universal Insurance Plc, was estby the then Eastern Nigeria government, African Continental Bank Plc in 1961 through an association between Eastern Nigeria development corporation (ENDC) and Pearl Assurance company limited of London whereby ENDC acted as agents to the insurance company.

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The aftermath of the Nigerian civil war was that the eastern Nigeria became defunct, thus after series of changes, the east central state was split into 5 states (Anambra, IMO, Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi state). These 5 states apart from many individuals have shares in the company.

The Universal Insurance plc is one of the nation’s largest personal lines insurer. The deals with all types of insurance, Auto, Property, Commercial etc. The are widely known for providing peace of mind to their clients and enriching their quality of life through their partnership in the management of the risk they face.

Head Office: 8 Gbagada Expressway, Anthony, Lagos Nigeria
Tel: +234(1)2934645; +2348037589255

22: Adic Insurance

Adic Insurance Ltd is a composite insurance company with license to underwrite all classes and volumes of general insurance and life businesses. Founded in 1989 by professor J.O Irukwu. The company which was previously registered as African Development Insurance Company changed its name to ADIC Insurance Ltd in October 2006, after Diamond bank, a leading Nigerian financial services provider acquired 96% equity stake in August 2006.

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The company has achieved constantly growing performance through the adoption of Total Quality Management, Skilled and highly motivated human resources and the use of modern technologies. Adic Insurance has consistently produced customized package policies that provide their clients with high quality services they deserve. On 8th July 2011, NSIA Participations S.A. Holdings acquired 96.15% equity stake of ADIC, making it the first bank-owned insurance company to comply with the CBN directives.

Head Office: 3 Elsie Femi Pearse Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Tel: 01-2805378-9; 2714977 or 01-2798258

23: Metropolitan Life Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance Nigeria Ltd is an insurance company that emerged following the successful recapitalization and change of name of erstwhile HEIRS Life Assurance Company Ltd. The company started out as a joint venture between united Bank for Africa (UBA) and Momentum Metropolitan Holding Limited of South Africa, a Johannesburg stock exchange listed company that has been doing business in South Africa for more than a century. Metropolitan Life insurance company offers group life and credit life products to their clients.

Head Office: 205b Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro Lagos Nigeria
Tel: +234(01)277252024

24: Anchor Insurance

Anchor Insurance company limited was registered and licensed by the national insurance commission (NAICOM) in October 1989 as a general business (non-life) Insurance outfit and started business in November of the same year. The company commence operations at its registered office in uyo, Akwa Ibom State and later, for business reasons, joined it’s fellow underwriting outfits in Lagos. While it has its Victoria Island Office in Lagos as it’s cooperate head office, it’s office in Uyo still remains it’s registered office. The offers general and special risks Insurance services such as Agriculture Insurance, Anchor loEIS, Micro Insue, Motor Insurance, Bonds and suretyship, Burglary and House, Fire Insurance, Hull and Cargo etc.

Head Office: 7/13 Aka Road, Uyo Cultural Village Complex, Akwa Ibom State. Obasanjo Presidential library
Tel: +2348067107569


These 24 lists of license insurance companies in Nigeria are among the total number of 47 Insurance companies being listed out by the Nigerian stock exchange.

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Racksterly Review: Scam or Legit – Share and Get Paid

Racksterly review … Racksterly ( is an online sharing platform that allow its users to share a business on their Facebook account and get paid once their shared link is being clicked.

Racksterly is not a get rich quick scheme of a thing, nor a Ponzi scheme, HYIP or pyramid scheme, but a good way to make money online with your Facebook account and your money will be disbursed into your local bank account.

Tables Of Contents

  • A Brief Review Of What Racksterly is All About
  • How It Works
  • Is Racksterly Legit Or Scam
  • How To Make Money
  • How To Register
  • Racksterly Contact Details
  • Conclusion

A Brief Review Of What Is All About

Racksterly is an online sharing platform founded by Medaecon Limited (RC 756703) that pays you in US dollar ($) for connecting businesses and causes with the people who care about and support them or by charging businesses to broadcast themselves to the world. You also earn a 5% commission per each friend you refer via your referral link. 

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How Racksterly Works works in the following ways:

  1. Visit with your mobile phone or laptop that has access to the internet
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  4. Now, it’s time to subscribe to any of its four channels in other to become a fully member
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Note: Subscribing to a plan gives you 30 days access to its community. If you invite 6 members to the same plan you’re on or a higher plan before your subscription expires and get the next month of subscription free of charge.

Is Racksterly Scam Or Legit? Racksterly Review

It’s quite unfortunate to say that racksterly which was once a legitimate social sharing program has just crashed. As in 2020, they site fails to load. Members should stay clear.

How To Make Money On Racksterly ( Online Sharing Platform

Generally speaking, upon signing up on this platform, you are advised to subscribe to any of its four plans and start sharing it through your Facebook timeline.

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How To Register On Racksterly Platform

To register for this platform, visit it’s web portal at

Racksterly Contact Details


Racksterly Review, I solely believe that I have throughoutly review everything there is to know on this online sharing platform in Nigeria known as but unfortunately, they website has crashed