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How To Buy A Domain And Hosting From Godaddy Online

How Buy A Domain, Hosting From Godaddy Without Any Hassle. Get A Hosting With A Free Domain On Godaddy is one of the best, reliable and also cheapest when it comes to buying of domain and hosting online.

There are many ways to choose and buy domain and hosting from a hosting company and today am going to show you easy guide on how to buy domain and hosting from GoDaddy.

About GoDaddy Inc

According to Wikipedia Godaddy is said to be an American publicly traded internet Domain registrar and web hosting company head quartered in Scottsdale,arizona and Incorporated in Delaware.

As of 2017, GoDaddy has approximately 17 million customers and over 6000 employes world wide. The company is known for it's advertising on TV and in the newspaper.

Why You Should Buy Domain And Hosting From Godaddy

Godaddy is said to be worlds most popular domain and hosting registrar with millions of domain that has already been purchased and below is a few reasons I will recommend then to you:

• Big savings over other registrars.
• Award winning 24/7 support to help you build your online presence.
• Trusted by 18 million customers more than any other registrars.

Reasons I Recommend Buying A Domain And Hosting From Godaddy

1. Award winning 24/7 support
If you are not sure what you need, Godaddy has 100 of web pro waiting for your phone call simply dial 020 7084 1810.

2. More Domains To Choose From Godaddy.

Godaddy has 100's of domain to choose from, not to mention prices that other good companies dream of.

3. World's No1 Domain And Hosting Registrar.
With 18 million happy customers and 77 million domains under management, they know how to set you up to be successful online.

Godaddy Domain

Registering your domain with Godaddy can be easily done within 2 minutes:

How To Successfully Register Any Domain With

First Step: visit and visit Godaddy domain search,

What's A Godaddy Domain Search?

This implies checking if the domain you want to register with Godaddy is available for registration with them.

• Secondly Input your domain name and hit the search button to preview the domain whether available or not and proceed.

If available, you should continue by clicking on add to cart and enter your Promo c

• Next is signing into your Godaddy dashboard,

If you have account with them proceed by signing in but if you don't just create account with them and preview your domain order
And total amount of your order

Lastly, make payments for your order on Godaddy Domain with your card details

Guide To Buy A Domain From Godaddy

• Use Godaddy Domain Search
• Input your domain and check for availability
• Add to cart and apply coupon on your Godaddy Domain
• Preview your order and make payments

How Much Does Godaddy Domain Cost?

With a promo code, Godaddy Domain cost less than $2 for a .com domain. Godaddy offers .com domain for $1.17 on Promo but comes with a renewal price of $18.

Godaddy Hosting

Godaddy offers a great reliable Hosting for blogs, business hosting and many more.

With Godaddy Hosting, you can trust your site performance with the No1 web hosting company that offers:

• Experts hosting support with 24/7 / 365.
• Support performance and load time.
• Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website With Godaddy

Godaddy Hosting cost depends on the Hosting package that you select with Godaddy and they make use of Four Web Hosting Package:

1. Economy Hosting.

This Hosting cost $7.99 per month on Godaddy and this also applies for the renewal.

2. Deluxe Hosting.

This Hosting cost $10.99 per month on Godaddy, price also applies for renewal

3. Ultimate Hosting.

This Hosting cost $16.99 on Godaddy hosting and that also applies for auto renewal.

4. Maximum Hosting

This is the biggest of Godaddy Hosting Plan which cost $24.99 per month on Godaddy and also applies for renewal charges.

Does Godaddy Offers Hosting?

If your questions is about if Godaddy offers web hosting? Well the answer is Yes they do offer hosting.

Godaddy offers a variety of hosting for a blog, business hosting and many more.

Godaddy Hosting Plan Include:

How To Buy Hosting From Godaddy With A Free Domain

• Visit and click on the menu icon on the Webpage, 

• Click on Hosting to get started and select the Hosting that you want to make use of either web hosting, email hosting, etc we will make use of web hosting.

• Choose the hosting plan that suits your website and click on add to Cart,

• Next is select the long term of your hosting savings,

• Preview your order summary and continue

• Add up your free domain on Godaddy by inputting your domain in Godaddy Domain Search,
• Search and add to cart then preview,
• Finally Make payments with your card

Is Godaddy Good For Hosting?

Yes they are, since they are recommended by professionals out there and me, that means they are good, trusted and reliable with 99.9% guarantee.

Read Up, implement and also share with your friends who might be interested on how to buy domain and hosting On GoDaddy
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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Is SEOCLERKS Legit Or Scam? - Read My Complete Review On

Seoclerks is the largest SEO market place on the web with over 10,000 freelancers offering more than 15,0000 professional SEO services.

Seoclerks, Who Are They?w

Is Seoclerks Legit Or Scam?

Is There Service Good For Your Website?

Yes having asked yourself this questions about Seoclerks and their services, i will advise you to read to the end as I make a complete SEO clerk or Review.

Seoclerks, Who Are They?

Seoclerks is an advertising marketing in Hendersonville located in North Carolina 28792, 475 North Church street.

Seoclerks is said to be one of the largest place in the planet offering affordable SEO from thousands of experts. In recent years they have expanded to more than just SEO, 

Seoclerks Background

The company started operating in 2011, it was created by Jordan Delozier and still owns the company Seoclerks. 

His main idea was to create a market place where people could buy SEO services. The goal was to Create a safe and secure place where the money was held by a third party until the buyer is happy with his order.

Seoclerks was transfered to Ionicware  inc, which includes a group of companies, 

They now have sellers offering variety of services such as logo design, web design, programming, marketing, and anything else that can help somebody on their website.

Who Is SEO clerks For?

SEO clerks is for anyone who wants to purpose a service (gig) to earn money. There is no limit on the price a seller can charge and there is a very wide range of micro jobs you can purpose.

This could also be for you if you want to increase the web SEO of your site, goto if you want to outsource some of your task.

Here are some of the services that you can get with SEO clerks

Article writingVoiceovers,

Place or design banner ads,
Create Backlinks,
Resolve WordPress issues,
Guest post,
Graphics design

Visit Today

Seoclerks Review

I make use of 3 powerful backlinks building on Seoclerks and skyrocket my ranking but before you use them, you are meant to register with

Visit and create your buyer account.

Note the services that I am recommending to you has been reviewed and tested by me, so no need to worry it's link juice is good.

As a user and buyer on, I have purchased more than 10 services from the SEO market place and I have never for once encountered any problems with it. 

• It's been recommended by SEO experts,
•  They offer cheap quality services,
•  They have a great service that will help your website grow,

• Their work are Google friendly services.

I have made use of Seoclerks services mainly to build backlinks on my blog and I must say their services is very good. 

Let me show you how true Seoclerks is:

Here is a backlinks services i ordered from them and it's link juice
Not only that see a few list of them:

i have been able to increase the domain authority of my blog and also rank mostly on google first page.

I got a news from a friend recommending me to a service on Seoclerks that increase his DA and ranking on Google for a little amount, I decided to try it out and it works, 

The Link juice of the backlinks that was created for me on Seoclerks is great and their services are cheap, you can get a service on Seoclerks starting from $1 - $300.

I make use of 3 powerful backlinks building on Seoclerks and skyrocket my ranking but before you use them, you are meant to register with

Visit and create your buyer account.

Is Seoclerks Legit?

As a user and buyer on, I have purchased more than 10 services from the SEO market place and I have never for once encountered any problems with it. 

• It's been recommended by SEO experts,
•  They offer cheap quality services,
•  They have a great service that will help your website grow,
• Their work are Google friendly services.

So That means Seoclerks is Legit

Seoclerks Vs Fiverr

Seoclerks Vs fiverr which one is more recommend ? 

They two market place Seoclerks and fiverr has been in the industry offering great of quality services to any individual who will order on any of their services on both Seoclerks and Fiverr.

• Seoclerks offer great service starting from $1 - $300.
• Fiverr also offers services from $1 - $300.
• Seoclerks has thousands of services any one can order from and make use of,
• Fiverr also is regarded as one of the biggest market place anyone can hire group of freelancers.

• They both offers SEO services that will help your website.

Why Choose Seoclerks?

Seoclerks has been in the industry for more than five years and they have experienced experts that knows their way in and out of search engine optimization (SEO), I highly recommend them to anyone trying to make use of a paid SEO services that will help their website.

Registration with the No1 SEO market place on the web is easy as it requires nothing less than a minute to get started:

How To Register With SEOCLERKS.

Sign up with your name and password and save,

Start making use of their services

Seoclerks Coupon Code:

As a guy with difference, I created this post so that my readers will benefit from it, you can also start benefiting from it also by subscribing to our email list and never miss any updates from us.

Seoclerks offers a $5 coupon code for their users, once you make use of this link in registering and purchasing any services from their store.

Also am a coupon code distributor, once you register with the above link, proceed and order a service from them, then contact me for your Coupon code through this email:

Register with SEOCLERKS Today.

Seoclerks Pros And Cons.

Like they say, every business has advantages and disadvantages, let's look at the pros and cons of Seoclerks services.

My complete review on Seoclerks will show you everything you need to know about this No1 SEO market place.

Pros Of Seoclerks.

• There are more than a thousand offers to make use of in the web.
• They offer best and quality services on their website.
• Their price is different as they charge from $1 - $300 depending on the SEO service you ordered.

• They have quick delivery of any orders  that is given to them.

Cons Of Seoclerks.

I haven't found anything wrong with them since I started using them that means they are legit. But wait there is one of them:

• You have to spend money on their website if you want to get more from their website.

My Final Conclusion On Seoclerks Review Or

They are good and trusted below is some of the great service i have made use of and also recommended that works.

Try Reading their terms of services

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Build Backlinks For Free - Seoreviewtools Backlinks Checker | Domain Authority Checker | DA PA

Hello Mate, am about to show you how to get free backlinks on your blog no matter your niche with

Now I got this request from a friend asking for a way to build backlinks on his newly blog to increase his Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) on Google.

I Recommend seoreviewtools, but he seems quite confused because his only thought was seoreviewtools was meant only for Domain Authority checker, Backlinks Checker, neither did he know that it can be used for free backlinks building for DA and PA increase.

What's Seoreviewtools?

This is the No1 easy website I will recommend to anyone out there who is a blogger willing to check his or her DA and PA, Backlinks, and others. 

They are easy to navigate and understand, free to use, recommended by all.

How To Make Use Of Seoreviewtools To Check DA and PA of Your Blog.

Firstly visit,

Input your blog URL and keywords you need their website checker to use and perform scan,

Secondly review and tick on the box to solve the captcha needed  and click on perform check.

Allow the numbers to reach 100%.

Lastly You will arrive on the page where you get to see how optimize your blog is.

Your Backlinks Checker,

Your Domain Authority And Page Authority - DA and PA is.

The keyword search volume you inputted and many more.

But that doesn't end there, you might find how your DA and PA is but wanna increase it more and more on your blog then you should try this method, it's free but stressful sometimes.

How To Build Free Backlinks To Increase DA and PA

You building free backlinks that will increase your DA with Seoreviewtools is easy, Simply goto backlinks Checker and click the text that says backlinks checker,

Input your competitors URL and select All of this blog pages then Solved the captcha and continue,

You will be showed links associated with the domain URL and it's link juice, click on it and you will be redirected to the blog where he or she got his backlinks from then get yours.

Note: most of the link are no follow, and comment backlinks, etc but in case you need to get backlinks from website like make use of this code while commenting [url="your blog url] Anchor Text [/url].

You Can Use This Method To Increase Your Domain Authority And Page Authority.

Ask me any questions and I will be glad to answer it in the comment box.

Please kindly share this post, someone out there might need this guide don't be wicked.

Thanks for dropping by.
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How To Make Your Blog Irresistible To Your Readers

How To Make Your Blog Become Irresistible And Grow Your Following

In this section, I’ll cover a few other tidbits that are going to help you succeed with how to Make your blog irresistible to your readers.

1. Create an About Page

As Chris Ducker (a very well-known blogger and entrepreneur) says:
Your vibe attracts your tribe.

People do business with people. Do you want your image to be that of a big mega-bank where every customer is treated as a number and a dollar sign? Or do you prefer the local bank where you walk in, and they know you by name and ask how your family is?

Having an About Page that reflects who you are and what you’re about will help attract the type of people who will become friends and customers. 

You can not, and will not, attract everyone. So don’t bother trying.
It’s better to have 1,000 loyal and die-hard fans than 100,000 wishy washy followers that don’t care that much if you post a blog or disappear into thin air.

It’s also more profitable to have 1,000 loyal and die-hard fans. Think about your favorite band or music. The band makes more from the fans that buy every product and show up at every concert than the fans who might come to a show once in a while if something better isn’t going on.

2. Be Yourself

Is your favorite food a banana and cheese sandwich? Then say so!
Be you, and people will be attracted to you. Be quirky, funny, snarky – let your personality shine through. People want to be entertained, inspired, and educated.

If you try to be something you’re not, you will either get bored or be found out.

I learned this in my first (failed) blog, I did what everyone else expected people in personal finance to do. Look – here’s the artwork from my first blog:
Clean cut, collared shirt, smiling. All business, professional looking, and boring looking.
Upon receiving some good advice from some really smart people, I scrapped everything and ditched the polo shirt (I’m a black t-shirt kind of guy).

I re-branded everything and became who I was meant to be – the Financial Rock Star. The guy who plays guitar, is in a band, talks about money and investing, and has his cats meowing in the background of the show. I wear cargo shorts and black band t-shirts 340 days out of the year. That’s me.
I don’t hide who I truly am, and it’s paid off. I’m not going to be some guy in a nice suit talking about how to re-balance your investments. I will be the guy with tattoos, strange hair, and talking about how to re-balance your investments.

You should be who you are, and who you want to become.
Your vibe attracts your tribe

3. Create a Contact Page

Ever been to a website where you can’t figure out how to get in touch with someone, or they intentionally hide their email address?
Me too.

Nobody likes that.

How will potential advertisers and companies contact you if they can’t reach you?

Have a contact page that includes multiple ways to find you. At the least you should include:

Twitter handle

If you have a P.O. box or business mailing address, include that too. (For safety and security don’t use your home address).

4. Respond to comments and email quickly!

If someone makes a comment on your blog or sends you an email – reply! 

Doing so quickly helps foster the relationship. Never ignore people.
Some people respond to feedback within 24-hours. I have a rule of 3 business days because I get a lot of emails.

Just a quick reply sometimes that says ‘Thanks for your comment’ might be enough. Your readers want to know you’re paying attention to them. Responding is the quickest and easiest way to do that.

One-to-one communication is a must to build a community of loyal followers of your blog.


You’ve made it through the How To Make Your Blog Irresistible To Your Readers.

You’ve mastered setting up a blog, how to blog, what to blog about, how to start building your audience, and a bunch of ways about how to make money blogging. Plus you’ve got tons of free tools to use to make you a better blogger.

I hope you’re on your way to becoming a successful blogger.

Final tasks

1. Write your About page It can be as long or as short as it needs to be. Make it personal! People want to do business with you, not some nameless, faceless corporate entity.

2. Create a Contact Me page Let people know how to get in touch with you.
3. Have fun! The most successful bloggers are the ones that do it because they love it.

Up Next

Now it’s time for you to implement everything you’ve learned – and keep up the great work. Good Luck!

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How To Rank Blogger Blog On Google - Get New Blog To Show Up On Google

Ranking your blogger blog on google especially when it comes to ranking a new blog on google can be a very heavy task for a newbie who is into SEO. 

Whenever you make a new post on your blog, first thing that may come to your mind is how to rank it on Google.

With my free guide i will be showing you few ways you can skyrocket your blog ranking on Google.

How To Set Up Your Blog To Start Appearing And Ranking On Google.

Setting up your blog SEO to start showing up on google has many effect when it comes to getting your blogger blog to rank on Google first page:

Setting up your blogger SEO to be visible to search engine for faster ranking on Google.

Making use of blogger SEO optimization to optimize your blog post to start ranking on Google.

Building Authority to outrank your competitors on Google, gives you a more chance to SEO organic traffic, earn more commission, rank more and more.

First Step To Rank Your Blogger Blog On Google:

Getting ready to rank your blogger blog on google there are many ways which you can optimize your blog to start ranking and some of them include:

1. Listing Your Blog Visible To Search Engine.

Getting your blog listed with Google search engines can be performed right from your blogger dashboard and helps to increase your blogger blog ranking on Google.

To list your blog on Google Search engine kindly visit your blogger dashboard,

Navigate to settings on basic,

Click on Edit button found on the privacy settings and change to visible to search engine.

Great you have completed your first part in ranking your blogger blog on google, next is optimizing your blog post to start appearing on Google.

2. Optimization Of A Blogger Post To Rank First Page Of Google.

Heard of content is king, what if you know how to write a unique blog post but can't optimize it to rank on Google then it's of no use, My blogger SEO optimization teaches you on how to optimize your blogger blog to Start ranking on Google but Incase you didn't get it straight you can also check out on my blogspot SEO guide.

The post Blogspot SEO guide is ranking on Google first page, go ahead and read it up, contains how to place keywords on your blogger post to rank first page of Google.

3. Building Authority

Don't get yourself discouraged because you didn't see your blog url on google, have you ever wondered what makes those blog on your niche to be ranking on Google while you can't show up on 10th page of Google?

No matter how SEO optimize your content maybe and you don't build authority, you will still not rank immediately the big guys enter. I will show you what works and it's your decision to see your blog start ranking on Google.

What Works In Building Authority

I make use of SEOCLERKS, it's my no1 SEO market place for building links, increasing my blogger blog rank on Google and many more.

Now let me share a successful Link building story of a friend who increase his Domain Authority to 9 and Page Authority to 11 and rank on Google first page to make UpTo $1500 from affiliate marketing.

Oladiti Dayo, a Nigeria guy who started with a blogger blog not only that he makes use of sub-domain name: .

As of then Oladiti Dayo has knowledge on how to rank a blogger blog on google but mainly he focused on increasing his Domain Authority and later got ranked higher on Google and made $1500+ with only affiliate marketing not of Adsense.

Now his secret is his (DA) Domain Authority which resulted in him ranking on first page of Google, earning higher commission, driving traffic to other affiliate offers on his blog and earnings with ads.

I have complied list of SEO services i make use of from Seoclerks and they worked for me, mainly most of my blogger blog post are ranking on google page, 

These three are backlinks services will skyrocket your Domain Authority gives you 10x chance to rank your blogger blog on google.

Note: you must register your account with SEOCLERKS through this link SEOCLERKS/REGISTER/ and  start ordering for any SEO services from their store.

You see with my above free guide on how to rank blogger blog on google, you can start implementing and will see changes in your blogger blog dashboard.

Feel free to drop any questions on the comment box and I will reply as soon as possible.

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How To Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria - Most Effective Way In 2019

Monetizing Your Blog to make money for you it's simple, there are many ways anyone can monetize his or her blog in Nigeria and make money with it.

The free guide am about to drop on how to monetize your blog here in Nigeria can be applied both on WordPress blog and Blogger blog.

How To Monetize Your Blog In Nigeria Easily.

Have you been searching for how to monetize your blog in Nigeria, then my guess is correct, you must be a Nigerian blogger. Note: my guide is not only meant for Nigerians anyone can use this great method to monetize his or her blog anywhere.

So monetizing Your Blog is easy, but before you do i will advise you to read up my free guide on How To Start A Free Blog That Makes Money then you can easily contribute with the same guide am about to share with you.

How Do I Monetize My Blog Here In Nigeria?

Having set up a well looking blog next is to monetize it unless you are blogging for passion. Monetize Simply means implementing a technique on your blog that will be making you steady money with your blog. You can monetize your blog in different ways:

Monetize With Affiliate marketing.
Monetize With Paid Ads.
Monetize With Sponsored Post.
Monetize With Paid Links. Etc

Most Used Way To Monetize A Blog In Nigeria And Make Money.

Monetize your blog is easy but having that which converts easily and quickly is the best way to monetize a blog, one of them include:

1. Monetize With Affiliate Marketing.

Getting started with affiliate marketing is good and is the best way you can monetize your blog in Nigeria. What is affiliate marketing?  This is the process whereby you help an individual or a company promote it's product when a sale is made you make commission from it. 

With a right guide getting a genuine Affiliate program, you can monetize your blog and make money quickly.

I have gotten paid from affiliate marketing and you too can once you join the right affiliate program for your blog.

Affiliate Program To Monetize Your Blog With In Nigeria.

Domainking and whogohost Affiliate Program is a Nigerian web hosting website that gives you 500N just for registering with their affiliate program. Once you are a Nigerian tech blogger, you can monetize your blog with the above affiliate program and make money.

Jumia Affiliate Program
Konga Affiliate Program

This is the biggest affiliate program that is based on phone, computer and home used in Nigeria, their affiliate program is the best way to monetize your blog in Nigeria once you are also a tech and entertainment blogger, you can also make good money with their affiliate program.

2. Monetize With Ads Space.

You are a blogger and your blog receive too many traffic from search engines, why don't you monetize your blog by selling an Ad Space. This is the best way you can monetize your blog in Nigeria, simply set up your blog SEO and do keyword research, once your blog start ranking and bringing organic traffic, you can create an Ad Space and bid your price starting from N10,000 A week. Yes do the maths yourself it's a perfect way to monetize a blog in Nigeria.

Create Ad Space either on the header of your blog or any where you want your Ad to appear.

I make use of blogger SEO optimization to optimize my blog post and drive organic traffic to them.

3. Monetize With Google AdSense

This is one program a lot of bloggers are crazy about, google AdSense can earn you money while you is more or less the lazy bloggers way of making money with their blog and also the best when it comes to monetizing your blog. 

The main ways of making money in your blog with Google AdSense are by people visiting your blog and viewing the ads and second is when viewers go ahead and click on the ad on your site So, if you have a sizeable traffic even if visitors don't click on the ad, their mere visit to the site can earn you some money. It is a fast way to monetize your blog in Nigeria and make money with it.

Read Also : How To Sign Up For Google AdSense

4. Monetize With Tutorials

Everyone visiting the Internet goes there of getting information. This can be on any subject, if you can provide some of these tutorials in a simplified way, people will be Willing to pay to lay their hands on them. Your tutorial can be on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria, how to make money with Amazon products,photography,video editing, WordPress etc.

5. Monetize With A Membership Site

This is a very good way of making money too. No matter how little the charges are with many members paying your weekly,months, or annually you are bond to make a lot of money. It's an effective way to monetize your blog in Nigeria and make money.

Get a Namecheap Hosting with my guide on how to buy hosting from Namecheap in Nigeria, Get a web developer to create a membership site for you if you don't know how and monetize it 

6. Monetize Your Blog And Products

Promoting your blog and services you are offering is quite simple, if you are planning to sell SEO services why don't you think monetize With your blog and promote them. 

A few ways of driving traffic to your blog include

1. Use social network
2. Promote with google ads and on bing
3. Promote on twitter
4. Use niche related forum

7. Monetize With Direct ads

Is the traditional ad for all media, build an audience, understand that audience, sell advertising space directly on your website targeted towards that audience.

Read Also10 Ways On How To Become A Successful Blogger

8. Monetize With Content Marketing

The reasons that company pays for these is because when your site links to their site, the google engine can sense that your website is linking to their website, and therefore google will trust that companies website more assuming if someone is linking to it. 

You can monetize your blog with these services in Nigeria easily when you set up your blog SEO and Domain Authority you can start monetizing.

9. Brand Ambassadorship

Once your blog has an audience, even if its small, you can begin to consider yourself an influencer. As an influencer,many brands will like to align themselves with you.

This is the holy grail of the blogging world. A reputable business sees you as an ideal showcase of their brand and products, they pay you a monthly stipend, and you get access to all their goodies.

Also one of the best way to monetize a blog in Nigeria

10. Monetize With Paid Links

Awesome but effective way to monetize a blog in Nigeria easily, anyone can make it with this Monetization method you can monetize even with a blogspot blog.

Requirements include:

SEO friendly website
Increase in Domain Authority
Unique Content Writing.

With the above requirements I listed you can make money with paid links firstly increase your blog SEO, build Authority and write unique articles, you will surely get people to your inbox asking for their link on your blog, you can start charging from $2 per link * 2x100 that's $200. 

It's a great way to monetize your blog in Nigeria

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