Saturday, 8 December 2018

Namecheap Offers Their Best Deal As Year Comes To An End - Start With Namecheap Today

Namecheap has been one of the best when it comes to buying of domain names and hosting a website. They have been offering promo deal and coupon to each and every member on Namecheap both new and old to help them save alot.

I can remember I once bought a domain for 88 cents on Namecheap, yes it's no magic and I love it when my readers benefit from it also, incase you might also want to get a domain below $1 on Namecheap continue reading or Visit through this link--[ Namecheap Cheap Domain].

What Promo Deal Awaits You On Namecheap As Their Customer.

If you are a Namecheap customer and would love to save up on both domain names and hosting, SSL, private email and other more, I do release Namecheap Promo Coupon Code Here On my blog, so do yourself good by subscribing to our newsletter below and save up some money whenever a new update is released.

A friend of mine complain that he wishes to save up on hosting and need a good hosting provider, so I recommend him to Namecheap and what impressed him was that with the quality and reliable service been offered by Namecheap they still make use of Coupon code.

So I highly recommend Namecheap and also politely ask you to share this post with your friends.

Best Promo Deal You Can Find On Namecheap

1. Namecheap Coupon On Domain

With the rapid growth in blogging everyday, thousands of blog are been created everyday and what normally comes to their mind at first is getting a domain name for their blog. Namecheap provides you .com, .net, .biz, etc. You can actually read up on my last post on how to buy domain from Namecheap in Nigeria incase you find it hard to purchase but if you know your way around kindly get a domain through this link>>>Namecheap Domain<<< and make use of Coupon code WNTRISCMNG and save upto 10℅ getting a domain from Namecheap.

2. Namecheap 90℅ Off On TLD Domains

I once got a domain on Namecheap, not just a domain but a top level domain for 99 cents back then and it has come again, you can get a domain name for 99 cent and save big.

Kindly register your domain here>>>Namecheap 90℅ Off<<< no need for coupon code as its automatically applied.

3. Free Whois Privacy Protection

You can get a whois privacy protection on your domain both on old and renewal on your domain, Grab it Here>>> Free Whois Guard

4. Namecheap Best Deal

With the on going promo from Namecheap, make sure you never loose any updates from them kindly check on their best deal here >>> Namecheap Deals

5. Namecheap Domain For $0.88

Not only the 99 cents domain but you can also get a cheap domain name for as low as 88 cent through this link >>> Namecheap Cheap Domain.

6. Namecheap Shared Hosting

Get a good, reliable and cheap shared hosting on Namecheap with no extra charges. Coupon automatically applied, click here to check it out>>>Cheap Shared Hosting

7. Web Based Email Hosting

You can get an email web hosting at Namecheap and you don't need to worry as the promo is automatically applied>>> Web Email Hosting

8. Namecheap December Private Email Hosting Coupon

Save up on your private email  hosting with Namecheap when you purchase through this link>>> Email Hosting <<< and make use of this coupon code>>> CANDYCANE

9. Get 60℅ Off On .design Domain

Yes namecheap offers 60℅ off on .design domain kindly order through here>>> 60℅ Off Domain

10. Namecheap Current Promotion

As the year ends Namecheap provide their recent current Promotions both on domain and hosting. Kindly check them out >>> Latest Namecheap Promotion<<<

What To Expect From Namecheap Promo And Coupon Code Deals.

Yes you are looking for a promo or a coupon code to use and be saving up on Namecheap read on what to expect:

1. Monthly Coupon

The coupon and the promotional deal that I dropped down is only available with any link I ask you to go through and register, and more importantly it's a month coupon.

As this month comes to an end, the coupon will quickly expire and a new coupon code will be released, so do yourself good by subscribing to my newsletter and enjoy the free stuff.

2. Get A Big Chance To Save Up To $100.

I once told you guys i bought a domain on Namecheap for 99cent and it's super cool, when other domain name provider are selling domain names for $12, I bought mine for 99cent and save up $11. 

That's to see how good it is when getting the right information and I will kindly ask you to let someone out there who hasn't save up yet to benefit from this by sharing this post on any of your social media channels.

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Monday, 3 December 2018

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review - Best Affiliate With High Commission Payout

Bluehost Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing system that is based on web hosting provider for website builders.

Bluehost, Who Are They?

According to Wikipedia, bluehost is a web hosting that is owned by Endurance international group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts,  collectively hosting well over 2 million with its sisters company, Host monster, Fastdomain and Ipage. The company operates it's server in-house in a 50,000 square feet.

About Bluehost Affiliate?

As an affiliate marketer who is looking for an affiliate program that pays high should consider joining bluehost affiliate and earn $65 per each successful sale through your bluehost affiliate link. 

You can look into my definition on what affiliate marketing is all about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a Commission by promoting other people or company's products. You find the product you like promote it to others and earn a piece of profit for each sales you make with the person or company.

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

Here are the step-by-step instructions to get started with affiliate income. Remember all of these programs are FREE to join.

1. Join affiliate programs

I mentioned Amazon in our example, but there are many other affiliate programs available.

Amazon Affiliate Program
Commission Junction
Flex Offers
• Bluehost Affiliate Program

Some product websites have an affiliate program which may not be listed. If you have a product you love contact the company directly and see if they have an affiliate program.

You just have to click the link and go through the sign-up process. Amazon is the easiest and has been around the longest. You should at least sign up for Amazon or bluehost affiliate to get started.

2. Promote the affiliate link on your blog

There are different ways to promote a product:

* Product reviews
* Social Marketing etc.

Why I Recommend Bluehost Affiliate Program?

1. Free To Join

Signing up takes only few minutes and you will receive your unique affiliate tracking link to use on your website right away.

2. Reliable Affiliate Tracking

Bluehost Affiliate custom tracking is hard coded into their platform. They use advanced technology to always ensure you get credit to every single referral.

3. Unlimited Earning

There is no cap on the amount of commission you can earn with bluehost affiliate program, you can refer as many as you want and earn commission for each sale.

4. Promotional Resources

You can enjoy a wide promotional tested and trusted creative assest, simply select the banners or ads that complement with your website and feel free to place your bluehost affiliate banners in your website.

How Bluehost Affiliate Works?

Simply promote bluehost on your website or blog with custom banners and links, for every visitors who clicks through these link and signs up earns you $65 as a bluehost affiliate marketer.

How To Sign Up For Bluehost Affiliate.

Getting started with bluehost affiliate is easy, it's a five minutes time that it will cost you simply visit and click on sign up as an affiliate

Kindly fill in your details correctly and sign up with bluehost affiliate.

Then await for their approval, after approval begin to promote your bluehost affiliate with the promotional resources both with banners and links.

Now What Next After Approval?

Getting Your Bluehost Tax ID Easily Approved.

To get your affiliate bluehost tax ID approved kindly navigate to the settings on your bluehost affiliate dashboard and select if you are a US citizen or non US citizen.
Once your bluehost affiliate tax ID is confirmed you will receive an email notification from bluehost telling you that your tax ID has been approved.

Bluehost Affiliate Payment Method.

Bluehost pays all their affiliate marketer that has reach the minimum payout which is $100 and each referral you get gives you $65. High commission, faster payout with bluehost affiliates.

Bluehost Affiliate Coupon.

Bluehost gives coupon to their affiliate marketer mostly on black Friday deals or any occasion. To get bluehost affiliate Coupon keep checking your email that you used to sign up for bluehost affiliate for any promo and coupon.

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Namecheap December Coupon On Domain Names - Save Upto 10℅ With Namecheap On Domain Names

Have you ever tried to buy a domain name from a reliable domain name registrar or from Namecheap and you want to get a special discount on any domain purchased from Namecheap, rejoice for there is an ongoing 10℅ discount on any domain you purchase from Namecheap.

Namecheap Discount On Domain Names With Coupon

I have decided to be updating my blog with any Namecheap or products out there that will help you save big this year, and mostly those who subscribed to my email list enjoys a lot from my updates, Incase you might be looking for a way to save big and make some money kindly subscribe with your email below.

Now I decided to drop the November coupon code on domain because my old post on Namecheap 40℅ discount on reseller hosting and Namecheap domain names for $0.88 and other updates many benefited from it and incase you are not one of them get this opportunity now from me and share this post.

How To Get Namecheap December Coupon Code On Domain Names.

1. Visit

Namecheap gives you a discount of upto 10℅ on any domain you successfully registered on their website through this promo link >>> Namecheap 10℅ Off <<<.

2. Register Your Domain

At the arrival, enter your domain name and click on search to know if it is available, if it is available add to Cart and preview.

3. Apply Coupon Code

Here comes to the most important part of this post, save upto 10℅ on .com, .net and .biz both on registration and domain transfer, incase you don't have the clear knowledge you can read on my last post on how to buy domain and hosting from Namecheap. After getting the clear knowledge then apply the December Coupon Code which is: WNTRISCMNG

Note: After applying the coupon code WNTRISCMNG kindly click checkout and your discount will be added.

More Promo Deal To Check Out This Year

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Friday, 30 November 2018

Namecheap Affiliate Program, Review And How To Sign Up And Make Money With Namecheap Affiliate Program.

Namecheap affiliate program is designed to help you earn or make money online in exchange for referring customers to them. These affiliate terms serves as a contract between you the (Affiliate) and

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Namecheap, Who Are They?

According to Wikipedia Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN-accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company claims to manage over 10 million domains.

Namecheap Affiliate Program

Namecheap is a company that specializes in domain registration and hosting provider that has an affiliate marketing system for their Affiliate marketers.

Namecheap affiliate program makes it easy to all affiliate marketers out there that wants to make money through web hosting and domain name with their affiliate program.

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How Does Namecheap Affiliate Works?

Namecheap affiliate program works with three tactical method which I found useful in every Affiliate marketing Program.

1. Access Your Namecheap Affiliate Account

Sign up for their affiliate program with any of the platform listed below. After your account is approved, you will get access to affiliate text, link and banners with your affiliate ID applied.

2. Share Your Namecheap Affiliate Link

Use your affiliate ID to refer customer to any Namecheap page or make use of their affiliate banner. You can display your Namecheap affiliate link or banner on your site, social media,or even email.

3. Watch Your Namecheap Commission Grow

You earn actually dollars for every new customer you referred to them that purchases any order from Namecheap through your affiliate link. They provide real time support and regular payout.

Why I Recommend You Sign Up With Namecheap Affiliate Program.

I have joined many web hosting affiliate program and I must say Namecheap affiliate is the best I have come across why:

* High Conversion Rate

Namecheap has been in the industry building an online reputation as one of the web finest provider on domain name registration, SSL and web hosting. Not to mention their top - notch product, Namecheap reputation means high conversion for you as their affiliate marketer.

A beginner can easily make money with Namecheap affiliate program,

Here Is My Namecheap Earning Screenshot Same Day I Joined Namecheap Affiliate Program

You see even a beginner could earn with Namecheap affiliate program.

* Quick And Easy Set Up

It takes only a few minutes to set up and place your Namecheap affiliate links on your website/blog. They also provide banners which you can easily copy the html code and paste for Faster conversion of sales for those who sign up for Namecheap affiliate program.

* Regular Payout

As an affiliate you earn commission's anytime you referred a new customer that makes their first purchase with your Namecheap affiliate link, they make sure there is no hassle to collect your commission.

See Also: Nnu Income Program Review

Affiliate Network To Join To Become A Namecheap Affiliate

1. Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction provide the opportunity to sell Namecheap products and other offerings.

2. Shareasale

Namecheap is also part of the highly competitive affiliate network shareasale. Affiliate marketers who use shareasale can add Namecheap affiliate program to their inventory or offerings.

3. Impact Radius

The Namecheap affiliate program is now powered by impact radius, this industry leading platform provides accurate tracking, robust, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Read Also: How To Buy Hosting From Namecheap In Nigeria

How To Promote Your Namecheap Affiliate Links.

1. Sign Up For Namecheap Affiliate Program.

I sign up for Namecheap affiliate with commission junction and in less than 1 hour, I was approved and given a unique affiliate link for promoting Namecheap Products.

2. Writing A Quality Article Around Your Affiliate Link.

This is a very good way to promote your Namecheap affiliate link and get more conversion, I make use of this tactics and I must say it works, I actually wrote a post on my blog on How To Buy Domain And Hosting From Namecheap In Nigeria.

I wrote a very detailed guide on the article and it ranked first page on Google and generated commission, so writing a post around your affiliate link helps for faster promotion and conversion.

3. Make Use Of Coupon Code On Your Affiliate Link For Faster Promotion.

Yes this is my favorite part in affiliate marketing and it happens that Namecheap affiliate program makes use of it. I skyrocket my affiliate earning by using incentive for promoting Namecheap Products. If you are a reader/fan of my blog, you could have noticed that I have been making use of this promotional tactics both in domain names and hosting, I usually drop coupon for special discount with my blog readers who might be interested in purchasing from Namecheap.

4. Make Use Of Social Media

You never can tell where your affiliate conversion might come from until you share your affiliate links with your friends and the good news is that Namecheap allow it's affiliate marketer to promote their products on social media channels Like Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin...etc

Why I Recommend Namecheap Affiliate Program For Newbie & Pro Affiliate Marketers.

I was a complete newbie when I joined Namecheap affiliate program and I was able to generate few bucks from them exactly the same day and this is my reason for recommending Namecheap to you as an affiliate marketer.

* Domain Name Affiliate

Namecheap is not only known for its reliable web hosting service but also for its great affiliate with Domain name. They are also one of the cheapest domain registrar in the industry which manages over 10 million domain names, This simply means If you join Namecheap affiliate program, with their cheap domain registrar and on going promo, you will surely earn money as an affiliate marketer.

* Web Hosting Affiliate

Not only are they good with Domain name but with web hosting also, they currently have 3 web hosting package:

*Stellar Plus
*Stellar Business

You can choose any of your desired hosting plan and promote, you can easily recommend your friends to the stellar hosting plan to purchase.

* Right Tracking Tool

Namecheap affiliate got you covered with their real uptime tracking tool for every single click on your affiliate link to make sure you don't loose any affiliate commission

* On Going Steady Promo For Affiliate Marketers On Namecheap Affiliate Program.

Once you sign up for Namecheap affiliate program you are provided with Numerous Coupon code both domain name, web hosting, ssl and many more for easy conversion. Once you sign up make sure you check your affiliate dashboard to get updated on any on going promo deal.

Namecheap Insertion Order/Affiliate Payout

Online Sale: Domain, Hosting,SSL,..etc

Payout You earn 20% of Net Sales Amount

Category Level Exceptions Domain Registration You earn 20% of Net Sales Amount

Hosting You earn 35% of Net Sales Amount

SSL Certificates You earn 35% of Net Sales Amount

Marketplace You earn $0.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered)

Apps You earn $0.00 (Flat Fee per item ordered).

Crediting Policy Last Click

Click Referral Period Referrals are only considered for credit if they occur within 30 day(s) of the action

Action Locking All actions happening in a given month are locked 1 month(s) and 0 day(s) after the end of the

Payout Scheduling Approved transactions are paid when they lock.

Recurring Transactions Payout applies to the initial transaction only of return customers.

Media Partner Tracking Pixel Advertiser allows media partner to fire their tracking pixel when the consumer action is

Public Settings

Minimum media partner rating for making
The advertiser allows new media partners with any star rating to send them insertion order

Best Public Insertion Order The advertiser represents and warrants that this is NOT the best publicly available insertion
order of this product type provided by advertiser.

Exclusive Insertion Order The advertiser represents and warrants that this is NOT an exclusive insertion order offered on
the platform.

Special Terms
Currency Financial transactions covered by this insertion order will be processed in the USD currency.
Currency exchanges will occur when you or your partner(s) have set a different default currency
in account settings.

Change Notification Period The insertion order can be changed or cancelled with 1 day(s) notification to the media partner.
Reversal Policy Reversal of performance advertising actions are decided by the Advertiser governed by a max
reversal percentage of 100%

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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Cyber Monday Promo Incase You Missed The Old One On Namecheap - Get 98℅ Discount On All Purchase

You can get your domain, Hosting, SSL, on Namecheap and save upto 98℅ on all purchases on available Today  Click Here<

Now This is one of the best promo deal on domain, web hosting, ssl, etc. It is actually called cyber monday deal, which means it's only meant for today so hurry up by clicking through this link >Cyber Monday<.

Forget about coupon it's automatically applied, so what are you waiting for hurry up

You can easily visit through this link and claim your discount.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Blogger Seo Optimization - Ultimate Solution For Traffic,Sales And Conversion For Blogspot Bloggers

How I Optimized My Blogger Seo And Pulled 1,500 Clicks From Google Within 1 week From Google, 

Get Conversion And Generated Sales From Visitors, 

Increased DA From 10 To 21 Within A Twinkle Of An Eye, Etc..

Blogger SEO Optimization has been our best way for ranking a Blogspot blog on Google, faster indexing, steady crawling,....etc.

Hey, If you have been following my blog, you could have noticed the constant change in my Blogger template, trying to find a blogger Seo Optimized Template For Better search view,conversion,sales and etc. I came across many blogger template that looks good but with one error or the other.

I took the search to search for an seo optimized blogger template for faster indexing, fast in page loading, responsive template, search engine friendly and many more. I kept my search till I found this premium blogger template i make use of on my blog.

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See How My Responsive Blogger Seo Ready Template Increased My Page views From 400 - 5k Pageviews In A Week & Others.

You never can tell what a good and responsive blogger Seo template will do in terms of SEO.

* Increase in ranking
* Increase in Sales
* Increase in Conversion
* SEO friendly
" Faster Indexing
* Get Popular Sites Link To Your Blog
* Have Authority On Many Occasions
* Attracts Converting Visitors, etc....

Increase In Ranking

Ever since I got my responsive blogger Seo template, my rankings on Google doubled, I got pushed up because of how optimized my template is, my seo score change from 44℅ to 74℅. Note when choosing a blog template make sure you get one that doesn't block your robot.txt

Increase In Sales & Commission

Above picture is my affiliate earning dashboard on blog9ja income program, I generated 9 referrals with the help of Blogger Seo and optimized seo template.

And here is my getpayed dashboard

Nnu Income Program dashboard

Commission Junction dashboard

This is how I generated commission from my Blogger Seo ready template and I know more are coming.

Seo Friendly

Friendly to search engine and faster crawling of your blog

Faster Blog Post Indexing

With my new responsive template my Blogger Post gets indexed with one hour of published. 

Site Speed

The premium template comes with a fast loading of your web page, give your blog visitors what they exactly need. My website speeds up a page 0.61s per page

Get Blogs Link To Your Blog

Bloggers will link to your blog once they found out you have the best to provide giving you a backlink which will cause increase to DA and ranking.

Have Authority

You can sign up for the hardest affiliate program and easily get approved because of the website you provided when registering.

I got approved on Peerfly Cpa Account,Bluehost,Cj,A2 Hosting...etc

Attracts Converting Visitors

You will receive page views From tier countries.

See What Others Are Saying About This Template

Guess what am running a Promo On The Blogger Seo Ready Template: Kindly

1. Kindly Share This Post

2. Chat Me Up Here On Or WhatsApp Me On +2348084992812

3. Note: you must share to receive discount on the Blogger Theme/Template Price

Click Here To Chat Me Up 

How To Set Up Your Blogger Seo For Steady Ranking.

In my previous post on Blogspot SEO Guide where I dropped every detailed guide on how to set up your Blogger Seo and Rank, As a matter of fact I am on first page of Google for that keyword Blogspot SEO Guide.

So how do we do it, How do we setup our Blogger Seo For Faster Ranking?

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At first I thought that ranking on Google first page is very hard not knowing that is all about the Guidance to What works good, and that's what am about to show you.

What Is Seo?

Seo in its short term refers to as search engine optimization.

This has to do with making all of your article or a particular post of your blog to rank higher on google.

Seo optimization has really helped alot both for blogspot/Blogger users and WordPress users to rank higher on google. now what's the secret? it's nothing but a proper seo guide.

6 Blogger Seo Tips I Found Useful And Effective

1. Make Good Headlines.

Headlines make a big impression to your seo, so don't underestimate it's power. make sure your Headline contain your keywords.

2. Don't Spam Keywords.

The more the keywords has in an article, the more it is possible for ranking, but if your article contains too many Keywords it will be considered as spam by google and other search engine.

3. Keyword Density.

Typically you should aim for your keywords to be 3℅ to 5℅ of your writing to be keywords..

4. Unique Titles.

Having a good title is one of the most important thing for your WordPress or blogspot blog and also important for your article. Make sure you have your main keyword in your title tag to get the most out of your content.

5. Naming Your Files.

Save and name your files by dashes not underscore - this create the url where search engine can understand the individual words unlike underscores.

6. Keep Learning.

Seo algorithm are always changing so stay updated to avoid your knowledge getting outdated.

Above Guidance are very useful and effective except if you are lazy to work on them. Unlike WordPress users that make use of plugins sure it's very easy but not like blogspot users, everything will have to be done manually

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5 Blogger SEO Optimization I Found Most Effective.

1. Site submission

This implies submitting your sitemap to top search directories like Google,bing,yahoo etc. This helps to notify Google bot to crawl your post Immediately after hitting the publish button.

2. Blog Title Tag.

I found this part as the most important part in blogger seo guide because it triggers Google to tell them your blogspot blog is all about. So having a title tag works like hell and helps to increase your ranking on Google.

3. Adding A robot.txt Tester.

Well many regard this as a common tool in the Google search console but it plays a great role in your blogger seo ranking. helps Google bot to automatically crawl your web pages for faster indexing, as we all know once your webpages are indexed the more likely they are to appear on Google.

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4. Make Sure Your Robot Header Tags Are Set Up.

As you are adding a robot.txt file to your blogspot search console, you should also consider signalling the bot on where to indexed. As it helps you get out the most part of ranking from Google.

5. Make Use Of Label.

This has to do with differentiating of a post from another. Now assuming you have a blog post on blogging and others on tech and also on review, why don't make use of a blog label as google assume that a blog without label is like a missing blog, make use of the post label as it helps to boost your blogger seo.

Guides On How To Skyrocket Your Blogger Post To Appear On Google Search Engine.

1. Keyword Research.

This is the best among the rest on blogger seo especially when it comes to ranking your post on google first page. Keyword research is a way to find easy to rank keyword with high search volume and low competitors.  I rank on the post whogohost affiliate program review. That's an example of keyword research and finding an easy to rank keyword that will make your post to appear on google first page.

2. Quality Post.

Just because you found out a guide that could help increase your blogger ranking that doesn't mean you won't write a quality post. Google expect all blogger users to write atleast 1500-2000 words per article. This helps to increase your blogger seo appearance as Google values a post that will add value to those looking for that keyword.

3. Content Writing.

Google loves those that knows what they are doing in terms of creating content. A friend of mine once said content is king, that a single post might be the one to put food on your table, so when writing for a keyword on your blogger blog, make use of the header1, sub-heading and lots more. Helps to increase your blogger ranking on Google.

4. Make Use Of Post Label.

This has to do with differentiating of a post from another. Now assuming you have a blog post on blogging and others on tech and also on review, why don't make use of a blog label as google assume that a blog without label is like a missing blog, make use of the post label as it helps to boost your blogger seo appearance.

5. Blog Commenting.

This is a great tool that helps to boost your ranking on Google as it helps to create backlink for your blog and other more. Start commenting on other people's blog giving your blogger blog faster post index.

6. Social Shares.

Always have a social share button on your blog as the more shares you have the increase in your ctr, also boost your blogger ranking.

7. Image Quality.

Image helps alot in terms of seo, always use a quality image on your post for it helps boost your blogger seo and increase your ranking.

8. Quest Posting.

Helps to increase your Blogger Domain authority (DA) and ranking. Also helps to get your post indexed fast on google for better search engine appearance.

9. Seo Friendly Template.

A good template have a good role in seo, especially when it comes to blogger seo. I have used many template on my blog but all have issues,

find a template that is suitable and seo friendly on tablet/mobile/pc. Helps alot when it comes to ranking on Google and conversion.

10. Always Post Regularly.

Post atleast 2-3 times a week as google index active blog always. A friend say that consistency is the key. Always post regularly for better blogger seo result

Blogger SEO Optimization You Should Apply On Each Post

1. Avoid Copy And Paste.

Others may be doing it for fun but it's not. Google hate content theft more than anything, to avoid being on their blacklist avoid copy and paste.

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Apply these methods and see your blogspot blog seo improve and eventually see your blog on google first page.

2. Naming Of Post.

Always make use of a catchy words on your post title, helps to engage your visitors on a post and also increase your ctr.

3. Post Permalink.

Helps google to understand and navigate a post or a page properly.

4. Blog Theme.

No1 faster way of making Google to index your blogger blog, also helps your blogger seo to rank on Google faster , get more conversion on affiliate sales etc...
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Monday, 19 November 2018

Get Your Website Shared Hosting For $0.80 Cheapest Hosting

You Can Get Awesome Single Shared Hosting From Hostinger For $0.80 Per Month - See How

Hostinger Shared Web Hosting

Hostinger is currently one of the cheapest web hosting for the time now offering a single shared web hosting for $0.80 per month.

Click Here To Get Started

Hostinger has a high quality web hosting that can be cheap and they have proven that also through their:

Shared &
Business Hosting Plans.

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Hostinger helps people to save a lot by providing a very exceptional cheap web hosting with ultimate quality, premium web hosting features and also dedicated live chat support no matter where you are on your web building journey, you need to know that it's possible to save smart today.

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Here Are The Few Of  The Many Features That Make Hostinger Pioneer Of Affordable, Premium & Inexpensive Web Hosting.

*High Quality Web Hosting

* Unlimited Web Hosting Features

* Affordable Hosting

* Free Domain Hosting & Free SSL

* Best Free Website Builder

* Hosting Optimized For WordPress

Hostinger 30 days Money back guarantee

If you are not 100℅ satisfied with Hostinger, they will refund your payment, no hassle, no risk.

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