Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria That Pays Heavily

Ever since I ventured into online business here in Nigeria, trying to make money from them and seeing how lucrative they might end up, I have come up with the best 5 Lucrative Online Business Here In Nigeria to start even as a newbie.

They are legit and paying well if you know your way around this business, you might end up saying " Thank you " as soon you are through reading this post.

Online Business In Nigeria

Hey am a Nigerian, I have seen this online business pay and Incase you don't understand how they work, you can go ahead by choosing any other online business you get your idea on this post.

Nigeria is a country counting with billions of people who don't like their offline works or those who might wanna earn extra legit money online on their free time and if you are one of them searching for Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria then read to the end.

Top 5 Lucrative Online Business In Nigeria 2019

1. Blogging In Nigeria

Blogging has become a very lucrative Online Business that has yield fruits and make money for many Nigerians, this is the first online business that has a grand branches linked to it when it comes to making money online in Nigeria.

Those who started blogging as their top online business in Nigeria years ago can testify how lucrative blogging business come out to be from earnings them what they couldn't earn in their offline works 

Blogging is indeed a lucrative online business in Nigeria, you can read up on my post on how to start a free blog successfully.

2. Online Affiliate Marketing Business In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing has been a very lucrative business that has been in existence ever since I come across online business in Nigeria, this implies partnership with an individual or company to promote their products once a sale is made you earn a commission.

Read about Bluehost Affiliate - the online business that earns you $65 per referred customer That buys their products through your affiliate link.

Affiliate Program that works in Nigeria

Qservers Affiliate

Jumia Affiliate Program
Konga Affiliate Program
Domainking Affiliate Program
Bet9ja Affiliate Program
Nairabet Affiliate Program Etc

You can also read up my guide on how to choose a genuine Affiliate program.

3. E-book Creation

Creating information in a PDF format called eBook has grown to be the best online business a beginner / newbie can start in Nigeria, researching information and putting it down in a PDF can make you money selling them and I have written a detailed guide on how to make money with eBook.

4. Freelancing In Nigeria.

This is a hot cake lucrative Online business in Nigeria that if you are to make money with this method you can make $50 for a start as an Online Business beginner.

There are basically 3 parts that you need to focus on:

• Web development

• Web design
• App creation etc

Acquiring these 3 hot online jobs can make you a fortune for a long time as they are lucrative and never seems to run out.

5. Buy And Sell Domain

Domain selling is a very good online business that brings in lots of cash but you need to be smart in this online business, though it's lucrative and pays very well but sometimes can lead to a little loss of cash.

Getting a brand domain name,

Auction it to the highest bidder,
Making money with it.

Learn how to buy and sell domain name.

There are other lucrative online business in Nigeria that works perfectly both newbie and experts, go grab some information about it and make your research.

What Your Online Business Needs.

• A reliable internet connection
• A stable payment method to receive payments,
• A good online business to master.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

How To Earn Money From Android Phone New Guide

Earning money online or making extra few bucks with your device is easy but many people still don't know how, Sure it might seem difficult for the newbies,

Stay with me as I show you how to earn money from android phone without any hassle.

What's Needed To Earn From Your Android Phone.

1. A Steady Internet Connection

It's obvious that if you want to earn from your android phone that you need a steady data connection, 

• For your online work 
• For your survey to get updates on what works
• For discussing with business clients.

If you are in Nigeria, I do sell Mtn data bundle for 1gb for 700 or you can read up on how I earn from my android phone reselling data bundle.

2. A Program To Focus On Earning From Your Android Device.

There are basically tons of method to earn from android phone but you really need to focus on building one in other to earn alot from your android phone,

Here is tip:

• Find a program suitable for you to earn quickly from your android phone
• Master it till the money start coming by itself,
• Then find another way to earn from your android phone.

3. A Payment Method

Yes most of this company and method of earning money from your android phone am about to list here has a payment method,

Some pay directly to your bank account and others pay through PayPal etc once you reach their earnings threshold, but here is my advice for you:

• Find A Paying program to join
• Find it's payment method
• Go create one to be able to get paid.

Ways To Earn From Your Android Phone

1. Earn With Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can now be done with any device starting from Android Phone, Pc, Tab, etc. Earning from android phone through affiliate marketing can be done in 3 steps which is:

1. Find A Genuine Affiliate Program to join with your android phone,
2. Read it's affiliate terms and conditions
3. Check if they are legit by asking review about them.

Here Is A List Of Affiliate Program To Earn From Your Android Phone.

Bluehost Affiliate Program -- Bluehost Affiliate Program is an affiliate program that earns you $65 per referral who bought a service from them through your affiliate link. You can read up about their affiliate program here.

Nairabet Affiliate - you actually earns UpTo 50% commission with this affiliate program once the person you referred gets paid read up on Nairabet affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing can earn you money with your android device as long as you promote the right product.

2. Earn From Your Android Phone With Mobile Research Apps.

In my previous post I posted about Android Phone Apps to make money with your phone and most of this apps earns you real and legit cash just only for installing it on your phone.

Facebook Research Program App is a company app that pays you just for installing their app on your android phone,

You earn for invitations etc, you can read up on apps to make money from your android phone.

3. Earn Money With Fiverr On Your Android Phone.

Fiverr can earn you UpTo $500 with your android phone, starting from writing, graphics design, website design and many more. Anyone can join Fiverr and earn money with it.

Read On How to make money from fiverr as it pays well and also a very good way you can earn money from android phone.

4. Earning With Your Android Phone Through Blogging

Blogging is a very lucrative business to start and earn good money from the platform, you can read my free guide on how to start a blog freely.

I blog with my android phone and I have make money blogging with my phone, also check few ways to monetize your blog and earn money from it.

You can earn $1000 from your android phone through the various ways of monetizing a blog.

5. Earn Money With Cpa

Cpa Marketing has grown so big that once you master it, you earn real money doing it.

In Cpa Marketing, you earn once an action is completed by another user, either by submitting their email, registering and many more.

I have written how to get started with Cpa Marketing and earn money from it, read up on to learn more.

6. Earn Money From Survey Job With Your Android Phone.

Survey companies are looking for who to pay for participating in their app research and most of this survey jobs earns you $3 -$5 per survey completed from your android phone.

Here is a Top list survey company that accepts USA citizens and those that resides in their country.

A single survey completed can fetch you $3- $5 on a successful completed survey done by you. Their payment method are always through PayPal. 

Online Survey For USA Resident To Join And Make Not Less Than $1000

1. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is an online survey found in the us that pays you per Action their website and reward it's member for their time, anyone can join vindale Research but there are certain terms required for them:

• You must be above 18yrs -vindale research only accept those that are above 18yrs plus, so for your notice when joining the survey paying website make your age to be more than that.

• you must be a USA citizen- the offer is only applicable to US citizen although there are many online survey network out there that pays good but vindale pays better. You can share with a friend and let them benefits from it. So once you stay in the US, sign up and make money everyday as you are guaranteed of making $1000 without spending a dime.

Click To Join Vindale Research Here

2. Opinion City Survey

Just like I said making more than $1000 online is possible more especially when you make money without spending a dime. Opinion City is also an online survey that works like vindale Research that pays you for answering questions on their website, browsing through their website and referring your friends to them.

Click To Join Opinion City Survey Here

They also accept US citizen, with opinion City and vindale Research survey you can make $1000+ without any investment or spending a dime.

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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Apps To Make Money In Nigeria 2019 - Get Paid With Installing Apps etc

Yes their are apps that pays you here in Nigeria and you make money just by having them on your phone.

I am currently making money with Facebook Research Program App, it is a well developed company apps that is meant for a case study on how they can better you.

The App Study Pays You On a completed task and you can make money even without completing their task.

Legit Apps Pays Or Makes You Money For:

• Downloading Apps,
• Completing Surveys
• App Review
• Watching Videos,
• Testing Of Apps
• Inviting Users To Participate In App Research.

What These Apps Pays You For As A User In Nigeria

1. For Installation Of Their Apps On Your Mobile Phone

As a user and lover of apps in Nigeria, you can make money just by installing an app on your mobile devices, Android or Pc, Facebook Research Program App is an app that has paid many Nigerians just for installing their research app on their android phone.

See My Last Payment Screenshot
2. Paid You For Reviewing Their Apps

Most of the apps you see that are being reviewed are paid apps, you get paid or make money with the apps once you review the app with your android phone.

Most of them pay directly to your bank account and some pays through PayPal.

3. Apps That Pays You For Referring And Inviting Users.

If you think most of this apps makes you money only for installing them on your phone then you need to know that they also pay you for inviting others to participate with their apps.

Please note that some apps you see today claiming to be legit and pays are mostly fake, A discussion with my friend that invited someone into apps that pays got paid $20 and his friend got $200+ payment,

See Screenshot Of His Review

4. They Also Pays You For Survey That Is Completed

I guess you know that most of this apps are survey paying apps in Nigeria that will pay you for a survey completed by you and they pay per each survey completed.

Legit Apps That Will Make You Money In Nigeria 2019

1. Facebook Research App

This apps is owned by Utest and the company pays you for a specific action completed by you or by your downline they include:

• Installation Of Apps
• Invitation Of Friends
• Staying Active in the program.

These apps pay you $5 for installing their mobile,

$5 for staying active in the program.

$10 for active friend that you referred to the Program.

Their methods of joining are through invitation by email, you can drop your email in the comment box to get invited.

They pay through PayPal in Nigeria.

2. Insta Naira App

Making money with insta Naira App in Nigeria is done in a good way that even a newbie will earn,

They pay you watching videos and many more, you actually earn in coins and can be redeemed to cash.

3. Money Apps

With money apps you are qualified in making money with your android device just by installing money apps on your phone.

Money apps pays you for watching videos, completing surveys, and many more.

4. Indahash Apps

You can make money online with indahash by sharing photos with them.

Indahash is linked together and works with Instagram, to benefit from this you need to have an Instagram account and activate it with indahash.

This app pays you real cash for a successful approved campaign that you have on your Instagram.

5. Google Opinion Reward App

Having heard that Google launched it's own money making app and also pays you for completing a survey,

You can make some few bucks and earn real cash from these apps, visit your play store and hit the installation link.

Why You Need To Engaged With App That Pays In Nigeria

• They serve as a multiple stream of income for anyone who wants to make money with apps.

• They save stress and increase your experience of making money

• You get paid directly to your local bank account in real cash with your android.

There are over 30 Legit Apps that pays in Nigeria, stick to one and earn good money with them on your android phone.

I am currently making money with Facebook Research Program App and it pays me well.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section
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SEO For Dummies 2019 - Best SEO Guide

Best SEO For Dummies 2019

Beginners who are into SEO might be wondering if SEO are not meant for dummies or only for a specific website, sorry to disappoint you but SEO can be done even with a new blog created today and better result can be achieved.

The complete SEO for dummies 2019 will take you on a one and one tutorial in getting your SEO strong and working, ranking mostly on first page as an SEO dummies and bringing SEO traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo many other search engines.

SEO Meaning

SEO which means search engine optimization can be defined as the process of optimizing a website or a particular web page to obtain a higher rankings on Google search engine result page (SERP).

SEO For Dummies 2019

Dummies in SEO can truly rank fast and easily on google with my method for ranking and it's effective,

SEO Guide For Dummies To Make Use Of On Their Website/Blog.

1. Niche Domain

Getting a niche domain for your business can improve your SEO and rankings on Google, Finding a niche domain is a great tool in SEO for you as a beginner in SEO industry. Here is a tip to get the best from search with a niche domain:

• Make sure your keyword is found in your domain name eg: let's say that your industry is about SEO, why don't you go for a domain like or making your keyword appear on your Domain name, you can goto Namecheap and order for your niche domain.

Google loves it as you stand a better chance of getting more SEO traffic and ranking on Google with it.

2. Long Quality Contents

Have you heard a saying: Quality over Quantity, yes it also implies to SEO and I must say the dummies / beginners need to learn how to write a great long quality contents, which your visitors or readers will love and also appear friendly to Google search engine.

• Make sure that your post is upto 3000 words,
• Make a very good research and place a call to action when needed
• Use language that is friendly to Google ( English )

3. Doing Keyword Research

Forget about coming up to search engine results page if you are not doing keyword research. This is the most valuable part that you need to focus as a dummie in SEO, doing keyword research helps you to write on a keyword people are searching for and find out how many people that are searching for the particular keyword.

• I Make use of Semrush SEO to do your keyword research
• Find a keyword KD ( keyword Difficult ) to know if you can be able to rank it on Google first page
• Find related keyword associated

Try Semrush Today

4. Building Authority To Your Domain

This is another part in SEO that you must not over look, building backlinks for your blog. Backlinks works in a way that once you complete with someone on a keyword and it appears that your SEO is strong which includes:

•  Original Quality Contents
• Quality Backlinks Juice
• High Domain Authority
• Original Image
• Social Shares etc

You will always outrank your competitors on the keyword and rankings.

• I make use of Seoclerks
• I also make use of Crorkservice

They are the best when it comes to taking care of your SEO matters and ranking your website on Google.

5. Creating A Social Media Channel For Your Business

Yes another source of traffic and SEO boost. Social media is a powerful tool in SEO and can skyrocket your rankings on Google once you get it right,

• Create a Facebook page or Group
• Add your page html code to your website
• Activate Share button on your website for easy sharing

Watch the traffic grow and social shares grow too.

How SEO Will Work For You As A Dummie / Beginner 2019

Don't stress yourself just set up your SEO and let the traffic come by:

1. Submitting Your Site Map to Google search console.

This helps to signal Google that your website is ready to start appearing on Google search engine results page.

2. Submitting to search directories Like Bing, Yahoo and others.

Google is not the only search engine that exists so getting your traffic from Bing and Yahoo can be an added bonus to you.

3. Checking Robot.text

Always check if your robot.txt is blocked by Google bots,  however once blocked your webpage won't be crawled by Google anymore untill resolved.

4. Custom Permalink

Yes an effective SEO guide for dummies in 2019, always set your custom Permalink to appear the same with your keyword .

5. Internal Linking

Linking an old post to a new one helps faster indexing of post and ranking as a newbie always make use of Fetch and render on your Google search console to signal Google bots that a new post has been published to get indexed.

Writing SEO Post That Is Friendly To Google And Other Search Engines 2019

1. Place Your Keyword On Your Title

Placing your keyword on post title is a key point in ranking that particular post on google as it explains what the post is all about and helps for a better understanding.

2. Make Use Of H1, H2

Always make use of H1 and H2 on your blog post and make it Yummy......

3. Make Use Of Related Image

Making use of images related to your keyword and blog post will always invite readers to the blog post.

4. Always Link To Another Post Related

Your readers will love it as they found your page informative and are likely to return again.

Summary Of SEO For Dummies 2019

1. Get a niche domain.
2. Do keyword research.
3. Write Original Quality Contents.
4. Build Backlinks & Authority.
5. Create A Social Media Channel
6. Submitting Your Website To Search Engines
7. Submitting Your Sitemap To Google Search Console
8. Don't over Place Keywords
9. Interlinking Of Your Article
10. Checking For Robot.txt Availability.
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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria - Register As An Amazon Associate In Nigeria Easily

Getting an Amazon affiliate account or becoming an Amazon associate by agreeing to become one of their affiliate marketers in Nigeria might be the reason that you arrived at this post titled Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria.

Probably you  want to learn how to register as an Amazon affiliate in Nigeria easily then take my free guide as i show you how to register into Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria in 3 easy ways.

Amazon Affiliate Program In Nigeria And How To Register As An Affiliate Here In Nigeria.

It's not a new thing that most of this big affiliate company are strict when choosing countries that would affiliate their products and some of them will not accept a single person from countries that is not accepted.

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of them, having heard about Amazon and it's great product that anyone can promote and make money for themselves as an affiliate marketer, I decided to give them a try and guess what, i got stuck in the Pin verification but all that got resolved and I am about to show you how to successfully register and verify your phone number as an amazon affiliate here in Nigeria.

How To Register As An Amazon Affiliate In Nigeria.

Registering for Amazon affiliate will require a stable internet connection, A mobile or Pc and a working phone number, once you have this :


That is amazon affiliate registration link click on it and get started.

Mostly they demand Pc for their affiliate sign up, so Incase you don't have a Pc, you can change your browser from mobile to desktop view from your browser settings.

1. Click on the join now button found at the right hand side of the screen and you will be taken to the page where your details is needed.

2. Input your affiliate details such as your name, email and password etc

3. Compete the 3 stage for their affiliate program registration which is easy to do and continue with the fourth stage.

There are basically Five stages to pass to become amazon associate and first is :

• Account Information
• Website
• Profile
• Identity Verification
• Becoming Amazon Affiliate Central.

Now the hardest part of all is the identity verification when registering for Amazon Affiliate as a Nigeria

How To By - Pass Amazon Identity Verification When Becoming Amazon Affiliate

Amazon requires a phone number to call in other to verify your identity as their affiliate, yes now you  might ask why your Nigeria phone number can't by pass the identity verification process and how is it possible to register if you can't by pass it.

There was always a loophole and you will have it, go get a USA phone number if you have one, but if you don't have any try this awesome tutorial as it will help you verify your identity in becoming Amazon associate.

First goto your phone settings and locate your apps settings === then clear cache of your Playstore app.

• Find a strong VPN and change the location to USA

• Quickly go straight to Playstore and search for Text plus for Android

• Download the app and receive a free USA phone number for your identity verification.

Once verified, you can successfully register as amazon affiliate here in Nigeria

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Friday, 15 February 2019

Nairabet Affiliate - Best Affiliate Program For Gamers And Sports Bloggers

Nairabet Affiliate

Nairabet affiliate program is an affiliate program for gaming industry and also an affiliate program for sports lovers that wants to make money online.

Sports / games lovers who love to bet and also make some money for themselves should consider applying for Nairabet affiliate program.

What's An Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be said to be the process in which you partner with an individual or a company to promote it's product and receive a commission if a sale is made through your affiliate link.

Check Bluehost Affiliate Program

Nairabet has a good affiliate program that anyone can join and make money with, just like bet9ja affiliate.

If you are in Nigeria and you are the type that game alot, I suppose you should have known more about Bet9ja and Nairabet as the No1 gaming website in Nigeria.

To Choose A Genuine Affiliate Program 

Nairabet Affiliate Sign Up

Registering with Nairabet affiliate program can be done in 4 simple formats which include:

1. Filling out your name and surname
2. Email, Phone number and password,
3. Your Bank Name and Details,
4. Where you heard about them.

How To Register As A Nairabet Affiliate Easily.

1. First step visit their affiliate registration page by clicking on 

2. Submit your affiliate account details and make sure they are correct, each details of your nairabet affiliate account that you give them will turn green to indicate it's correct

3. After completing your account creation submit your Nairabet affiliate account by clicking join Now and await for their approval.

It is simple to register as Nairabet affiliate and make money for yourself as a sports blogger or a gamer.

Read About Interserver Affiliate Program

Nairabet Affiliate Commission

Unlike every affiliate program, Nairabet has their own affiliate commission for their affiliate marketers, offering UpTo 50% commission on their affiliate program.

You as a Nairabet affiliate is given 50% profit of the earnings of the person that you referred to their program.

Nairabet Affiliate Terms And Conditions

I won't talk much about this but you should consider reading their affiliate terms and conditions Here .

How To Promote Your Nairabet Affiliate Links.

1. Promote With Your Website.
2. Promote on others website.
3. Promote With social media.
4. Promote With word of mouth.

Joining Nairabet affiliate program is a very good way you can make money online as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Bet9ja Affiliate - Monetize Your Blog With Bet9ja Affiliate Program


If you are in Nigeria, you should have known bet9ja as the Nigeria No1 sports betting website in Nigeria offering bets on football, casino, tennis, and other sports games.

They also offer online registration for those who don't want to visit their branch offices in Nigeria, you can register for a bet9ja account successfully and Bet online.

Bet9ja Affiliate

Bet9ja is not only known for offering betting services just like you think, they can also help you make money through the use of Bet9ja affiliate program.

Read On: How To Choose A Genuine Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger and your niche is on sports niche, why don't you monetize your blog with bet9ja affiliate program and make money for yourself.

Namecheap Affiliate Program

You can also apply for bet9ja affiliate even if you are not a blogger as you are provided with the necessary equipment for easier promotion.

Banners & Affiliate Links.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

How To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate Program Easily.

Getting started with bet9ja and signing up with their affiliate program can be done in not less than 30 seconds with pictures below.

Steps To Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate In Nigeria.

Step 1: visit bet9ja official website and scroll down to the bottom page of the website.

Click on Quick link located at the bottom page and select web affiliates

Step 2: you are provided with the affiliates page of bet9ja click on Join Now or sign up button on your screen and you will be provided with the affiliate form registration.
Step 3: Fill every necessary details needed when signing up for bet9ja affiliate both your :

• Name
• Email

• Password
• Banks
• Account Details, etc.

Note After Completing the affiliate form  make on the last form registration on bet9ja, click on join now and await for their email approval.

After a successful review, your Bet9ja affiliate account will be approved successfully.

Bet9ja Affiliate Promotional Tools That You Can Use.

You want to make sure you get the best commission fast, I think it is best to promote your affiliate link with bet9ja banners and other text link method.

How To Make Money With Bet9ja Affiliate Program Fast.

1. Sign Up For Bet9ja Affiliate
2. Copy your affiliate Link in a notepad
3. Start Sharing your bet9ja affiliate link url
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Domainking.Ng Review | Domainking Web Hosting | Domainking Price And Plan

Ever since you started creating business online making use of other web hosting and domain registrar to build your business, I guess you are still searching for a company that charges cheaper and also reliable when .it comes to providing the best, Maybe that's why you came across this Review on Domainking, Domainking Web hosting, whether it's reliable or not, Read Up my complete Domainking Review.

About Domainking.

Domainking is Nigeria No1 domain registrar and web hosting company with operation in over 4 countries including Nigeria.

They are accredited with over 16 Asian, Africa and Global domain registries including Nira (NG domain registry ). ZACR, (ZA), DOTPH (PH), NIXI (IN), PW and Central Nic to bring the best services to their clients at the lowest prices.

Domainking Services

Domainking primary services are Domain name registration, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and website design to their clients since 2008.

You can buy any of Domainking Services with :

• Local payment options in Nigeria using 

• Interswitch, 
• Verve cards, 
• visa / Mastercard,
• Gt bank transfer,
• Cash deposit,
• Voguepay,
• Cash envoy
• PayPal
• Payza &
• Web money.

Domainking Advantage

Domainking motto is being in control to their clients satisfaction by giving them the best price.

Domainking.NG Domain Review.

The No1 domain registrar company seems to be what they said to be after checking  out their website on I noticed that their price are affordable and reliable offering

1. domain sold for N999
2. Com domain sold for N3800 ( i will advise you to go for Namecheap on .com domain).
3. NG domain for N7999
4. Org domain N4499 - Also use Namecheap.
5. Xyz domain for N999 use Namecheap Also.

I am making use of Domainking to register my domain and Namecheap for .com domain, the two companies are great in offering Domain And Hosting Services.


Domainking Web Hosting Review-

The Nigeria web hosting company offers a great hosting services with an ongoing promo only available through Domainking.NG.

They have 3 web hosting plan and each plan comes with a free .com and domain which is very affordable.

Their hosting plan price starts from N300 per month to N1599.

Domainking 3 plan on web hosting and their features include:

1. The Soldiers Plan.

Goes for N300 per month on Domainking.NG

2. Minister Plan.

Goes for N800 per month only on Domainking.NG

3. King Plan.

Goes for N1599 per month only on Domainking.NG.

Amazing Features You Can See On Domainking

1. Linux Platform
2. Full Email Suite
3. Free Domain
4. CMS & E-commerce Support
5. Load Of Tools
6. Great Support

This is a review on and also regarded as the Nigeria #1 domain registrar and best web hosting provider in Nigeria.

Make use of Domainking.NG.

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