Monday, 15 July 2019

Free Airtime App In Nigeria

What About This Free Airtime App In Nigeria?

The airtime app is called Vskit App, it's a company's app looking for a way to promote their app and make it visible to every part of Nigerian by offering the free airtime surveys in Nigeria.

How To Earn Free Airtime With Vskit App In Nigeria.

2. Click On The Click to claim image and it will take you to Playstore where you can download the free airtime surveys app,

3. Download the app and sign up with the app, 

4. Click on explore button found on the  bottom of the App,

5. Tap on the Promo Advert at the top and input this invitation Code E7EE943

6. Click on claim and you will be given free 50 Naira airtime then

7. Copy your Invitation code and start referring others to download the app and get free airtime......

Make Use Of invitation Code E7EE943

Claim Your Bonus and start enjoying free airtime through these app in Nigeria....

Note: their free airtime can be used on any network provider in Nigeria.
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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

How To Open A Payoneer Account In Nigeria

If you want to open a Payoneer account in Nigeria, To get started visit to fill out your application form:

Step 1: visit

Step 2: click on Sign up and earn button 

Step 3: Select an individual account and sign up with your name and email address 

Step 4: Provide your contact details both country and postal code,

Step 5: Provide your security details both your passwords and security answers,

Then type in your National ID card number.

Lastly select payment currency to USD and type in your account number and swift code then submit.

Partner Ps2 Specs

They will give you a reply through mail immediately your account has been approved.

Check out: Best Exam runs website in Nigeria 

Note: This method of creating or opening a Payoneer account in Nigeria is applicable to other foreign countries. Follow the above steps throughly and get your payoneer account approved.
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Saturday, 15 June 2019

How To Register With Recharge And Get Paid

How To Register With Recharge And Get Paid Using Referral ID: 👉Itenb

Step 1: Visit and visit their registration page,

Make Use Of Referral ID: Itenb

Step 2: Type in your personal details such as Name, Email, Address and Phone Number. 

Make Use Of Referral ID Itenb

Step 3: Create a strong password for your account and proceed to the next stage
Step 4: Select membership plan and method of payment
Choose Paystack.

Step 5: Select Bank Details and fill correctly then proceed to the next stage
Step 6: Confirm your membership plan and amount to pay

Step 7: Proceed with payment options: Select card payment as it is easier and faster. 
Step 8: Fill in your card details and click pay
Step 9: Your account registration is confirmed and you will be granted access to recharge and get paid portals.
Don't Forget: Make Use Of Referral ID: Itenb For Quick Confirmation And Registration Bonus.

Recharge And Get Paid Works....

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Monday, 27 May 2019

Namecheap Promo On. Con And. Net

Namecheap Promo On .Com And. Net Domain Names

Domain name is very important for every web masters on the internet and good for your business too. Maybe you want to use a domain brand name or a domain that corresponds to your niche website,

Namecheap makes it easier for you to buy and save more money on .com and .net domain names.

This is their current on going promo on domain and as a smart friend I will advise you to get one for your self because it's a limited time for the offer to expires.

Here Is A Guide To Get A Domain From Namecheap Promo

Step 1: visit Namecheap web page and navigate to domain search 

Step 2: Input your desired domain name and click on search, 

Step 3: Select and click on the cart image beside the domain name,

Step 4: Preview and scroll down to confirm your domain order,

Step 5: Insert your Domain Promo Code >> DOMAINSAVE19 << then save. 

It's as easy as to get a promo code for domain names on Namecheap.

Here is a direct link to their promo page:: 
Get up to 46% on the most popular TLDs 

Buy now and save more from Namecheap domain name promo. 
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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Bet9ja Football Prediction Today

Bet9ja is one of Nigeria largest football soccer prediction website with thousands of visitors everyday seeking for high odds on soccer and live betting services.

According To Wikipedia 

Bet9ja is an online bookmaker company that offers betting on major sporting events operating in Nigeria.[3] Traded under KC Gaming Networks Limited and run by a series of shareholders of multiple nationalities, the website is licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) with permission to operate in other parts of Nigeria.

How To Place A Bet On Bet9ja Website Easily.

I recommend creating an online account with bet9ja by visiting and register for a new account, An email, Name and Password will be needed when registering for bet9ja betting account.

Bet9ja Sport Betting And Earning Trick.

1. Bet9ja Affiliate Marketing 

Have you heard of bet9ja affiliate program, they rewards you as an affiliate if you referred someone that signs up with them through your affiliate link and make a winning with bet9ja, you will be given commission for each person referred. 

It's one of my favorite tricky ways to make money from betting on bet9ja. 

2. Bet9ja 100% Bonus Reward.

Here is another trick that I make use of on bet9ja sports betting prediction and it works very well.

This bonus is only available on newly registered members on bet9ja. 

To receive the Bet9ja 100% bonus rewards on what you fund your account,  here is a quick step:

* Register for a new bet9ja betting account ,
* Fund your account on whatever you want cashback on bet9ja. 

After couple of few days betting with them,  your bonus cash back follows which can be used to predict a game on their website.

How To Predict A Match Today Like A Pro On | Sure Odds Game And Free Fixed Match. 

Yes that's a high odd prediction on bet9ja and why did you stake so low? 

I must warn you as a friend, betting can be a risky business if you take it as one rather see it as a fun thing to do. 

Picking high odds that yeild profits on a daily basis and maintaining a steady prediction everyday.

Fixed Match Prediction With Betting Industry 

Have you ever heard of  Fixed Match? Yes, it happens and there are top sure win football prediction agents that gives correct sure odds on daily football prediction, one or two daily high odds available every day to make money from bet9ja.

But There chances are 90% sure game and here is the deal never stake what you can't endure in any football betting prediction.

Here is a screenshot which explains why in any bet9ja prediction that you must stake what you can endure if lost.

It may lead to a single game cut from a predicted fixed match but you can start as low as 100naira stake. 

Bet9ja Football Soccer Prediction Whatsapp Group Link 2019

Mostly every free prediction that is given out is from a football or soccer prediction whatsapp group, over 200+ members dropping free odd everyday on a daily basis.

Most of these whatsapp group link are free to join and can give a correct sure odds prediction on any bet9ja football league match. 

In other way round may result to loss of stake in the game as there are fake game bookers, here is how to know which bet9ja whatsapp group link in 2019 with a 98% sure odds prediction.

How To Find A Perfect Bet9ja Whatsapp Group That Gives Free Prediction 

As it may stands there are many whatsapp group practising on football game prediction but here is a guide to find a good prediction group,

1. Check their winnings ( before going to high stakers on any free prediction football game check every winning of the whatsapp group,

2. If members is happy being in the group and possibilities of wining in any bet9ja whatsapp group, 

3. Focus mainly on a correct sure odds bet9ja prediction from the Admin or member ( There is always someone in any bet9ja whatsapp group that knows his way around betting kindly stick to his bet9ja prediction.

To Join A Prediction Bet9ja Whatsapp Group Link In 2019 Go create account on whatsapp and comment with your number.

Which Bet9ja Prediction Secrets / Tricks Do You Use In Betting?

I make use of Live betting prediction on bet9ja to earn big, here is how? 

I created account on bet9ja and visit through their live matches, once a team scores a goal or two goals in first half, the other teams odds increase.

Now as a sharp guy I only pick two live matches to stake on bet9ja either win or draw. 

It converts but in this part of bet9ja prediction you have to be extremely calculative. 

Please do give any hint on the comments section for any bet9ja prediction tips you know of in betting.
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Saturday, 11 May 2019

How To Make Money In Ghana 2019/2020

Ghana is a country located along the golf of guinea and Atlantic ocean in the subregion of West Africa, spanning a land mass of 238,535 km (92,099 sq mm). Ghana is bordered by Ivory coast in the West Bukina Faso in the north. Ghana means warrior king.

Ghana main streams of income varies from cement , oil refining , construction and construction materials , food processing and food products, beverages and tobacco , textiles , apparel and footwear , pharmaceutical products, wood products, pulp paper products, chemicals , ceramic products, plastic and rubber products, electrical and electronic products , base metals : iron and steel, information technology ,
automobile manufacturing , and other manufacturing. 

It is through this main industries we brought out the most profitable business and Money making ideas in Ghana.

We had to do a lot of research to come up with this list of profitable business ideas in
Ghana. I bet to let you know that, these business ideas when carefully practiced as I’ve explained below can seriously change your financial and business life.

Are you thinking of starting a business in Ghana? There are many types of businesses one can think of, from import and export to sale of mobile phones and offering professional services. 

But while all businesses do fetch some profit, there are some that are more profitable than others, Such businesses do not even bother about economic crisis; they continue making more money even as the ceedes falls against the dollar.

Requirement for Doing Business in Ghana

Before you begin to go full venture into business, there are certain disciplines you should train yourself with. Among them are:

1. Your Financial Intelligence

Financial discipline among others is a key principle that is not thought in schools. The majority of those who really know it got that gift from their families. You need to have a sound financial management else you will fail in business. It’s a fact.

2. Quality Business Plan

It’s sad how most businesses startup without a business plan. What they don’t know they’re missing. A good business plan can open up all the opportunities that are available for your

It does more than just become a written document. A business plan can even tell you whether to really pursue an
idea or quit it. 

All you need is a good business plan template like the one in the just mentioned link and you are good to go.

3. Good People Management
(Human Resource Management)

It is very unreal to start a business all alone and expect a bigger success than with a few people. 

No matter how your idea is, you need a few, if not more people to be involved directly or indirectly. 

Because of that, you need to know how to easily interact with people and get them to like both yourself and your business idea. 

This is very important because if no one buys into your idea or appreciates who you are, you’d be left alone struggling in the
mud. Now, it’s your responsibility to go fishing for the right team that can skyrocket your business growth.

4. Your Personality

Two people can start the same type of business at the same time, with the same amount of resources. 

At the end of a specific period of time, one would outgrow the other; definitely. That is when personality comes in. No two
people are the same in this world.

There are no two ways about that. What kind of personality have you developed or developing for yourself in the business world? Most great businessmen and women are born with gifts for business. 

They know how to get along with their business for big profits. If you are one, you’ll understand. If you are not, you’ll need to train yourself, learn more, do more research and you’d get there.

Top 40+ List Of Profitable Business Opportunities And Money Making Ideas In Ghana.

1. Blogging (Internet Business)

This is first on my list of the profitable business ideas I want to talk about.
Blogging is not for everyone. But if it may be for you, just like any other internet business, I urge you to go into it. 

Comparing the Ghana Ceedes to the
dollar which is increasing on a daily basis you can make a lot of profit from Google AdSense. 

If the dollar is now 350naira as at the time of writing this article, any amount you make in dollars is four times your currency.

You determine how much you make by how smart and hard you work. This is seriously a very rewarding business. Startup capital required: Low.

2. Banking

Banking is a very profitable business anywhere in the world including Ghana.

I strongly believe that the banking system is making more than enough from the entire human race. Check out how banks create money from this link. It requires a lot of investment but it pays off in the end. Usually, it is best to start in the small towns and villages. Startup capital required: High.

3. Agriculture

Agriculture is wrongly practiced and perceived by most Ghanaians. They have been made to believe from childhood that farming is for poor people. 

This is because, a majority of the farmers in
the country practice peasant farming – farming to feed their family only.

Meanwhile farming when done on a
large scale with the right methods can bring more profits than you can expect.

Don’t forget that the more you invest in a particular business, the higher the profit margin. If you have the interest in farming, I’d advise that you pursue it, and on a large scale be it plantation, poultry, livestock, vegetable or fish farming. Startup capital required: Medium to High.

4. Education

Starting your own school may be quite difficult but a good step to financial freedom. 

This business is more of having a solid brand, providing quality, service and having a good
management skill set. If you can really look after people’s kids well, I can assure you that you’d go into this and succeed. 

Though the beginning may be a bit difficult if you lack some startup capital, I still urge you to start. You can do it. I believe that there is no mountain so big for man. Whatever you dream of, you can accomplish it. Startup capital required: Medium.

5. Become A Film Maker

Everyone who is in any kind of trade and even political parties need people who can help them attract target audience while telling creative stories via commercials. 

If you are a creative person with a passion to produce and turn scripts into ad films, you can offer ad film-making services in Ghana.

6. Open A Comedy Club

In a survey conducted by an online doctor consultation platform namely Lybrate, it was
revealed that around 31% of working professionals suffer from worst stress in Ghana as a result of long work hours, tight deadlines, missing targets,
office politics etc

Given the facts brought forth by the study, it is evident that these stress affected people need strong doses of entertainment. You can provide them that while opening a comedy club provided you are emotionally intelligent.

7. Event Planner

Event management is comparatively a booming business opportunity in a country like Ghana where fast-paced lifestyle has made it imperative for people to hire event planners for organising and handling events like weddings, conferences, ceremonies etc taking place all year round.

8. Open A Massage Spa

It is an open fact that where there is a stressful life, there are 101% chances for massage spas to flourish and Ghana, as we know, is no exception. If you are a massage therapist, you might want to open a massage spa business in Ghana.

In case, you are not a massage therapist, however, if you would like to be one then you must earn a massage therapy diploma from an institute

9. Massage Therapist

You may get the feeling that as a massage therapist you are better suited for a job rather starting your own massage spa. In that case, be informed that there is a huge deficit in the supply of massage therapists in local spas of Ghana.

10. Hair Salon

Hair salon, a low cost service related business, if located in a right place will never counter the slump in terms of demand in Ghana. 

However, make sure that you offer pocket-friendly haircut and styling services.

11. Open A Beauty Salon

Even a beauty salon in Ghana or anywhere else in the world is worth opening since more and more men are taking interest in getting groomed by beauticians working in beauty salons.

12. Home Beautician

You need not be worried if you aren’t in a condition or just feel it is daunting to open a
beauty salon as women particularly those who live a busy are increasingly preferring beauticians who can provide beauty related services at their

13. Recruitment Firm

With thousands of freshers in a bid to make a living searching for jobs in ghana and already working people looking to switch to other companies for a better career, you can consider starting a recruitment consultancy firm in Ghana.

14. Sell Used Books

Even selling used books to students, especially those who bother too much about saving money, near educational institutions is a good business opportunites in Ghana.

15. Bead Making

This is just one of the numerous skills you can acquire with little or no difficulty. Many of us even have relatives and friends that already have the skill. The cost of making a bead necklace might go for as low as #300 and you can sell this for as much as #1000. That’s 70% revenue. Just think about it.

16. Sports Center

The number of sports fans in Ghana just keeps increasing by the day. You have a fallow piece of land in your area that is free for use? There are many youths passionate about sports in that area, and there is no sport viewing centre? That’s an opportunity. Take it. Sport viewing center is one of the best business ideas in Ghana.

17. Petty Trading

Very likely there are many persons doing that around the place you stay. But competitions
only arise when you are doing the same thing others are doing. Look around, is there something they are not selling or you think they sell but you can improve the packaging? Go for it. It might be provisions, clothes, electronics

18. Phone Repairs

This is a wonderful opportunity to delve into people’s ignorance. I must tell you, that phone repairers are making it in Ghana. Learn phone repairs and make a fortune.

19. Barbing Saloon

This is one more profitable small scale business in Ghana. The beautiful thing about running a male or female saloon is that what you spend most times is just the skill. 

The starting capital to get the equipments is the basic cash you may need to spend, unless you want to service them of course, or need fuel for cases of power outage.

20. Photography

This is equally a skill you can learn and use it to get yourself paid well. All you need is a
camera, sometimes a studio and the necessary skill, and you are good to go.
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